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website development firm tampa

Efficiency office platformAirtable(Pictures from the network)

Large -scale investment weekly report is「Jiacheng Business Review」Large domestic and foreign large -scale domestic and foreignTMTMerger、Financing incident,The latest investment information aims to provide the latest investment information in a timely manner、Market reference。

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Foreign financing

(website development firm tampa)Together this week119rise2000Overseas financing incidents of more than 10,000 US dollars,in:

The active industry is medical and health(21)、Corporate Services (26);

The active area is the United States(60)。

website development firm tampa

Colorado Gives DayIt is a US non -profit charity organization,Through the organization of online donations and donation days and other activities,Donation to local non -profit organizations,Provide help to the local community。

100 ThievesIs an American e -sports company,The main business includes professional e -sports、Trendy clothing design and production, etc.,The projects participating in its e -sports teams include:《League of legends》、《call-of-duty》、《Fort Night》、《Royal war》。Chinese e -sports playerCody SunIn which it is《League of legends》Team lineup。

Adendra Therapeutics It is a cellular immunotherapy research and developer,I hope to use the new solution of dendritic cell biology to develop a new type of immunotherapy。

(website development firm tampa)Northrop Grumman Corporation It is a US global aerospace and defense technology company。

NZXTA familyPCGame hardware research and development,Will continue to focus on PC Game players create seamless experience,Products include high quality PC Chassis、Cooler、Fan and accessories,Including the newly released Capsule microphone。

AviadoBio The mission is to develop and provide forehead dementia (FTD) Harbin atrophic side cable hardening (ALS) The transformation gene therapy of the disease to change the life of patients with neurodegenerative diseases。The company's technology is based on the pioneering research institution of King College of London and British dementia。

Glorify Depend on Ed Beccle and Henry Costa At 2020 All year -on -year,Provide an application rooted in faith,Provide a way to establish a daily habit of building a daily habit of building a connection with God around the world。

Pristyn CareIs a health care service provider,Using technology and a series of simple and powerful processes and operations to build an asset optical surgery ecosystem,Deliven to establish a platform that can organize the world of day care procedures。

(website development firm tampa)Quercis Pharma Is a biopharmaceutical company,Bring innovative and safe drugs to patients with orphans。Development channels for later clinical research are being promoted,The point is to prevent cancer patients VTE。also,Quercis Also targeting other diseases related to thrombosis incidents,For example, sickle cell disease (SCD)、Ebola and COVID-19。The company's main candidate drugs as an antiphantal drug,The risk of adverse events is significantly reduced compared to existing therapy。

(website development firm tampa)OncoMyx TherapeuticsIt is a research and development of a solution virus gene therapy,Deliven to the development of carrier virus technology,Treatment of cell disease。Development of mucus -based virus(MYXV)Platform -Pumulating immunotherapy,To coordinate immune response and cancer treatment。

(website development firm tampa)connectRN It is a nurse and assistant community based on nursing culture,The purpose is to obtain the community、Opportunities and support to improve the life of clinicians。Connect the nursing community with opportunities and opportunities,To establish a network of supporting and vigorous development。

FreenomeIt is a biotechnology service provider that created the most comprehensive multi -school platform for early cancer testing,By combining deep molecular biology knowledge with advanced computing biology and machine learning technology,From billions of cycles of free biomarkers,Identification of disease -related models。FreenomeSimple and accurate blood testing methods for early cancer testing and development,And plan to integrate this operating method into the medical system,To realize the feedback cycle between medical and computing science。

Aperion CareBeyond medical care,Provide personal care。Registered nurse、Follow -up nurse and certification assistance teams are every weather for each recovery、Provide services for long -term care and psychiatric care guests,From the moment of arrival to the discharge,Care is not just discharged from the hospital。

CerebralIt is a psychological health remote medical company in San Francisco, California。CerebralCEO and co -founder Kyle·Robertson(Kyle Robertson)lead,It is a mental health remote medical company,Provide high -quality drug management for anxiety and depression,Consultation and therapy。Registered10Within a minute,It will provide patients with mental health services through the first visit。

(website development firm tampa)Totus Medicines It is a supplier of chemical technology technology,By creating a covalent drug that changes life,Use revolutionary chemicals to create the treatment of changing life,To treat diseases that could not be cured in the entire human genome。The company is creating and screening molecules of each gene in the human genome,To achieve higher -level understanding and effective drug discovery。Combined with advanced cell analysis and large -scale machine learning,We can transform the large -scale revolution in genome sequencing into accurate、Drugs that are effective and changing life。

