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  • brand:Modern Producers
  • Place:California—Los Angeles
  • Founder:1people
  • Establishment time:2015year6moon
  • employee:2people(part time)
  • Monthly income:120000Dollar
  • Brief introduction:Music sound for music producers(melody)market,And establishes a loyal community composed of monthly subscribers。
  • one、Hello!who are you,What business are you engaged in?

    (website development boise)Hello!My name is Adrian·Pokler(Adrian Boeckeler),Born in Munich, Germany,Life and work in London, England15After -year,Move to Los Angeles to engage in music career。It isModern ProducersFounder and CEO,music producer。

    We are an e -commerce platform in the field of music,Provide music producers from drum group to melody,Preset library,Vocal library andVST(Virtual recording room technology)Waiting for sound and best tool——Products and software。There are thousands of products on the website,Just buy a small part of kit,Can satisfy99%Music production needs。

    company was founded on2015year,Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, California,exist2019year,Our annual sales exceeded110Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Monthly sells more than1Ten thousand orders,About one -third of them come from monthly subscription services,This year is still growing。

    website development boise

    two、What is your background story?How did you think of this idea?

    Obviously, it will help with the background of the music industry,This can help you understand what the industry trends are,What is demand,What are the requirements for other producers。therefore,initial,When I start my business like any entrepreneur,I start thinking about what I need?

    what can be confirmed is,Start found inModern ProducersBefore,I have entered the music production industry。

    then,I'mAnno Domini NationPerson in charge,We are an independent music production company,Dedicated for musicians,Advertisers and TV and movies provide online instrument music authorization,We areNBA,NFL,UFC,MTV,VH1,Fox,CBS,Adidas,Nike,BMW,Ford and many other companies make music。

    For many years,We have won many awards and honors,Including platinum authentication of album sales。

    Modern ProducersIt is my feedback from the music production community and establishing a fair competition between the emerging independent producers and the large industry participants,It enables everyone to get high -quality sounds and tools at a affordable price。

    I have worked in the music industry10for many years,Realized my personal goal,The biggest incentive to me today is to help other artists and music producers succeed。Now,The opportunity for music has never been as wide and inclusive as today,Music producers can also create their own business like entrepreneurs and succeed。in a certain sense,Modern ProducersIt is the inheritance of helping the music production industry。

    One of the secrets of the music industry is,Many popular songs are based on a few major producers using high -quality software presets and drums and musical instruments.。so,One of the most important factors to become a successful music producer is to get the latest voice。

    You can use these sounds to convert it into creative tracks。therefore,We want to passModern ProducersProvide the same sound quality products for music producers as the top peers。

    website development boise

    three、Describe,The process of starting this business

    initial,When we start this business,We notice a website that lacks high -quality products in the market and makes music producers affordable。These websites either provide cheap prices,Low quality products,Consumers are at a loss;Either only a small amount is very expensive,High-quality products,And these products can only meet a small part of the demand market。

    roll outModern ProducersDecision is more or less an experiment。We want to create a website that we can also buy and sell products ourselves,And provide everything we need。

    Then,We registered the domain name,useShopifyBuild an online sales store,And invite some music suppliers to provide us with music products,The first batch of music products is also what I like in nature,I think it is useful。Within a week,We have a normal operation website,The website to music producers through social media one -to -one marketing,A small amount of sales produced。

    As the business increases,We started looking for more suppliers to supply music products,We can better analyze market trends and understand sales situation。until today,We have also developed a small amount of music products inside,But most of the music products are outsourced to third -party music developers,Rhythm producer。

    This makes our business be simple and streamlined,Make me focus on marketing and sales work,Instead of spending time and energy in the development of music rhythm。Currently,I run a few different companies,Make them as important as possible and systematic as possible to me。

    We focus on providing a sales platform,Provide high -quality music products for music producers。We settle in operations in the form of commissions,Pay sales commission to partners every month。When you can build a successful business with others' products,There will be many suppliers looking for you to cooperate and sell products。In terms of sales,You only need to do better than them。

