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Make a website,How much does it cost?

website developer quotes

Make a website,How much does it cost?There are many factors that are related to the cost of doing websites,Let's talk about it。 one:There are multiple developers in the general development team of website construction companies,Different technical level,Different costs,Of course, there are differences in the designed website。

(website developer quotes) two:The details of the website construction process and the time required for the development cycle of the website varies from demand,The development process and details of a website will also be very different,And the time and cost required are different。 In traditional sense,A complete website construction process,Including market research、Website planning、System analysis、Web Design、Front-end development、Background development、user experience、Program and database development、SEOWebsite optimization、System test、Operating training、A series of links such as after -sales service,And to do this huge and complicated project,Need a lot of manpower、Material and time cost。 But there is a faster way now,That is the smart template built station,This method optimizes the steps of website production,Can greatly shorten the use of website construction。

three:The difference in customization and template production of website construction is still very large。 Customization can create website functions according to personalized needs,The template can use the ready -made module to quickly set up a website,Each has its own advantages,Each has its own scope of quotation。 Generally,Template production is cheaper than custom development。

website developer quotes

How much is the price of a website??How long does it need to do?

First,Website space,That is the virtual host,There is a general website100MBThe size is OK,Although there are free,But it is recommended to use charges,Guaranteed,Price100Earlier every year

second,domain name,This usecomJust domain name,About 60 yuan per year

(website developer quotes)third,Website program file,This is a bottomless hole,I suggest you learn to produce yourself,This will not cost money,If you ask someone to do,There are those from hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan。

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