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When the plane is about to land,by Endo(Entoto)Addis Ababa surrounded by mountains(Addis Ababa),looks moist and rich,amazingly green。

As Ethiopia is one of the most important flight transfer points in and out of Africa,The aviation industry is very developed,A huge flight network is formed between various parts of the country,Basically owned by Ethiopian Airlines。

Airplanes are the best travel tool,Airports are generally small,Even this Bole International Airport in the capital, Addis Ababa,However, the check-in and security check procedures are quite simple and orderly.,Most of the passengers from front to back are from Europe and the United States for long vacations or local traders.。

Outside the airport lobby,A group of men and women in black robes support each other,Singing and dancing mysteriously in wordless voices,Coffins waiting for relatives to return home。Eucalyptus and Acacia are everywhere,they are silent,Only in the wind the branches and leaves grow wild。

addis ababa housing development project office website

La Ribera Rock Church,The most famous of the rock churches,As if God had carved a cross directly on the red earth,It is a holy place that Orthodox believers and tourists come to Ethiopia to worship.

(addis ababa housing development project office website)My guide Wandi and driver,waiting on the side。

Addis Ababa today,very Chinese1990early s,Construction is in full swing everywhere,Locals' fervent desire to improve their lives is felt everywhere,They are curious about foreign countries,Always look for opportunities,such as wandi,always pointing to the street“Lifan”、“auspicious”and“Chery”Ask me about their prices in China。

as the capital,The economic situation here is indeed not as developed as China's big cities,The cityscape also seems to be up to the size of the fourth-tier small counties.,Incredibly fast growth,not to be underestimated。

Those who have never been to Ethiopia,often imagine here “starving”。this misunderstanding,may come from1980The unprecedented famine that occurred in。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)To aid the disaster,Held a huge global concert,Michael·Jackson composed that famous theme song《family of four seas》(We Are the World),lead Raising attention to the gap between the rich and the poor in the world,detonate1980The trend of the green movement,will also“hungry ethiopia”This propaganda image is ingrained in everyone's mind。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Thirty years later,Addis Ababa's middle class No longer worry about filling your stomach,start wanting an apartment,a decent car。beggars on the street、poor peasants in the countryside,but which developing country does not?

addis ababa housing development project office website

The eucalyptus forests of Mount Entado are protected by law,Any form of logging is prohibited,but about more than 15000 Women here illegally collect firewood,become a local landscape。

From time immemorial,Ethiopia's dominant ethnic group is the Amhara(Amhara),They have long lived a nomadic life,There is no fixed place as the capital,Different eras and different dynasties will constantly change the capital location。

wandi tell me,more than a hundred years ago,When Addis Ababa was still a wild green wilderness,Menelik II(MenelikII)His wife Tetu built a house next to the hot springs,she likes it very much,Be the beginning of the city。after,Also allows nobles to acquire land nearby,up1887Menelik II officially moved the capital here,Going through the changing regimes,the tallest city in africa,100For many years as Ethiopia's“permanent capital”。

in Amharic,“Addis Ababa”meaning fresh flowers,It is the heart of Queen Taitu。close to the equator,but the climate is cool,Four seasons like spring,The surrounding mountains stretch,Peak shadow overlap。

The street undulates with the mountains,Eucalyptus trees can be seen everywhere on both sides of the road,lush,is the unique streetscape of the city。it is said,Menelik II soon established the capital of Addis Ababa,I found that there are many flowers here,But there are not many trees that can be used for firewood,as a descendant of a nomad,In his heart, the idea of moving the capital sprouted.。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)At this time someone advised the monarch,find another new capital,It is better to plant trees on the spot。Menerich II adopted the proposal,From1905Faster growing eucalyptus,call on people to plant。Simultaneously,Provide saplings cheaply by the state,Exemption from land tax for planting trees。

addis ababa housing development project office website

in Ethiopia,For woodcarvers,Father's business is a tradition,The farm work outside is often handed over to women。

Because he led the Great Patriotic War,successfully drove the Italians away,The monarch is like a god in the hearts of the people。less than20year time,Eucalyptus not only grows all over the city,It also forms a wide green barrier around the city,Problems of building materials and firewood solved。Currently,Addis Ababa's eucalyptus forests total50more than square kilometers,wood for urban construction90%Rely on eucalyptus to solve,also known as“eucalyptus capital”。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)We go up the mountain road,Go to the Holy Trinity Cathedral on the top of the mountain and the earliest palace of Menelik II behind the church,It was a simple mud-wood structure community,For the famous monarch and his queen,it looks like“magnificent”Nothing to do with half a dime,even a little shabby——but remember,it was built in19primitive africa,At that time, Addis Ababa was just a wilderness,Such a well-structured circular building can be considered an ingenious craftsmanship!