    (website development boise)Speaking of new businesses,First act immediately,Find the details in the future。Modern ProducersTo a large extent, it is a successful development experiment。As long as you put the customer in the center of decision -making,Establish a community composed of loyal users and has a sustainable development plan,So success is natural。

    certainly,Our success is not to be completed overnight,Like any new business,We have also learned a lot of lessons and adopted a new strategy all the way。E.g,Today, the main part of our business income comes from the subscription mode planThe Platinum Circle,This model has scalability,I should consider early。

    Four、Since its launch,What measures do you have to attract and retain customers?

    We regard the platform as a community,Through the competition,Gifts and special offers to establish credibility。E.g,We recently launched the name“Cook Up Contest”Series of activities,In it, a special product containing exclusive sounds and samples was created。Music producer download the product,Then use only the sound to create the work according to the requirements。finally,We choose the best creative work and awarded prizes,cash、Promotional package。

    Proof,This is very popular,It is a good way to interact with the community。It will cause a large number of users to participate,And increase the number of website access。

    We also try to pass emails andFacebook MessengerMarketing attracts the audience in social media。Facebook MessengerIt has been proved to be a very effective tool。Send to our subscriber's email will get10-15%Open rate and2-5%Clicks,We passFacebook MessengerThe opening rate of sending information is reached80-90%and10-20%Clicks。

    For us,We are providing insights,Useful and fascinating content,Not only using our marketing channels to promote sales。

    five、How do you live today,What will happen in the future?

    now,Good business development,We are growing almost every month,And there are many new ways,E.gFacebook MessengerandLaunch stacking,We are all exploring。

    in the past few years,Our company and our community develop rapidly,We are more than60,000Provide services for famous producers,Monthly sales exceeded$ 85,000,We operate in a very systematic way,Only a few part -time employees。

    future,We plan to jointly develop products with well -known manufacturers,And cooperate with other social media influencers,Develop our brand。

    website development boise

    six、What platform do you use in your business/tool?

    Our website is based onShopifyOnline sales store built on the platform,Although we have added more and more custom functions over the years。ShopifyStill entrepreneur、Merchants quickly carry out a great platform for new businesses,It has a large number of ready -made applications that can greatly simplify your business operations。

    My favorite application software includes for digital download and deliverySendOwl,Used to create addition and cross -sellingBoost SalesAnd countdownCountdown Timer Bar,Can increase urgent,Use the promotion to produce a sense of urgency。

    existShopifyOutside,We will still use itMailchimpEmail marketing,andClickFunnelsIt is used to create a subscription plan and product release。

    website development boise

    seven、for you,What affect your book,Podcast or other resources?

    The favorite is“DotcomCompany's secret”,Russell.Buren Written Book,This is not just about Internet marketing。Russell·Brunson(Russell Brunson)He is a continuous entrepreneur,State University in Boyi(Boise State University)When he founded his first online company。Less than a year after graduation,He has sold products and services worth more than one million US dollars valued at more than $ 1 million。

    Other parts《Eat the frog》,Explain21Method to defeat procrastination,Complete more tasks in a short time。

    《Profit first》Author Mike·Mihalovic(MIKE MICHALOWICZ)To him35Birthday,Founded and sold two companies worth millions of dollars。He devoted himself to studying and providing innovation throughout his life,Influential entrepreneurial strategy。Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world are using it to promote profit growth。

    Eight、Suggestions for other entrepreneurs who want to get started?

    If you already have a business idea,Then go directly。If you don't do this,Please see what you have appeared around you,Find out how to make it better,And try to sell it。

    Try to turn your business model to regular income。Regular income is one of the most important financial income in any business.,If you excessively rely on daily e -commerce sales,So your future plan is difficult to make。

    (website development boise)Want to learn to start your own business??Absorb and summarize the successful experience of everyone,Can let you take a lot of detours less。

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