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Programmer Personal Cultivation Template

surname name:
sex do not: Female
year age: 22
civil Ethnic: Han Dynasty
household membership: Hubei Xiangfan
highest education: Book division
Current location: Guangdong Guangzhou
graduated school: Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Major: computer science and Technology

2004year9moon-2008year6moon Xi'an University of Science and Technology computer science and Technology Undergraduate
2006year6moon-2006year9moon Xi'an University of Science and Technology Jsp+Servlet
2007year6moon-2007year9moon Xi'an University of Science and Technology SSHframe

(web developer cv website)work experienceTo this day 1 Annual work experience
?Xi'an Aurora Software Co., Ltd. 2008year5moon-2009year10moon
Company Type:Private enterprise industry category:Computer industry(software、database、system integration)
take the position as:Computer industry(IT)kind-Web designer
work description:Participate in the analysis of project needs according to the needs of users,To ensure the smooth writing of the project later
According to the company's task,Responsible for the project coding,Integrated testing for the development of the development of development
monitor,Maintain the operation of the company's software application system

(web developer cv website)Skill/Specialty
language skills: English(generally);mandarin(standard)
Computer Skills: Senior programmer
Talent: ★ Have a solid online basic knowledge,learnTCP/IP、UDPWulin network protocol
★ proficientHTML、JavaScript、CSSWaiting for web design language
★ solidJAVA Basic knowledge,Familiar with object -oriented programming ideas,Master the commonly used design mode
★ Familiar with JSP、Servlet、JDBC、XMLWaitWEBDevelopment Technology
★ SkilledStruts、Hibernate、SpringWaitJ2EEEnterprise architecture core technology
★ proficientMYSQL、SQLServer2000、SQLServer2005、OracleWait for various database operations
★ Skilled useEclipse、JCreatorPro、DreamweaverMXWaiting for development tools
★ skilledTomcat、JDK、JBossWaitWEBServer application
★ learnLinuxoperating system

Career Objective
Job type: full time
Treatment requirements: ¥Yuan/moon(Not to discuss)
Hoping position: Computer industry(IT)kind-software engineer;Computer industry(IT)kind-Database development and management(DBA);Computer industry(IT)kind-Web designer
Hope area: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Fastest: After a month

(web developer cv website)Self-evaluation
1.Can quickly adapt to various working environments,Have good analytical ability,self-study ability,adaptability;
2.Active work,rightITSoftware development and design work in the field have a strong interest;
3.Have good interpersonal communication、Organization and communication and coordination ability and team spirit;
4.Sincere,Stubborn,responsibly handle,Dare to face difficulties and challenges,Dedicated。

Contact information
contact number:

web developer cv website

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