Encountered a group of small and thin local women,all breasts、carrying a heavy load of firewood。One of them, Dorota, just stopped by the road to rest,I'll go and try,I can't carry it at all。

Dorota from the Dodzi tribe of Ethiopia(Dorze ethnic group),Women of this ethnic group are known for their ability to weave the colorful lace on traditional robes。the past twenty years,except Sunday,She and her companions haunt the area of Mount Endo in Addis Ababa almost every day.。

“after the death of the husband,I raise four children by myself,Every Walk for an hour in the morning to pick up firewood on the mountain,Finished in ten minutes30about kilograms,But it takes another three hours to walk in the market。”Dorota is not taller than my shoulders,Wrinkles on the face and calluses on the palms,Witness a perseverance、unarmed woman,How to collect branches in the most primitive way,Then carry the burden of the whole family with a thin body。she told me through wandi,A bundle of firewood sells for less than a hundred birr,equivalent to twenty yuan,With this little income,she buys food for the children,send them to education。

In fact,The eucalyptus forests of Mount Ndota are not privately owned and protected by Ethiopian law,For the purpose of environmental protection and sustainable development,Any form of logging is prohibited。 But according to statistics,about more than15000women illegally gather fuelwood here,Almost one“landscape”。They walk every day30Multi -kilometer,Hide the forest's chase,Collect everywhere trunk、Dead branches and leaves,Then tie the firewood bundle that is huge than myself,Go down the mountain and house house for sale,Or squat on the street horn、Waiting for luck by the open -air market。

addis ababa housing development project office website

White monk who reads the Bible

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Ethiopia is one of the fastest -growing countries in Africa at present,The cost of living in the capital also rises and rose day and night。The Dorota family lives behind the University behind the University of Siyaba,Dozsaya, who lives in low -income people(Dorze Sefer),Small house with soil barrier,As soon as the wooden door opens, there is noisy market market。

The daughter is being tuned in the roomgenfo(corn flour)Prepare the whole family's main food,It was bought by Dorota two days ago with selling firewood money。She has no time fantasy,I just want to grow up and grow up soon,You can take care of your family with your mother。

“Backing firewood is not easy,Fortunately, it has no cost。I am very grateful to help me support my family,No need to ask for someone。Rare money,But we don't complain。We survive。”Dorota said。

economic development、Environmental protection、Human survival,How to balance the relationship between the three?This problem seems to be urgent in the current Ethiopia。

I know from Wan Di,WFCalliance (Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association)It has been established in the area of Enshota for nearly 20 years,Strive hard to provide free skills training for women like Dorota and their daughters,Such as weaving、embroidery、Knitting and various handicrafts,It even involves forestry management and marketing,I hope to be perseverance for more、Women who stand up to firewood find the source of income alternatives。

The level of Asia Baba is gradually built into Shangcheng and Xiacheng。

Shangcheng is above the hills,Most of them are curved、Narrow streets,Low -income civilians live in the sheds here,Neighboring traditional market。Xiacheng's terrain is slightly lower,High -rise building Lin Li,It is a modern store、Restaurant、The concentration of hotels and government office buildings。Naicheng,In the southeast and southwest of the two airports to the new and old airports,Is a luxurious house and a beautiful villa concentration,The so -called“wealthy suburb”。

addis ababa housing development project office website

The earliest royal palace of Monrek II was a simple mud -wood structural community,For the time when fashion is a reckless Asia Baba, it can be considered a clever work.。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Area center of the city center of the city center,The streets are wide and neat,Skyscrapers,Not far from the square is the former palace。A garden -like tree -lined avenue,Orderly distribute the parliamentary building in an orderly manner、Politics Prefecture building、museum、African Hall(This luxurious building is the headquarters of the United Nations African Economic Commission,It is also the office of most United Nations officials in Ethiopia,At the same time It is the creation of the unified Organization of Africa, the predecessor)、Famous buildings such as the University of Asia Beiba and the Great Council。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)On the square of Montelik II Avenue Street,His tall bronze statue across the horse overlooks all beings。1896year,2More than 10,000 Italian aggressive troops invaded Ethiopia,Montelik II led military and civilians to resist resistance,Fighting the Italian Army and forcing it to sign a contract,Acknowledge the sovereignty and independence of Ethiopia。

then,Africa, which is divided by the powers,In addition to the puppet nation supported by the United States, Libiria,Ethiopia is the only independent country in the entire African continent。It has been violated countless times,It has never been conquered,Adhering to tradition,Bloody。

