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(amazon website development)When you open the shopping website,How long do you want to spend waiting for it to load everything?5Second?10Second?still is20Second?DynatraceResearch representation,Most people's patience is actually the only one3Second。3Not loaded in seconds, people may change and choose another website。People’s patience often does not allow too much loading time for shopping sites。So for these websites,This is bound to lose a lot of sales。Time at this time is money。

recent,Website development engineerAmila Welihindaexpress,100msThe delay will make the sales of the Amazon website fall1%。He said to this,Its team is undergoing development,The goal is to reduce the loading time of the Amazon website。

amazon website development

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After a lot of practice,The team explored several optimization solutions:

1.First load the content of the folding above

Remove some content and functions to loadATFback,Website delay shortened to500ms,Sales increase5%。

2. Use a better rendering framework

Amazon's official website uses server -side rendering,And no client rendering framework。The potential delay problem does not prove this。AmilaThe team has been usingjQuery 1.6.4,But its speed has not reached expectations。

3. Tracking key information

(amazon website development)Tracking key performance indicators,As a result, optimize more targetedly。

(amazon website development)Main tracking information:

  • The time to load the content above the folding

  • (amazon website development)Show the time of the first item

  • Page complete display time

  • The time for loading ads

  • Page layout time

4. Perform all major changesA/Btest

If the web version performs poorly,As a result,The team will directly adopt the old version。

5. Delete the unused patch

Since Amazon still usesIE 10,Not supportPromises。So the team isIEOptimized,And remove the compatible packs on other browsers。

6. Provide different browsersbundle

Identify the browser on the server(Smiling through the browser),And provide the browserbundleBag。Team can pass the file name of the module(E.g:./ the function of a specific browser。

amazon website development

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amazon website developmentamazon website development