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website developer philadelphia

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Global e-commerce sales to hit record highs。

2017year,Total global e-commerce sales are22trillion dollars,arrive2020year is expected to reach27trillion dollars。in,U.S. e-commerce sales are4000One hundred million U.S. dollars,Europe is5300One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Although like Amazon andeBaySuch e-commerce giants provide a platform for global competitive sellers to participate in the market,But most SMEs use Magento、BigCommerce、ShopifyandWooCommerceSuch e-commerce platforms,Because these platforms allow sellers to start from scratch,Beautiful store with minimal effort。

Shopifyhave50Thousands of brands

Shopifyis a public company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada,The total merchandise sales on the platform exceeded450One hundred million U.S. dollars。Shopifyon the website50More than 10,000 brands including Tesla、Wikipedia、MozillaFoundation and Google。ShopifyThe package value from29dollar to299dollar range,It depends on the seller's needs。ShopifyThe advantages of this platform include:Support withFacebookto integrate、Mobile friendly website mode。The disadvantage is that if the seller does not useShopifypayment gateway——Shopify Payment,extra fee。also,Some sellers feel,need to useShopifycoding languageLiquid(one door Ruby Written in an open source templating language),it's an inconvenience。

useMagentoPlatform brands include Huawei、Burger King andPepeeans

Magentois an open source platform,Headquartered in Carl Philadelphia, California。The company is in2011Year to2015Year iseBayall,Later became an independent company。This e-commerce platform is very popular with users,And provide multiple language support,owns Huawei、American fast-food chain giant Burger King and European fashion brandsPepe Jeans。Magentoprovides a free open source software,open source scripting languagePHPfully customized。It also offers enterprise builds for larger enterprises,This release includes managed services and wider technical support。MagentoThe annual fee for this software is1.8Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

(website developer philadelphia)BigCommerce

Toyota and American high-end home living brands Martha StewarThe e-commerce platform used is BigCommerce。

BigCommerceis a private company,Headquartered in San Francisco, California,Offices in Austin, Texas and Sydney, Australia。The company was founded by a pair of brothers in Australia,Company Commitment to Support Small and Medium Businesses Worldwide。andMagentosimilar,BigCommerceIntroduced Starter and Premium editions for high-volume sellers。The company owns5.510,000 online stores,No transaction fee,and provided withFacebook、GoogleandeBayplatform integration services。A disadvantage of the platform is that,For those who want to have a multi-platform store(including Amazon)of sellers,BigCommerceFails to offer as wide a range of features as the competition。

WooCommerceexistWordPressgreat success with the help of

WooCommerceVery popular with online sellers,One of the reasons is that it offers freeWordPressplugin。From the blogging platformWordPresssuccessful departure,arrive2016year,WooCommercein the near30%of e-commerce sites operate3810,000 brands。AlthoughWooCommerceOffers decent shopping cart functionality and payment gateways,but chooseWooCommerceSellers on this platform must stick with it as they growWordPress。This is for SMEs with extensive business plans,may be a limiting factor。

Which e-commerce platforms are more suitable for Chinese sellers?

as of2018beginning of the year,The statistics of websites using the above e-commerce platforms are as follows:

website developer philadelphia

These numbers reflect an important question——Sellers should be aware of all the available features of the e-commerce platform,and select those and choose the function that best suits them to operate。

For Chinese sellers,Offers multiple language support andSSLCertified e-commerce platform is the best choice。The above platforms all offer these features at different price points。also,Sellers should know how to scale their business。

If a seller wants to open a store on Amazon,And the budget is five figures,so likeMagentoandBigCommerceThis function is more extensive、Fully customizable、Software-based platforms are preferable。

(website developer philadelphia)regardless of the initial budget,The most important thing for sellers is to use an affordable solution that meets their needs,make their business stand out。Market opportunities for cross-border e-commerce are happening,SMEs need to act in a timely manner。

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