“We are the only country in African history that have not been colonized by Western。”Wan Di is like every Ethiopian,Repeatedly emphasized proudly。

There is a municipal hall in the southwest corner of the square,The street connecting the municipal hall and the railway station,Laing from the terrain from north to south,Car,Wei is spectacular。Those blue and white mini buses,It's a local taxi,Known as“Blue donkey”,Can accommodate at least12Famous passenger,There is another driver,Responsible for collecting money、Broadcasting station ticket salesperson。

Hot money is constantly injected into the capital,The slogan of the slums disappears,Fashionable buildings rose to the ground。

addis ababa housing development project office website

12 Century Aksham dynasty was by Agao(Agaw)replace,King of the Zagvavi dynasty, King of the Taza dynasty, built eleven granite churches,Devar it directly from the granite veins。

Henn ArchitektenDesigned Ethiopian Commercial Bank Headquarters(CBE)Just handed over to Zhongjian last year to start construction,The thinner side facade of the office building deliberately left a gap,Become a new perspective to show this city,The low reflectance of the glass exterior wall allows people to glimpse the cool interior of the building。This open design continues to the bottom of the bottom layer。Supporting projects next to the building will also be built,A conference center and a large shopping dealer field。Sinking Sinking Landscape Plaza around the building complex——It is said It will become the tallest building in Ethiopia——With the economic recovery,People want“Tower of Babel”The desire will only increase day and night。

Even as the capital,Most of the streets and alleys of Yababa are not named,And all streets and lanes have no door number,Recognize the way depends on sensuality and intuition,Or landmark、The well -known attractions are used as a reference,Difficult to describe,It's more difficult to find,Lost has become an interesting thing。

Since there is no house number number,There is only a post office in the whole city without a postman。To read newspapers,I only have to find a child who goes to the streets to buy。To communicate,Only go to the post office to rent a mailbox,Go to the box to get the letter。Of course, this can only be a luxury that a few people can enjoy。

My guidance Wan Di did not grew up in Siyaba in Aya,But there are many job opportunities in the capital,After graduating from college, he chose to settle Here。He is a fat and lively person,Quietly tell me many foreigners to go to the place,“And there are many fashionable and beautiful girls inside!”He likes to talk about adult jokes.,Once I started playing with him,He was sitting in danger,Saying that he is an honest person,There are also wives, children and two maids at home that need to be raised。

“Two maids?!”I'm surprised。

Compared with many countries in the world,Artificially here is actually not expensive at all,we can even say“cheap”,Payment and returns are often not proportional。Like many young people who have received higher education in Ethiopia,Wan Di can speak English,There is also a stable job with good income。He is flexible,Care about the trend of the economy,What to see,I will want to pull me together“China Egypt Trade”。Because of a few positions,Busy,Then he forgot this matter again。He is also proud of the country's past, For example, Ethiopian National Museum。

The most significant discovery in Ethiopian archeology history,Be more than1974year11The month was unearthed in Afaer's concave ground“Mother of human beings”Luci(Lucy)。In ancient human research, some fossil fragments can generally be found,There are few complete skulls or ribs,Lucy provides strong evidence for evolution theory。

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Ethiopian women who visit Rabilai

The common mother of human beings,Age320Long live,During his lifetime, he was20Young women in the coming year,Brain capacity is very small,By calculated to have children according to the pelvis conditions,Because the bones are relatively complete,Turn on the knee,It is recognized as the first human beings to walk upright,It is also the earliest ancestor of human beings。

Her name comes from a hot song of the Beatles at the time《Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds》。Now she is lying in the glass of the National Museum in a quiet gesture to display Taichung,and320After 10,000 years, the descendants of human beings are silently relative。Her back and forth,Up and down,Full of various exhibits,Crossing time and space limit,They come from all corners of Ethiopia,Silence,Telling a part of the East African Plateau、Bright epic。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)For hundreds of years,The Barhadal on the source of the Green Nile River is a heavy business place,It is northwest of the northwest that is one hour from the capital。

