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According to Reuters,AustralianNFT(non-fungible tokens)Start-up companiesImmutableRecently completed an investment led by Singapore's Temasek,Mirae Asset、ParaFi Capital、Declaration PartnersA new round of investment with Tencent2billion dollar financing,This round of financing values the company at25One hundred million U.S. dollars。exist2021in the last round of financing,ImmutableValuation4.1One hundred million U.S. dollars。

It is worth noting that,In a list of investment institutions,Tencent's name is on the list。This is also Tencent's first public investmentNFTrace track。

ImmutableDepend onRobbie FergusonandJames Fergusonbrother to2018year6month founded,Headquartered in Sydney, Australia,Focus on the development of blockchain games that allow players to truly own game assets。

ImmutabledevelopingNFTgame《Gods Unchained》and《Guild of Guardians》support throughNFTMotivate players,Use blockchain technology to build game communities and set incentive systems,This means that users canNFTmaintain ownership of digital assets within the community in the form of。

Immutablealso developedNFTtrading platformImmutable X,Solve gamers in creating and trading NFT Various core challenges facing assets,such as high transaction fees,High concurrency, etc.。according toImmutable XOfficial website introduction,Immutable Xcan process up to more than9000transaction。

Immutable XEfforts are being made to attract more partners to distribute on the networkNFTOr develop chain games,There are many companies that have reached cooperationTikTok、GameStopother big companies。last year10moon,TikTok and Immutable X Collaborate to release a setNFT,For content creators,record them inTikTok Milestone Moments on。

This year2moon,ImmutableAnnouncement with Global Gaming Offline RetailersGameStopreach cooperation,The two will jointly develop NFT trading platform,and launch 1 billion dollar gaming fund,used to support the Web 3 game development,Attract game developers and studio layoutsWeb 3。

In the U.S,based on blockchain technologyNFT、cryptocurrency、Web3The entrepreneurial track has become an investment boom,while in the country,As the regulatory policy is not yet clear,Large and small tech companies have not fully liberalized their investment in the field。

last year8moon,Launched by TencentNFTTrading Platform Magic Core,This is also Tencent's first attempt at self-researchNFTproduct。However, compared to foreign companies,Tencent is currentlyNFTField exploration is relatively conservative,Due to compliance requirements,Different from foreign mainstreamNFTIssuance based on public chain,The underlying blockchain technology of Tencent Magic Core is based on the alliance chain that Tencent participates in“to the letter chain”develop。

ImmutableAt the same time, it has a smart contract platform and popular blockchain game projects,is currentlyNFTOne of the main players on the track。since last year,Chain game projects are growing rapidly,According to decentralized applications(Dapp)data statistics companyToken Terminalstatistics,The hottest chain tour last yearAxie Infinity,in that year7moon15Daily revenue in tokens is more than820Ten thousand U.S. dollars,close6Moon King's Glory920Average daily income,Exceed6moonPUBG Mobileof710Average daily income。

A person close to Tencent executives told36krypton,Tencent now has almost no investment in ChinaToCVenture Project。As a technology giant that is good at incubating new businesses through investment,Tencent's choice may represent a certain direction,Mobile Internet innovation has come to an end,Web3may bring new possibilities,And in the domestic situation is not yet able to show their strength,Investing in foreign projects is a more practical option。

according to36Krypton understand,exist2021At the annual Tencent staff meeting,Tencent Vice President、WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong once said,Web 3may be a fake orgy,but in ChineseWeb 2What remains now is real disappointment。