Trefoil TherapeuticsIs a private biopharmaceutical service provider,Deliven to the use of its engineering into a fibroblast growth factor-1protein(eFGF-1)Technical platform,For severe corneal endothelial diseases and first -class therapeutic drugs for the development of epithelial diseases。TrefoilThe main candidate product isTTHX1114,This is a kind ofFGF-1Engineering form。TTHX1114The purpose is to reverse vision loss by stimulating cell proliferation and migration。

Nomi Health Is a health company,The cost of health care for employers and patients aims to reduce employers and patients。Healthcare planning for medical testing and self -insurance,About200An temporary clinic or health center,About 2,500 Famous doctor and nurse,And seven laboratories。The company provides a platform through employers、county、Schools or other organizations registered using the product,Link the nursing providers of other clinics and hospitals with patients。

(website development firm tampa)METiS TherapeuticsIs a drug research and developmentAIPlatform research and developer,Focus on the development of a proprietary prediction artificial intelligence platform,Drug development and delivery and artificial intelligence、Machine learning and quantum simulation combination and redefine,Small molecule、RNACreate a powerful targeted delivery system with gene therapy,Divide to provide patients with clinical value services by exploring the unknown fields of artificial intelligence and new biology。

(website development firm tampa)NanoMosaic Provide early disease testing、Prognostic monitoring and biomarkers identification,All these can be used on a single device。

Resonetics Is a high -precision medical device manufacturer,Provide laser micro -processing contract manufacturing solutions and systems for life sciences and other high -precision areas。

Odyssey TherapeuticsIt is an American immunohistic disease treatment service provider,Based on machine learning technology,Provide users with treatment solutions for cancer and autoimmune diseases。

The Every Company It is designed for the global food and beverage industry、Market leader of manufacturing and preparation of animal protein -free animal protein。last year,The company and wealth 500 Strong component company Ingredion Cooperative launching a kind of animal gastricase。recent,It launched an egg protein without animal animals。11 moon,EVERY™ First retail debut,Announced with the leading national cold juice brand Pressed Establish a limited time partnership,Provide consumers with animal protein smoothies that are equivalent to nature。

Emergence Is a biopharmaceutical company,Deliven for a new type of cancer development with high degree of uncomfortable demand ADC Immunotherapy。

Exai BioIs the next -generation liquid biopsy company。Its mission is to build a cancer early,Accurate diagnosis,The world that is treated in a personalized and targeted manner and the final healing。The company's proprietaryRNAAnd artificial intelligence liquid biopsy platform provides clinical insights on cancer biology,To achieve the earliest,The most accurate cancer diagnosis。

Vifor Pharma Group(PredecessorGalenica Group)It is a pharmaceutical company focusing on kidney disease,Dedicated to research、Develop、Production and sales of your own pharmaceutical products,And it is the preferred partner for the patient's innovation solution。The company's goal is to become iron deficiency、Global leaders of kidney disease and heart and kidney therapy,And work hard to help patients with severe and chronic diseases around the world live better,Healthier life。

Silex MicrosystemsIs a microcomputer and electrical system provider。

(website development firm tampa)Blue OriginIt is an American fire arrow and its parts research and developer,The company's parts products include customized low temperature turbine pumps、BE-3Umodel、BE-4Engine, etc.,At the same time provide users with regular maintenance、Related services and technical support for tourism。

AcepodiaIs a biotechnology company,By flexible and comprehensive biological design methods to reshape the field of cell therapy,Mainly focusing on oncology。AcepodiaThe drug development platform aims to use chimeric antigen receptor technology and its uniqueACC(Antibody cell binding)Technology to enhance the affinity of the tumor of immune cells,This technology connects tumor targeting antibodies to the surface protein of immune cells。

JokrIt is a provider of instant groceries and retail distribution platforms headquartered in New York,There are all over the United States、Latin America and Europe。After the company is buying15Delivery orders within minutes,Including supermarkets and convenience products、Various products such as the exclusive products of medicine and ordinary supermarkets that cannot be provided by ordinary supermarkets。

TrueNorthIt is a US truck -to -end solution provider,Help them manage users,Find、Booking and coordinating load,Optimization route,Issue an invoice for the user and collect the payment,At the same time, it also provides a fleet card that can be used as a fuel card and debit card,And support satisfactionDOTSafety and other regulatory requirements。

OfloadIs a freight logistics transport service provider in Australia,The company focuses on through technical management,Help users deliver goods,Delive to improving the transportation efficiency of freight logistics。

Ayla NetworksIs an American Internet of Things in the United States(IoT)platform,The platform includes equipment、cloud、application、Analysis and machine learning functions,Divide to make consumer brand manufacturers(OEM)And Internet service provider(ISP)Be able to improve its business results through the Internet of Things solution,And accelerate its digital transformation。

Pocket FMUse free or subscribing mode to provide users with sound readings and broadcasts,Including classic books、Religious book、novel、Self -improvement、Education、music、There are many types such as stories,The current content is super110,000 hours,Support Hindi language、Tamir and Bangladesi3Language。