Look at the air,Lake Tana(Tana Lake)It seems like green gems inlaid in East Africa。

The people here are still making a canoe with reed grass,Passenger and cargo shuttle between the islands。

Although Bahadal is the capital of Amhara,The urban area is not big,Surrounded by endless plains,Slender farmers stick,Three or five,Walk a few miles to work。For thousands of years,They maintain such primitive farming status,Smile to every stranger around you,Full of respect and curiosity。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)As Ethiopia is the most planned、most beautiful、The safest city,Bahadal is becoming the destination of African luxury tourism,Palm of the road,The bright flowers bloom in the four seasons。

Foreign investment is constantly entering,The most obvious is those high -end hotels from Lake Tana or that are being started, spa、Open -air swimming pool、cafe、Room full of design details、 Ecological friendly concept......

My resort is on the beautiful lake shore,There are two islands in the lake,A man island,A woman island。

The lake has a silent power,Especially in the morning mist or under the twilight,Both mysterious and beautiful,It is a harbor where tens of thousands of birds gather and rest,It is also the source of the water that Bahadal people live,It is the Virgin Mary's refueling place,It is also the ferry to rescue all beings。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Gently lift a leg gently,Standing on a beach On the stone,Head up,not moving at all,Like thinking seriously about major life issues。Someone in the lake holds a canoe,Fish -like Shut between islands,The boat is filled with firewood——I just cut firewood on the island,To go to the market in Bahadal City on the shore。

Local believers firmly believe,Occasionally passing the pink pelicans of the ship's side, Is the great angel that passes the happiness message to the world,It indicates the good luck that arrives right away。Reed grass,Woven into a green entangled net in the nearby。

When the boat is approaching,Boatman“Squeak”Jump into the water middle,Throw out the fiber rope and then strive to push the entire ship to the shore——Everything stopped,Water and Khan shine on their dark face, Like pearl。

addis ababa housing development project office website

A man who sells thatch to me to go to me,The transportation of transportation on Lake Tana is this kind of thatched ship。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)For thousands of years,Lake Tana's natural beauty has been talked about by countless people,The residents on the shore have inhabited it for generations have long been used to its scenery,The local area has not been developed,Still maintaining the appearance of the beginning of the century,Never be destroyed,Never be polluted。Humans acting in the middle,As if the waterbird across the lake,No trace。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)17Century,About the source of the Nile River, one of the four major rivers in the world,It has always been an puzzled mystery,Because there are many waterfalls with a large gap between the upstream of the Nile River,People cannot easily find its real birthplace。today,This doubt group has long been unlocked:

The upstream of the Nile River is divided into two tributaries,One is the White Nile River that originated in Lake Victoria,The other is the Green Nile River that originated in Ethiopia,The Green Nile River is the main source of the Nile River,Its source is hidden in the streams upstream of Lake Tana。

Lowerstream of Lake Tana40Around、One hour by car dealer The place,It is said that17The old stone bridge built by the Century Portuguese、A small village where locals live、A green hill,Finally saw the legendary Green Nile River Falls。Its gap45Meter,Water flowing down,Start a journey of thousands of kilometers,Until the end to the Mediterranean。At this time the dry season,The water flow is not large,But because it happened to meet the water and power stations, the water and electricity stations opened the gate to put water,Suspended color training,Bad beads broken jade,The magnificent momentum is shocking。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)When I avoided the Internet under the top of the resort, I avoided the Internet under the Internet,There is a young lady who is also wet by rain.,The appearance of her quiet smoking is very beautiful,Long hair like algae,A pair of black sheepskin handmade shoes on your feet,Colorful flowers embroidered on the upper,These beautiful shoes immediately aroused the topic of our two。

Can't bear for a while,Mira has become my best friend in Bahadal。Her wealthy trader family from India,After the design of Mumbai, he has a huge confusion about the future,It's time to go to Paris、New York、Continue for further studies in these places in London,Still establishing a brand with the help of my father? Or become a female hippie,Weekly?

