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Zhitong FinanceAPPLearn,According to reports, people familiar with the matter said,American self -service construction platformSquarespaceIt will bypass traditionIPOprogram,It is planned to log in to the US stocks in a direct way this year。but,People familiar with the matter said,Plans, including time arrangements, may change。

SquarespaceAt3Monthly representation,A new round of contract has been completed3100 million US dollars financing,The company's valuation reaches100One hundred million U.S. dollars。The company1Monthly secret submission to listing application。

(website development company usa)It is reported that,SquarespaceIt is a website construction andSaaSContent management system provider,Provide website creation tools、Web storage service and blog platform,useSaaSOperating mode,Provide website creation and modification for individuals or enterprises、Blog service。The competitor of this startup isWix(WIX.US)andShopify(SHOP.US)。