website development depreciation rate


  Whether your company is offline or online,It is important to build and maintain websites in the digital world。But how much does it cost to develop an enterprise website??on average,The cost of building a website is4k-1.2wabout,The monthly maintenance fee of the website is300-600/about。

(website development depreciation rate)website development depreciation rate

  What is the cost of developing enterprise websites

  A brand commercial website may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars。For example, the web design price of the brand site is on2000arrive7.5wLeft and right,The annual website maintenance fee is on600-3000between。But the specific construction cost depends on the size of the website、Functional design、Service configuration and other requirements。

  Enterprise website cost composition

  Whether you want to launch a new website or redesign the existing website,Your company needs to consider some web design and development costs,These costs are usually one -time expenses,This means that the cost of establishing a website is usually higher than the cost of maintaining the website,

  1.domain name:cost69/year。


  3.Cloud Server:cost600-6000/year。

  4.Website theme:cost300-1500/set。



website development depreciation rate

  How much is the marketing website for marketing

  Most SMEs' monthly marketing costs2500Yuan to12000Yuan,Mainly usedSEO、PPCWait。This price contains the price of multiple digital marketing services,But you can limit the number of digital marketing strategies to reduce marketing costs。E.g,If you focus onSeo,Notseoandppc,Then their cost will be lower,The corresponding effect will also be affected。