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(top website development companies in the world)in the last century 90 s,open source operating system Linux when it appears,There are not many users who have the ability to install and use it by themselves。therefore,A big job of the early open source community and open source software vendors is to sell books to users,Provide initial technical support。such as based on Linux the kernel,A group of open source software vendors have developed different versions,Package it up for use by PCs and servers Linux distribution。This is the earliest commercial model of open source software.。

With the gradual expansion of the market share of open source software,Especially in the field of underlying basic software,Open source software gradually replaces traditional proprietary software,Foreign Internet companies are beginning to realize the importance of open source,Announced the implementation of the development strategy of embracing open source。at the same time,The core teams of some open source projects have also begun to explore commercialization around open source projects。Open source software market unleashes huge business potential。

The following areInventory of foreign companies actively participating in open sourceMainly introduces the company's historical origins with open source、What important events happened in the process of participating in open source、What projects have been open sourced, etc.。

Red Hat

Red Hat,i.e. Red Hat,It is one of the earliest enterprises to commercialize open source,its original retail Red Hat Linux distribution,that integrates some of the Linux Version,Plus self-developed installer package,On sale CD,Allows users to easily install Linux system。Red Hat Inc. 2019 Year was IBM The company spends money 340 billion dollar acquisition,The largest acquisition in open source history。

top website development companies in the world


SUSE also the earliest Linux one of the distros,born in 1992 year。S.u.S.E is German Software und System-Entwicklung acronym of,meaning is“Software and System Development”。SUSE exist 2003 Year was Novell Takeovers,2010 year Novell quilt The Attachmate Group acquisition,SUSE became an independent business unit,2014 years it was again Micro Focus Takeovers。in red hat IBM after the acquisition,SUSE Become the world's largest independent open source commercial company。

top website development companies in the world


Google The company is one of the largest contributors to open source software。in the past ten years,it created 2000 Multiple open source projects,The technical field covers the operating system、browser kernel、Front-end development、artificial intelligence、Programming languages and cloud-native infrastructure, etc.。

Major open source projects:Android kernel,Angular,Chromium,Kubernetes,Tensorflow、Go language, etc.。

top website development companies in the world


2001 year,then microsoft CEO of Steve Ballmer Said the famous anti-open source slogan:“From the perspective of intellectual property protection, Linux It's an incurable cancer。”and from 2014 new year CEO since taking office,Microsoft has open sourced its .NET important projects including,Launch free and open source Visual Studio Code,Fully support its products Linux Works across platforms,Join or participate in the establishment of various open source organizations, etc.。2016 year,Microsoft has become the company that contributes the most code to the open source community in the world。2018 year,Microsoft spends 75 0 million to acquire the world's largest code hosting platform GitHub,Further consolidate its position in the open source world。

Major open source projects:.NET、Visual Studio Code Wait

top website development companies in the world

(top website development companies in the world)IBM

As one of the largest information technology companies in the world,IBM already 1998 Actively Embrace Open Source。1998 year,IBM realize Linux This OS has huge potential,and on 1998 year 9 month started Linux plan。thereafter,IBM not only for Linux and open source technology to develop a market strategy,and also built IBM Linux Technology Center,and participated in promoting Linux Founding of the foundation。2019 year,IBM by 340 buys Red Hat for 0 million,Further expand its own open source industry ecology。

Major open source projects:OpenJ9

top website development companies in the world


Similar to Microsoft,Oracle was also once considered the largest open source software company“enemy”,It has been committed to promoting its own closed-source commercial software for a long time。2010 year,Oracle officially acquired SUN Microsystems,At the same time, it obtained an open source relational database MySQL and programming languages Java Ownership of Related Ecosystems。Under the trend of the global open source wave,Oracle is also maintaining to some extent today MySQL and Java Ecological open source and open governance。

Major open source projects:MySQL、openJDK

top website development companies in the world


Intel is Linux Platinum Member of the Foundation、OpenStack Platinum Member of the Foundation,also Apache foundation、GNOME foundation、Eclipse Foundation and the Open Data Center Alliance、Open Architecture Alliance、Important member of open source organizations such as the Open Virtualization Alliance,Too Linux、Chromium OS、OpenStack One of the largest contributors to many open source projects。

Major open source projects:BigDL、OpenVINO

top website development companies in the world

(top website development companies in the world)Pivotal

Pivotal company is EMC and VMware At 2013 New company established in 2018,Its positioning is a company that combines next-generation cloud computing and big data applications,It has an open source analytical database Greenplum、Java frame Spring。

Major open source projects:Greenplum、Spring family

top website development companies in the world

(top website development companies in the world)Facebook

(top website development companies in the world)As an Internet company with a market value approaching one trillion dollars,Facebook Always actively embrace open source。entire 2020 year,The company has contributed to more than 100 open source project repositories 700 indivual,Its open source projects cover developer tools、database、move/ Webdevelop、AI/Machine Learning and Blockchain, etc.。

(top website development companies in the world)Major open source projects:React Native、RocksDB、PyTorch Wait

top website development companies in the world


Netflix is the world's largest streaming media service provider,Its video website is built based on a large number of open source software。Enter the era of cloud computing,Netflix The company is open source for large cloud computing basic components,E.g Karyon、Eureka、Hystrix and Ribbon Wait。These technologies add elasticity and scalability to cloud applications,Better performance、Availability and operation of the operation。Netflix OSS Software AWS、IBM Waiting for cloud service manufacturers are widely used in their respective cloud services。

Main open source project:Hystrix、Atlas

top website development companies in the world


MongoDB The company's original name was 10gen,was founded in 2007 year,It is a family stored database around an open source file MongoDB Entrepreneurship business company。2009 year,Approaching2 Annual development,10gen Develop MongoDB Open it,Establish an open source community at the same time。The company passes free open source MongoDB Attract users,roll out MongoDB Commercial paid technical support、Database custody service、MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Waiting for charging products or services。2017 year,MongoDB Listed on the New York Stock Exchange,The current market value has reached 180 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Main open source project:MongoDB

top website development companies in the world


Elastic Originally based on open source search server project Elasticsearch Entrepreneurship business company。Elasticsearch Early commercialization is the same as many well -known open source projects,Using kernel open source、Expanded paid mode,That is, the basic function of the project is kept open source and free,And some models for subscribing to the expansion function specially customized for enterprises。2014 year,Only 18 A month Elasticsearch The company obtained 7000 Wan dollars financing。With a successful open source business model,Elastic Company in 2018 Smooth year IPO,Become a market value more than 50 A listed company of 100 million US dollars。

Main open source project:Elasticsearch、Logstash、Kibana

top website development companies in the world

Looking at the history of industry development,What has prompted some large factories to attitude towards the open source“evil”arrive“happiness”Change,What are the unique benefits of open source and what are the unique benefits of enterprises?Welcome everyone to express their opinions。

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