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Human Resources Consulting Company Robert Half up to datereleaseOne《2022 Annual salary guide》,It revealed some of the software developer positions with the highest salary in the United States;The data cited in the guide represents the whole country of the United States 50% arrive 75% The average salary range of job seekers。

The remuneration guide is based on Robert Half At 2021 Annual online survey,The interviewed people include small samples from all over the United States(20-249 Employee)、Medium(250-499 name)And large(500 Employees above the name)private、Leaders from listed companies and public sector organizations、Executives and employees。

website development roles

The specific position salary is as follows:

Cloud computing and software architect

2021 The highest annual salary is not C The level position is the cloud computing architect,Enterprises are looking for talented engineers to guide their digital transformation work。

  • cloud/Network architect:153,750-180,500 Dollar
  • App:150,500-180,250 Dollar

(website development roles)Software developers and engineers

In recent years,Software developers' positions surge,The demand for mobile and application developers is obvious;Their average salary is much higher than colleagues who are still working on large -scale machines。

  • Software and application manager:142,500-166,250 Dollar
  • Mobile application developers:137,250-163,750 Dollar
  • Senior Software Engineer:135,250-162,250 Dollar
  • software engineer:124,500-147,250 Dollar
  • software developer:122,250-142,750 Dollar
  • Developer/Programmer analyst:112,500-133,750 Dollar
  • Large console programmer:70,250-87,500 Dollar

Web Developer

Only Web The salary and standard software developer positions of the developers of the application are slightly different。


  • Advanced network developer:128,750-151,000 Dollar
  • Web Developer:111,000-131,500 Dollar
  • Front -end developer:93,250-107,750 Dollar

Devops engineer

along withWebsite reliability engineer(SRE)Rise,The average salary of this position began to soar;The average income of employees who master this skill is compared to them DevOps Functional departmentHigh colleague。However, the boundaries between these functions are not obvious,But for any cleverness DevOps Turn SRE For people,There are some obvious additional incentives。

  • Website reliability engineer:126,750-154,250 Dollar
  • DevOps engineer:125,750-149,000 Dollar

QA and testing

according to Robert Half The data,Test and QA The position is still one of the developers with the lowest income。

  • Testing/QA manager:106,500-124,000 Dollar
  • QA engineer,automation:92,500-108,750 Dollar
  • QA engineer,Manually:78,500-89,500 Dollar
  • QA Analyst/assistant:81,250-96,750 Dollar