freelance web developer website examples


1、W3schools | The best in the worldWeb Developer Learning Website

If you are a developer or a rookie just started,You must know the world's largest Chinese Web Technical community,That isProgramming lion,A professional W3C The Chinese platform of front -end development and programming entry learning,But in fact, there have been programming communities in this regard very long in foreign countries,And still global,If you want to learn more innovative technology development,May wish to take a look Boss Let's share the website next。

freelance web developer website examples

w3schools It is a foreign study programming entry learning and technical document query platform,Having the world's largest Web Developer community,Include HTML、CSS、Javascript、jQuery、C、PHP、Java、Python、Sql、Mysql Such as programming language and open source technology online tutorials and manuals。

(freelance web developer website examples)freelance web developer website examples

If you have a good English background,You can learn more advanced ones here Web technology,Do not miss the web development staff in need。


2、IconPark | The open source icon library launched by byte beating

(freelance web developer website examples)Whether it isdesigndivision、Developers、websiteWebmaster、Or personal office production Word、PPT Documents and other scenarios,We often need to find some icons to beautify the project。Except for Alibaba produced“IconFont”Free vector icon library outside,Now I have a new choice——Produced by byte beating「IconPark Free icon resource library」!You can find the icon you need here,And free can,Make your job so easy。

freelance web developer website examples

IconPark The official website provides a webpage interface for users to chooseicon,you canCustomize your icon style online,For example, change the size of the icon、Thread thickness、Modify the color、Endpoint type、Inflection point。

freelance web developer website examples

The current default48pxIcon

IconParkIt also supports export in different formats,Such as download PNG Format (Suitable for PPT、Word Wait Office DocumentationPhotoShop Wait / The default size is 200x200)、download SVG Format (Support batch download compression package),copy SVG Code,Support replication React Component、copy Vue Component。So whether it is a designer or a front -end developer,It can be very convenient to use these icons。

3、Flash code | SMS interfaces that individual developers can also use

(freelance web developer website examples)One can be tried for free200The verification code SMS platform of the bar,Can be used to send SMS verification codes or send notification SMS。The platform not only supports enterprises,It also supports individuals(I value this most)。

Signature review is very loose,You can apply for a product without filing or not being launched for the time being.(This is very easy to use,Alibaba Cloud requires that it must be online to be available,But the product is not debugged,How to go online?)。

freelance web developer website examples

(freelance web developer website examples)The website also provides a variety of languagespython\java\phpWaiting for interface files,Also provide code example,15You can complete the access in minutes。

freelance web developer website examples