At this time,She accidentally saw pictures of East Africa Grand Rift Valley and Ethiopian indigenous pictures,Without any sign,She and this country fall into the sudden love,Pull His boyfriend immediately flew over to travel。

This trip made her see too many places, too many people and too much possible。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)“Just like when spring comes, you see the buds germinated on the rose branches,You know what will happen。”It happens that Bahadal University is recruiting the position of fabric design of fabrics,Although the remuneration is extremely low,Students' professional counterpart employment rates are lower,Mira still insists on staying,This is the most beautiful and orderly place she knows the most beautiful and orderly place she knows,She is full of confidence in the prospects。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)She lost her boyfriend for this。 “This is his loss。”I said。Bahadal gathered people in various countries to travel,They are either a hurried backpacker,Or a short living here investor,Or the rich people who fly from Europe and the United States like migratory birds,Because the weather in the spring of the four seasons and the friendly locals here。

It's not difficult to imagine,For exotic women like Mira with invincible face and cute character,Barhadal in poetry,There are too many opportunities。

I got a gift from Mira:A pair of designs are perfectly wearing comfortable sheepskin handmade embroidery shoes。Because she is busy working、social contact、Dating with Germany's new boyfriend,These beautiful shoes accompany me almost all the most beautiful places in Bahadal。

The most common way of travel for locals is to walk or cycling,Veteran“Phoenix”Bicycles are very common here。Public order is very good,Sale is very important,Less stolen things,Orthodox Church is prevalent here,People who can often see the Ding Ding Church and Moly Prayer,Moral subtlety is a neighborhood。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)There is a small pier where I live,You can travel at any time。Lake Tana looked at it as if the ocean,There are hundreds of islands scattered in the lake。I really want to go to the center of the lake, somewhere on an island,I heard that it once sheltered the Ethiopian king who was fleeing during the war.,quite famous in the history books。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)boatman to pick me up,He can speak fluent English,And have a thick book on birds handy,Be ready to whistle for friends at any time,Then tell me their names and their beautiful feathers one by one。

About half an hour by boat from the pier,we passed“man island”(Kabran Gabriel)。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)“Women are never allowed on the island,There is a sign that clearly says no ladies are allowed in。”This rule stems from strict rules and regulations,So that monks who practice can concentrate on,Don't be disturbed,According to the boatman,Even the animals on this island are all male.!

quickly,we go through“Isla Mujeres”,Know without introduction,Men are never allowed on the island,There is also a sign that clearly states that men are not allowed to enter.,This rule also stems from strict rules and regulations.,Because there are Orthodox monks living on the island。

as a love gag、right“sex”Young african man excited and concerned about the topic,Wandi thus activated his rich associations,Although he repeatedly emphasized,he is a religious man。

We are all noncommittal but in awe of these island rules。yes,for travelers,An ancient commandment still strictly followed,Make these green islands mysterious and remote,It has further stimulated the huge urge to challenge the taboo deep in my heart.。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)An island in the middle of the boat,it is completely occupied by trees, All the branches stretch almost into the water,The water reflects them twisting curved line,Occasionally a fish jumps out of the water,to peck the shoots——Like a place long forgotten by the world,no one bothers,no need to panic。

jungle grows,There's only a muddy trail in between,The sun shines through the dense foliage,The golden light shines on the road ahead,As if God was pointing the way。Countless wild coffee trees live silently long,bright red berries。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)how many people drink coffee,But I don't know that coffee is the best gift from Ethiopia to the world。“coffee”word,sourced from“Kafa”(Kaffa),it is the name of a province in ethiopia。A Kaffa shepherd became super excited after seeing a goat eating a red bush berry,he was curious,after tasting it,Feel instantly full of energy and vitality throughout your body。

addis ababa housing development project office website

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Children in many well-known attractions in Ethiopia also beg for sweets from tourists、Stationery,Satisfied once you get it。

soon,Word of this miracle berry spreads everywhere。The monks began drying the fruit for transport to further monasteries,except for eating,They also drink water,make yourself more awake while praying。

later,coffee berries are transported farther and farther,Shipping from Ethiopia to Arabian Peninsula,and was first planted in Yemen,From Yemen to Turkey and Europe,New World present,Europeans planted it on South American soil。

Many traditional Ethiopians firmly believe,Sacred islands cannot grow food,But coffee can。then,pick、 Making and tasting coffee became the most important social activity on the island,Invite a person to a coffee ceremony,Often seen as a sign of respect and friendship。

The floor must be covered with flowers,The charcoal stove burns vigorously。Must be a beautiful woman to preside over the ceremony,Roasted green coffee cherries,hand mashed,boil on fire,Fragrance overflowing,Pour a symbol for the guests Strong coffee for friendship and respect。

