website design and development price list


How much does it cost to hire someone to make a website

website design and development price list

(website design and development price list)

Different site building methods and different site building types charge different fees:

1、How much does it cost to build a website,The main difference is that the way of building the site is different and the price is different:

①Website development Website development is expensive,Because website development requires re-layout of the front end of the website,If some responsible website development company,Will re-slice the website layout,everything is new,The functions you request will also be specially designed,It can be said that you can completely make the website style you want,The general fee is4000above,The important thing is to see the difficulty of website development。

②Template building and template building is much simpler,many nowseoCompanies use templates to build websites to provide services to customers,Actually it's not bad,Although not custom,But fortunately its price is reasonable,Usually a few hundred bucks is enough,And the template will be regularly maintained by the author for free。

2、In addition to the different ways of building the site, the cost of the site is different,Site type also affects:

①Single Page Websites Single Page Websites For Website Development,may be more affordable,Templates are not necessarily much cheaper,General website development and template prices are similar,If you have friends who know the website, you can make a brand new website with less hard money,beneficial toseo。

(website design and development price list) ②Enterprise station enterprise station or template building station is more suitable,After all, the template has done a good job both in terms of function and user experience.,No need to spend a fortune on website development。

(website design and development price list) ③large site large site,Refers to the platform website,Hire professional programmers directly,It is more realistic to do website development and post-maintenance,After all, there are too many problems in big websites,Professional maintenance required,And the price is high,Usually more than ten thousand。 build a website,Use templates to generate your own website with just one click,Others are still worrying about not knowing the code,Your website is live and getting traffic。

How much does it cost to hire someone to make a company website?

Different website types charge different

one、The basic cost of a website The most basic cost of a website is a domain name and space,Website domain name registration is generally tens of yuan,Web space to see business needs,general rental1GThe server rent is about two or three hundred yuan a year,The specific cost depends on the brand。

two、Website production costs We can simply divide the website production methods into three types:Template station、imitation station、Custom developed website;Template station can be divided into platform building website and website building company self-made template,It is generally not recommended to build a website on the platform,Most of these can't get the source code of the website,And you need to pay the same fee every year as the first year,A few years add up to thousands,And the cost of adding templates later is also very high.,It is recommended to choose a template website building company that can get the source code by yourself,The template station is generally several hundred to one or two thousand yuan;The imitation station is to imitate the website given by the enterprise,The price is several thousand yuan,General charges are linked to the service,The fee is low and almost nothing will be modified,expensive,The imitation website is almost the same as the custom development。 The price of custom development website is the most difficult to calculate,This involves time and labor costs,more pages needed,The more complex the function, the higher the price,General custom development starts at five or six thousand。 build a website,Web Designer supports live editing,The effect of the website changes immediately、real-time perception;Free drag-and-drop construction of website layout,do whatever you want,Build and change。