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since 6 moon 7 Since the launch of,Infosys New portals developed never work properly。After months of improvements,A site that should have been greatly improved,Its fault still cannot be repaired,Even halfway through, he was completely paralyzed for two days.。

Infosys is india IT giant,Is a company that can make people in India feel a strong sense of national pride,But its project execution and delivery is very surprising:Go live without testing,Even just throw away the old system and migrate to the new one,Items resulting in data loss cannot be reversed。

anyhow,this value 420 crore(about 36.8 billion RMB)of IT project,Now it has become a global concern“joke”。

Crash on line,Fix deadlines extended again and again

India Income Tax Department this year 5 month announced,will be 6 moon 7 New e-tax filing portal launched today。

top website development company in india

The department also said,“New taxpayer friendly portal”Immediate processing of income tax and refunds will be integrated,Not only can it speed up taxpayers' tax rebates,and all interactions and uploads / Pending actions are displayed in a unified dashboard。The portal also offers free ITR Prepare the software,Guide taxpayers through interactive questions to complete certain actions。in addition,Portal will also offer new call center,Convenient and timely response to user inquiries。

Infosys company is in 2019 won the contract for the development of this new system in,The goal is to change the tax refund cycle from the original 63 days shortened to one day,Greatly speed up tax refund。

exist 6 moon 7 Just a few hours after going online,The portal has been unable to provide Aadhaar Verify generation OTP、Password generation failure、Inability to link past tax refund data and inability to submit tax refund applications。

6 moon 8 day and night,Not officially launched 24 hours later,this site is closed。to this end,Finance Minister of India Sitharaman exist Twitter open on“shelling”The website developer、India IT service giant Infosys。

top website development company in india

Infosys company representative Nilekani then in Twitter replied to,“New e-Filing Portal will simplify filing process and enhance end-user experience。@nsitharaman ji,We found some technical issues on day one,and are trying to solve。@Infosys Sorry for these initial failures,and hope the system will stabilize within this week。”

(top website development company in india)But then the scope of the problem was further expanded to include miscalculation of interest、From Form 16 Error in getting details and unable to add trust tax exemption details etc.。Individual taxpayers also complained,Their ITR-1 The application has not been accepted several days after it was submitted、can't post-commit ITR electronic verification、Form 26AS Details failed to autofill、as well as lack of secure connections for portals and taking too long to load, etc.。

face a series of problems,IT Departments had to revert to manual filing of tax forms,And extend the deadline for submission of electronic forms on pension funds and sovereign wealth funds。8 moon 21 day,Infosys closed portal,call it“maintenance plan”。

Arrived 22 Sunday,As complaints escalate,IT department in Twitter wrote on,“The Ministry of Finance has 2021 year 8 moon 23 meet Infosys company general manager CEO Salil Parekh,also to hon’ble FM The station explains why the new portal still has some glitches unresolved two and a half months after it went live。In fact,since 2021 year 8 moon 21 date,The portal has gone offline。”Infosys Change the description of the situation to“emergency maintenance”。this“emergency maintenance”Status lasted for two days,until 23 Re-launched today。

(top website development company in india)exist 23 The Ministry of Finance of Japan convened Infosys Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Salil Parekh in the meeting,Infosys Set deadline for delivery of trouble-free portals to 9 moon 15 day。Parekh respond,Infosys have more than 750 employees involved in the project,Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao Supervise the work personally。

9 moon 23 day Infosys issued another statement,the company“The taxpayer's problem is being solved gradually”,and 3000 10,000 taxpayers have successfully completed various transactions。But the statement also said,“even with steady progress,Infosys Still facing ongoing challenges”,and pointed out that the company has“750 multiple resources”working on the project,“Continue to work with the income tax department officials to complete most of the work”。

Why this project is doing so badly

For individual users,The tax refund process is simple,He just needs to log into the portal and fill out the tax refund form,use OTP One-time password for verification,then submit。

“We never received a one-time password。if received,Website not opening,So we can't complete e-verification”,Some chartered accountants who use the site say,“There are also some basic flaws that are,The new portal doesn't even allow users to log in and enter accounts。”

“Portal is not working most of the time”,he pointed out,“so forget from 63 Days shortened to a day plan,It turned out that it would take at least two months to complete the tax refund.,Now the feature doesn't even work。”

Chartered Accountant Sundararajan and other experts pointed out,Lack of clarity as to where the problem is:“We didn't know the problem was on the server side、The application or the process itself。No instructions or help when the problem occurs。”

According to multiple sources,The site was launched early without testing。Infosys former director Mohandas Pai In an interview with the media, he said, Infosys of people are technologists,rather than tax experts,IT Professionals could have gotten help from the Treasury,Test from an end user's perspective IT The efficacy of the portal。

Mohandas Pai reiterate,The tech company can only test the software side of the system,Failed to test on user side,But user-side testing can better predict problems。“they should go to the government,tell them UAT(User Acceptance Testing)more stringent,For this they can obtain with the help of the Ministry of Finance 200-300 Chartered Accountant,and get help from experts”,Pai Emphasize。

He pointed out that the Ministry of Finance does not have enough professional knowledge to understand the complexity of technology,They are accustomed to“Process file instead of database”,Therefore, it is actually because a lack of stable personnel to handle the system and process。

On the other hand, the system replacement should be more cautious,It can run in parallel to the two new and old systems。

IT The portal is not a social media platform that can withstand frequent interruption and technical failure。Given that almost all the operations related to taxation need to be completed online,Then it almost becomes an economic pillar。if Infosys Can't repair it in time,When facing serious funding tightening,It may affect the government's taxes。

Now,Most professionals want to restart the old system that has been maintained earlier。But experts say,easy to say, hard to do,And the disadvantage is greater than the profit。

“Because when the manual migration system,They missed some data from the old database to the new database。So we have to sit with the tax department officials halfway,Tell them how to migrate the data”,He explained。

There may be similar problems if you return to the old system now。Most of the data in the old portal have been relocated to the new portal,Many data have begun to archive。Expert supplements,If we want to reverse the old system,User information may be lost,As a result, the data does not match,And may cause greater confusion。

Infosys It is the Indian nation“pride”

It is reported that,Infosys,Chinese is called Indiacusus,Its information technology multinational company headquartered in Banjolle, India。2017 year,Infosys It is the second largest in India, which is second only to Tata Information Services IT company,Revenue ranks among the global listed companies 596。The company is in 29 There is an office in a country and in India、U.S.、China、Australia、U.K.、Canada、There are R & D centers in Japan and other places,Exceeded 30 A country provides business consultation、information Technology、Outsourcing service。

top website development company in india

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Affiliated magazine published an article,criticize Infosys Failure to deal with the chaos of the tax website。Outside“attack”,Some people say Infosys This company has made a pioneering contribution to India's progress,Is the pride of the nation,Should not be criticized and“laugh at”。

top website development company in india

but Infosys The company is not just this project is not good for delivery,Earlier participating in multiple government agencies IT project——Including a value 5000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars、Established for the Ministry of Enterprise Affairs MCA21 v2 Portal contract,And a value 138 Raring、Responsible for development GST The internet IT Settlement of the backbone network。Among all three projects,Infosys All products have appeared in performance problems。

GST After the online project is launched, it has encountered frequent changes in legal and procedures。After appointing tax officials to explain the content of these changes to the project supplier,Part of the problem is solved。Item,Each project, including the income tax portal, before obtaining a comprehensive launch approval,It's done“User acceptance test”,Obtain IT Departments' verification and acceptance。User acceptance test represents the final stage of software development,The user can check whether the product can provide the expected task execution effect。

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