Small bowl of dried crunchy barley kernels,golden and attractive,Served with sautéed chickpeas,was handed to me,Sprinkled a little salt。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)This traditional snack with coffee,called“Colo” (Kolo),High in fiber and protein,Very low in saturated fat and cholesterol,very healthy。at the entrance,The aroma of filling grains,It's quite chewy,Even the people next door can't help but be attracted by the roasted aroma it emits,grab a handful。

Ethiopians believe Kolo can reduce heart disease and cancer odds,They are also used to serving it as the first welcome snack after guests arrive。Or just pack a bag when you leave,Let you take it with you on the road as a snack。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Some islanders pass by,Overhead a bag of hand-milled teff going to another island(Teff)。

in the rest of the world,Teff exists only as a grass,This can be confirmed from its Chinese name——“Ethiopian teff”,Ethiopia is the only country in the world that eats teff,It has been regarded as a treasure for generations。

Per year7start of sowing,Arrived11This plant can be harvested in months like wheat、Seed grains smaller than sesame seeds。Although they grow fast,but the output is very very low,only wheat per mu15%,Every150The weight of a grain of teff is equivalent to a grain of wheat,So no one wants to take the effort to grow it,Only the Ethiopians have persisted so far。

Grind into powder and add water,And into the face,spread out in a basket,After two or three days of fermentation,steamed to soft、sour、Large pancakes with small air holes on the surface。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Ethiopians use this teff injera for almost every meal(Injera)。It is no exaggeration to say,Indira's place in people's minds,like air、water and sun,Irreplaceable。

Wandy told me,He feels the happiest thing in the world,Just eat what mom makesDoro Wot,That's a chicken enchilada stew,extremely delicious,The sauce must be cooked with herbed butter sautéed peppers、shallots、garlic、cardamom、Dill and Ginger,Add chicken pieces and simmer。

“Only my mother can make it so delicious,If guests come,Injera will be beautifully spread out in straw table baskets,Topped with colorful sauces for burritos and side dishes,It looks both eye-catching and appetizing。”

Ok,His description will make every listener drool,but i will never——That stuff isn't my thing at all.!

Not every foreigner is used to eating sour English,It can be said“like to eat,I don't like eating very, very much”,But almost every Ethiopian is crazy about it,I panic when I don't eat a meal,Eat with your hands, both men and women, young and old,And they all use the right hand!

To show friendliness to guests,They must be grabbing a piece of Injera every now and then,Roll it up like a towel roll and hand it to you to eat,“towel roll”the bigger the roll,The stronger your friendship is。

Although I strongly reject the sour taste of the fermented injera seeds,But when Wandi splits his beloved food into one bite,Roll it, roll it, hand it over,Looking at you with sincere eyes,Who can bear to refuse a roll“Towel roll”What about friendship?

addis ababa housing development project office website

(addis ababa housing development project office website)The staple food that is really loved by Ethiopia is a staple food in Jira with all kinds of biscuits sauce

How many islands are there in Lake Tana?Until now, the locals can't figure it out。17Century Portuguese missionaryManoel de AlmeidaConsidate the boat to the lake,says have21Island, in7to8There are large monastery on the island。18James in the century·When Bruce inspected the lake area,The locals report to him 45Someone lives on an island,But he thought it exaggerated his words,Only11indivual。

Our boatman will swim on the lake all year round,He said that the water level was in the past400Falling in the year6foot。And the annual rainy and dry season,The water level of Lake Tana will rise and fall again,Small island hidden time,So everyone's discovery may be different。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)The area of each island on Lake Tana is not large,But it is this unpredictable mystery,Starting from the Middle Ages,Then attract monks to come to live in seclusion。This seems to be a universal phenomenon,When people cannot compare with nature and destiny,Will be strong with yourself。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)So the ancestors of Ethiopia have thoughts about、I don't understand,Class a small leaf raft coming from water,Hardly on the island of Hiyin Island,Many people will not leave for a lifetime once they go to the island。

The island practice is extremely difficult,Some monks even live in the half -buried stone cave,Only by relying on the circular hole above。In order to remember the difficulties that Jesus had suffered for everyone,They sleep on the ground night,Or hang yourself on the cliff,Tingle physical strength and will。

Wan Di told me,There is an island in the lake,There will be a church,The one in front is especially ancient and spectacular,Because it has been sheltered in troubled times in troubled times,From this generation has been worshiped by the royal family。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)He turned,Finger at the top of the blue hillside——End of the road,Towering a circular church,Sunlight,Like it for nearly two thousand years of history and shine。

Seventh -century sheepskin Bible,The corners of the edge have been hacked by the corner。Three -century murals are mottled and cracking,The text is still clear,The picture is still alive,Target the gods of the gods,Pious。

What kind of magic is,Let the deserted island make such a brilliant building?What is the power,Let people who live here can fight the loneliness of spiritual spirit、Material poverty?

