website development cost in canada


first,We need to clarify the purpose of building a website,Whether to create a personal website or a corporate website,Personal website spends very little,The cost of corporate websites depending on the development stage of the enterprise and the industry,The functional design of the corresponding website will be different,The price will also be high and low。

(website development cost in canada)The following introduces some common expenses on website construction

1.Domain name fee

The first step of the construction website should buy the domain name,There are many types of domain names,for example:com、cn、netand many more,Different domain names will be different,Dozens to tens of thousands are available,The choice of domain name should be cautious,Because the domain name is conducive to later promotion and maintenance。

2.Server fee

After determining the domain name,Next we need to rent a stable server,The stability of the server directly affects the customer's access speed,The access speed of the website directly affects the user experience,The higher the server configuration,The higher the cost, the higher the cost。Therefore, the number of visits to the website should be estimated in the early stage,To configure the corresponding server

3.production cost

There are many types of website,Template、Traditional、Display、Marketing type, etc.,The template website is the cheapest,The function is more single。High requirements for the website、Multi -mesh function,You need to consider the custom website,The fixed production fee is relatively high。After the website design is complete,Only domain names and servers require annual renewal,General server+Domain name is probably1500Yuan/Around the year(Different from the server configuration,The price is high or low)。

(website development cost in canada)Construction website is mainly the above part,Professional website construction companies will have pre -sale and sale,For Xiaobai customers,The website construction company will also provide one -stop service,You can consult for free,Find your suitable website to build,Such a price discount,There will be few problems in the later period,Even if you encounter problems, it is easy to solve。

website development cost in canada