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[TechWeb]FirstLightis providing fiber-optic data to enterprise and carrier customers in the Northeastern United States,the Internet,data center,Leading provider of cloud and voice services,Recently announced plans to expand the company's fiber optic network into Pennsylvania。

(allentown website development)Expansion projects will add more than1000miles of fiber optic path,Coverage includes Allentown,Harrisburg,Lancaster,Scranton,reading and wilkes-Barry。FirstLightnetwork byFirstLightExclusively owned and operated,Designed for Ultra High Availability,to support today's highly connected enterprise environment。

FirstLightPresident and Chief Executive OfficerKurt Van Wagenenexpress:“existFirstLight,We provide our growing customer base with high performance delivered over low latency fiber optic networks,reliable,Proud of Fiber-Based Services。” “Our expansion into eastern Pennsylvania isn't just designed to support wireless carrier rollouts5G,also for education,medical insurance,finance,government,Organizations in industries such as manufacturing offer the opportunity to successfully acquire the superior connectivity solutions they need。in today's digital world。”

Pennsylvania expansion work byFirstLightRecently acquired building services team with PennsylvaniaCollegevilleof outside factory distributorsComstar Supply Inc.shared responsibility。

(allentown website development)FirstLightof fiber optic network serving customers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic,includeInternetaccess,Ethernet,wavelength,dark fiber,Cloud and Data Center Connectivity,cloud computing solutions,unified communications andCiscocollaboration and networking solutions。

“ FirstLightA long-standing trusted provider throughout the Northeast,So our expansion into Pennsylvania is a natural progression of our business,” FirstLightChief Development OfficerPatrick CoughlinSay。“We look forward to serving Pennsylvania operators and businessesFirstLightKnown for excellent quality,reliability and performance。”[TechWeb]

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