Green Nile River、Fall、Lake Tana、religion、Long human history,These resource proud of these Ethiopia,Discovery and followed by the world,Can a small island still bless a heart of a world??

Except for Amharawin、Greek,Now the monks on the island have also started to learn English。For a long time,Occasionally,They are wearing robes,Naive,Use the bamboo pen and ore paint in your hand,Detark a paradise you have never seen before。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)“Ethiopia”,means“Black face by the sun”Ancient land,Here are ten reasons worth thousands of miles to go。

Mohnpan Lip Girl

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Murcer is one of the most primitive tribes in the world,There is now an appointment5000Multi -person,Live in the Aomo Valley in the southwest。Murcer people are beautiful with their mouths、Be honored,girl10Start practicing in the mouth around the age of the year or so,More and more。After getting used to it, I usually put my mouth in my mouth,Take it off when eating and drinking。The larger the plate in the mouth,The higher the girl's worthy,The family can get dozens of cows in her big mouth at home!

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Aksum Fangxian

These are today1700Many years of history,Search of the ancient civilization of Ethiopia,The tallest one is the huge stele in the world,Once stolen by Italians Standing in Roman City。Aksum Fangjian saves the ancient history of the Emperor Aksham,At that time, there were trade with the distant India and China。There are also Queen Queen's bath and countless Aksham daily life sites and cultural relics。

Rock church

UNESCO specifies the Razar Bella Church from the boulder as the eighth miracle of the world。Their appearance is amazing,Unique internal decoration,Don't have a hole in the sky。When the road to Jerusalem pilgrimage is cut off,King of Rare Bella claims that he is in With the help of angels,Relying on manpower to build these shocking huge cathedrals,Call“Little Jerusalem”。After the death of King Larabella,He was respected by Ethiopia as saints。


Following Aksham and Law Bella,Gonal is another brilliant political center in Ethiopia's history,Located in the northwest altitude2121On the mountain of rice,Build17Mid -century,Hundreds of years of vicissitudes of old church and old castle,Together with the incredible architectural miracles。

Porchus lake

Ethiopia is the country where East Africa Grand Rift Valley runs through,Large crack valley surrounds the blue and beautiful crack lake after one after another,lake There are countless wild animals and birds inhabited by the shore。Great Rift Valley has formed countless national natural parks,Like Abada-salad、 Neicha、Mago and Omo National Park,Everyone has its own uniqueness,Suitable for bird watching、climb mountains、Close to wild animals、Deep Primitive Tribe。

Hallar City Wall

Build16At the beginning of the century,The city wall is named after Haral City,This small town like today is regarded as the fourth holy city of the Islamic world。The city wall of guarding the Holy City is5Giant arch,It is also its logo。Hallar's grass crafts and fruits are well -known,Women's colorful clothing has also been envious since ancient times。

Simon Mountain

Semeshan National Park is called by UNESCO as “The most magnificent scenery in the world”,There is the highest mountain peak in Ethiopia Lasidushn,altitude4437Meter,It's in the eyes of climbers Holy mountain,Qifeng Saga on the mountain,Can only rely on a donkey or walk。

Sov Omar Cave

This is one of Ethiopia's amazing natural monuments,The locals did not respect these caves。The cave is cool and dry,Back light through the cracks,Light the artistic details of cylindrical and fifty walls,They stand tall,It's like a Gothic dome,Create a mysterious atmosphere like heaven。

Human mother Lucy

(addis ababa housing development project office website)“Luci”It is one of the oldest human fossils in the world that is by far,living in320Hadal in Afaer in Afaer 10,000 years ago。According to bone inference,She was only in her lifetime20Too old,First Catch the human beings who walk upright,It is the earliest ancestor of humans at present,is known as“Mother of human beings”。

(addis ababa housing development project office website)Green Nile River Falls

The Green Nile River Waterfall is located on Lake Tana(The largest lake in Ethiopia)southeast30km,It is the source of the Nile one,known locally as“smoking water”。sunny day,A rainbow hangs over the waterfall,Also inhabited by countless wild animals and birds,like Eden。

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