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【Global Times reporter Fan Lingzhi Liu Xin】Regardless of the facts in some American media,Frequently、Advocate“Virus originated from China”“The virus is leaked from the Wuhan virus”Waiting for conspiracy,American Independent News Website“Gray zone”At4moon20Long report on daily publication,Disposal the source of conspiracy theory and the true intention of the creator。One of the authors of this article Max·Brumen Tarr is a well -known American journalist and writer,Too“Gray zone”Founder。His father is also a reporter、writer,He became his assistant when he served as the president of the United States。

“Gray zone”The survey is not limited to the topic of epidemic,For the crazy hype of the Western anti -China forces before“Xinjiang Concentration Camp”Waiting for rumors,This website also made a detailed investigation and pierced it。24day,Accept《Global Times》Interview,Brumen Talt bluntly,“Gray zone”Not talking for China,Instead, speak for anti -war people and those who doubt western narrative。He also said,The most worried about the confrontation of the United States and China,because“This will be the most terrible confrontation”。

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We are committed to revealing lies,These lies continue to spread under the banner of so -called freedom and independent media

Global Times:Let's talk about your recent about“The virus originated from the leakage of the Wuhan Laboratory”Conspiracy report,Many Chinese readers are very interested in this report。

Brumen Tal:first,No American media invited me to discuss this latest report。In the report,My colleague Ajit·Singh revealed the largest American newspaper《Washington post》The conspiracy theory of Fox News speculation,President Trump also participated in it,The content of this conspiracy theory is completely fabricated。We have not been invited to debate with the author of conspiracy theories,They agree with the cold war with China,And our voice was ignored。

Two days,we are at《New York Times》、“politics”Seeing many related on the news website“How to create false information in China”Report,The source of the letter comes from unnamed US officials,This shows that we are unfortunately in a information war。This game“war”inside,Facts become irrelevant,Americans will not explore the truth。I and“Gray zone”the goal is,Through a simple display of information that allows the American people and the public to speak English,Try to interrupt the war、Sanctions and hostility。

We are committed to revealing lies——There are new lies every day,These lies continue to spread under the banner of so -called freedom and independent media。If you often read these reports,Will discover“According to US officials”or“A scientist engaged in research”Statement,Or they will link an article,And we are just revealing their true sources。E.g,《Washington post》This article quotes a name Xiao Qiang(sound)Person's statement,Call him“the scientist”,But I think this sounds very interesting:the scientist?Not a person who studies the virus,Or it is not an epidemiologist?I immediately thought that this person was likely to be a different political opinion in China。

I am correct,My colleague and I found that Xiao Qiang accepted the National Democratic Foundation(NED)Funding,This is a physical agency of the US government,Provide funds for opposition forces around the world、Support and training。I'm revealingNEDI have done a lot of work,It was created by the China Love Bureau during the Reagan period,The purpose is to do what the Central Love Bureau has done secret before,But to openly support the opposition movement,Just like the incident that happened last year in Hong Kong。therefore,This is a clear signs,show《Washington post》This article is a bit strange。

I am a reporter,I have worked near the American media circle20year,Once opposed to the Iraq war and revealed the Little Bush administration's lies。I know the new conservative movement,This is a pro -war that breeds in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party,There is a lot of influence in Washington,And I know《Washington post》Author of this article·Luo Jin is an important part of the new conservative movement,He once worked in the Japanese Embassy,It is a person who tends to promote the new Cold War with China。I will not appear as an expert in China,I won't say that I am an expert in Russia,But I am an American expert,I am familiar with those who push us in the past20Institutions and people who have fallen into the end of the war,I even know them,This provides me with a huge advantage of conducting such surveys。

official“Discharge”——Media processing——Politician echo,They cooperate like this

Global Times:Whether the media's false report hinders the real situation of the American people to understand the real situation of China?

(website developer in usa)Brumen Tal:Absolutely。I have never been to China,I should go to Wuhan to see,Talk to a doctor,Talk to the locals。In the U.S,No one who advertises himself as an expert in China can do this。Many of them have reason to upgrade their friction with China,Someone is funded by arms quotient,Someone is directly funded by the State Council,Some people think about anti -communist,Want to defeat the Communist Party of China。Some people are dissatisfied with China,I think many job opportunities in the United States have shifted to China。I personally think that the United States should manufacture products in the local area,If we make our own mask,The United States may perform better than now。But this is a political movement,The purpose is to launch a new cold war,And promote the former Minister of Defense Mattis2018Annual《National Defense Strategy Report》Implementation,According to this report,The focus of US defense strategy is no longer anti -terrorism,It is strategic competition between the country,That is to compete with China and Russia。

(website developer in usa)immediately,We started to see more and more negative reports on China,Seeing the United States interested in human rights of China Uyghur people。The violence incident that happened in Xinjiang has lasted for many years,The situation was very difficult,But why we are2018End of the year、2019I heard it suddenly at the beginning of the year“Dilemma of disadvantaged groups”?In fact,For decadesNEDHave been supporting“Worldwide conference”,why is it like this?Neither media and reporters ask this question,They are just looking for a new Cold War Explosion。

(website developer in usa)Take a look at the American public opinion test and discover,Compared with last year,Democratic Party and Republican Party、The change in the attitude of the left and right wings on China is incredible,Currently70%Americans believe that China has the most threat to the United States,Last year, it's not yet50%。Anti -China publicity played a role。I am not the captain of China Lala,I won't call myself an expert in China,But I know what my country is happening,Understanding this kind of propaganda and how dangerous it is to the United States。

(website developer in usa)Two days ago,《New York Times》An article states that the Trump administration is not sure if it will allow it to be transported to the United States from ChinaN95Mask and other personal protection equipment,Because this will promote China's publicity。If it is true,Because of their extensive hatred for China,Americans will lack necessary protection equipment。The only way to prevent and control the epidemic is cooperation,Because we live in a globalization world that depends on each other。And I don't think the United States has the ability to be exactly like China as strong countries in China“Decouple”,it's out of the question。

Global Times:American politics and some media、How does the think tank promote the anti -China movement?

(website developer in usa)Brumen Tal:Still《Washington post》As an example,4moon14day(John·Luo Jin)After the article is published,Was shared by both party politicians。the next day,Similar articles appear on Fox News Network。Pompeo, the most eagle member of the Trump administration, also expressed support for this statement。Behind this report is actually the government,They via the United States Ambassador to China“Discharge”Give a reporter,claim“There is a security problem in Wuhan's laboratory”。In fact,They are twisting these“material”。Fox reported that night,Eagle Senator Tom·Coston appearance,He said“China is responsible for each case of death”“China must be punished”。Fox set off a promotional lightning war,All anchors call for punishment for China,They are successfully injecting the Republican Party for the New Cold War。

therefore,You can see very clearly,The US State Department leaked information to the media,The media promotes this story to the public,Finally politicians issued a appeal,Requires a new tough and hostile policy for China。

“Gray zone”Talking for China is not more than talking about the United States

(website developer in usa)Global Times:Someone calls,“Gray zone”The reporter seems to be speaking for China,Is that right?

Brumen Tal:first,“Gray zone”Talking for China is not more than talking about the United States。We speak for anti -war people and people who doubt western narratives。We are an independent website,We have made a lot of effort on the western propaganda mechanism and the stories we heard。When we hear a story again and again,Makes us more hostile to another country,That is,Bell ringing,We are committed to investigation。

“Gray zone”An outstanding contributor Agit·Singh is an expert in studying anti -China propaganda,He is Canadians,Now studying at school,Delive to becoming a real Chinese issue expert。He strives to find sources in Western reports,Discover“Xinjiang Concentration Camp”One source of reports is anti -China organization and a group of anti -communist radicals living in Washington,Another source Adrian·Zengz is a member of the right -wing group supported by the US government。

What I want to emphasize is,I have never been to Xinjiang,I'm not sure what happened there,The problem is,We are accepting an exaggerated story——The purpose is to make Americans believe that China is“Nazi”,And this will only cause us to go to war。I want to talk to the American public,Unfortunately,Only the Chinese media want to interview me,This is the current situation。

I definitely hope to go to Xinjiang as a tourist,I still want to go to Wuhan。But I stay at home now,There is no haircut for a month,Because everything has been closed。My government is using this situation to try to make us and a country war with a very little country war.,This makes me feel fear。What I can do is to expose American institutions and characters who deceive the public,Whether they are targeted at China、Venezuela or Iran,Criticizing China in the United States seems to be politically correct。

Global Times:Some people say that your website is anti -American,Do you agree?

Brumen Tal:I am American,Many of my neighbors in Washington agree with me。My neighbors are non -descent,They are almost excluded by society。They realize,A country that costs billions of dollars overseas to build a huge empire cannot bring them anything。Most of our readers are Americans,We are supported by the American people and the entire Western people,In the greatest sense,Also supported by the Latin American people,They are victims of US imperialism。I think what Americans have to do is to expose an empire that has not given back to the people。After the outbreak,So many people are betrayed by the US government,Including soldiers,E.g“Slydo·Roosevelt”Sailor on the aircraft carrier,We care about them,This is indeed our interests。

They are starting a game against China“Mixed war”

(website developer in usa)Global Times:Do you bear stress or face criticism for publishing wonderful reports or face criticism?

Brumen Tal:yes,We face severe criticism、Insult and abuse,Someone said we are“Ethnic extinction”defend,Tell us“Support China and other fascists”,Say we have paid for we from Venezuela and Cuba。We face false allegations,Highly stressful,I was arrested and jailed in Washington because of the false allegations of the Venezuela opposition.。Our author is often insulted on social media。but,They cannot blame us for inaccurate or debate with us。Our opportunities to debate some critics,They usually say“Do not”。

Global Times:Why do you start“Gray zone”,How to maintain operation?

Brumen Tal:“Gray zone”was founded in2015year,It aims to reveal the mistakes of US foreign policy and its impact on the country。From then on,We have discussed some issues that may lead to war in the United States,This is the most difficult topic。Starting from exposing the Syrian agent war,We help disclose the US funding and support for the Nicaragua coup and violent activities there,Expose2018The factors of the Venezuela coup……Whenever the public is deceived by lies and leads to a stronger hostile emotion to other countries,They don't actually understand,We help them unlock the lies。We do not publish the editorial,Only publish reports and analysis。We are an independent website,There is no support from any country or billionaire,Only donations from readers。

Global Times:How do you see Sino-US relations after the epidemic?

Blumenthal:as i said before,For hardliners in the U.S. government,The outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the United States is more like an opportunity to turn the cold war against China into a hot war。We don't know how it will turn out,They don't have any means of direct conventional war with China,but we see“hybrid warfare”——Ban Huawei、At the same time as tariffs,blame China“human rights violations”,Sending more aircraft carriers to the Western Pacific。There may be more of this in the future。

Iraq war,Many people came out to protest,Because in their minds it is a“Republican War”。A new Cold War against China is supported by many Democrats and Republicans alike,Even Sanders supporters,It is said to be bipartisan“temporary peace”。The U.S.-China confrontation is the most terrifying confrontation,Once there is a problem,it could turn into a nuclear war。