Hart DairyIt is a high -quality milk producer,Its milk uses the high -quality milk source of the exclusive pasture,Healthy and pure。

(website development firm tampa)Pet Circle Pet food is provided through the online store that is only subscribed to、drug、Accessories、Toys and snacks。

(website development firm tampa)TradeDepotIs a Nigerian fast consumer productSaaSplatform,It is a retailer and consumer brand in the existing marketB2Bplatform,Focus on orders and delivery services,Provide super local market path service,Save more suppliers25%Delivery logistics cost,And provide reliable product supply for several million small retail stores at the best price。

Link3DIt is an American manufacturing control system solution provider,To expand its additive manufacturing process,Will passIT、Hardware and software technology and softwareAPIConnect to achieve workflow automation,At the same time, a third -party enterprise system can integrate to the company's internal deployment platform、Private cloud or safe cloud。

ZepetoIt is a virtual social platform in South Korea,Provide users with a virtual image based on the real image,Users can use virtual images to take photos、Recording videos and social networking。

ButterflyMXA non -contact entry -level intercom is developing,The intercom can provide security through smartphones,Convenient and affordable property access。

SukiProvide a method for doctors,When the doctor only needs to be diagnosed with patients,speak loudly,You can record,No need to enter everything to the medical record system,Or complete handwriting record。Can make doctors more easily diagnose more patients。SukiDeliven to create the most convenient voice notes for doctors。

Rescale It is a technology company that provides intelligent computing full stack solutions,He is also the leader in the field of cloud computing。was founded in 2011 year,Located in San Francisco, USARescaleIt has developed into a globalized multinational enterprise,In Amsterdam、London、Japan、There are branches in South Korea and China。

ParadigmIt is a cryptocurrency institution -level transaction communication platform,For institutional traders, automatically conduct off -site transactions during chat。

TRM LabsIs an American encryption service provider,Relying on blockchain technology,Provide users with enterprise applications、Developer tool、Smart protocols and other products,Its Tonglin relationship management platform,Can help encrypted companies simplify anti -money laundering compliance processes。

StackedIt is a network platform that provides passive investment tools for retail investors who are interested in encryption。

MystenLabsDepend onFacebookEncryption departmentNovi ResearchSenior person founded,And will soon launch oneNFTplatform。

ParagonsDAOIs a chain tour community。

(website development firm tampa)Carwowwas founded in2010year,Headquartered in London, UK,Dedicated to“Make the car purchase process easier”。CarwowOriginally namedCarbuzz,As a new car evaluation and shopping guide website, it is launched,Mainly display the brief situation and score of each new car in the UK、Comments from experts and consumers、Statistical data、Photos and videos。

Ola Electric Mobility Pvt LtdIs an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer,Platform from IndiaOlasupport,OlaAt present, motorcycles and three -wheeled electric vehicles are being carried out nationwide,And build charging infrastructure and replaceable battery system。

(website development firm tampa)Robotic Research It has always been the leading supplier of autonomous and robot technology,To improve the safety of transportation and critical task operations、Effect and effectiveness。Robotic Research The height of the autonomous driving technology can be customized,Can be applied to various platforms——Trailer、Drone and bus,To heavy buses and full -size logistics trucks。

Battle MotorsIs a US truck service provider,forBattle Motors Engineered ChassisGarbage and recycling under the brand、Infrastructure maintenance、Ground support、A customized chassis and special vehicles provided by agriculture and oil and natural gas industries。

Flip.idIt is an Indonesian online payment software provider,Provide users with security、Free online transfer payment service,Including cross -bank transfer、Overseas transfer、Electronic wallet recharge and salary transfer, etc.。

IronScalesIs a kind ofSaaSsolution,Can train employees,Find,Avoid and reduce fish fork -type network fishing attacks。

(website development firm tampa)QuinioAt2020Year -on -year,It does not focus on specific categories,The purchase target is mainly annual income in10Permanent2000Middle -sized brands between 10,000 dollars。Its main acquisition and expansion areMercadoLibre、ShopifyOr the Latin American e -commerce brand sold on Amazon。

(website development firm tampa)ClarotyIt is an industrial network security service provider in the United States,Provide security defense for industrial networks for key infrastructure,Its platform can monitor and repair the vulnerabilities of the industrial control system,In addition, it can also automatically generate network security evaluation report。

Hummingbird RegTechAnti -money laundering in San Francisco, California, California (AML) Compliance technology provider。Hummingbird Provide two main products:Case management、Investigation and reporting platform;And used to verify and submit regulatory reports API。These products have reduced costs、Improved accuracy and realized the automation of financial compliance programs,At the same time, it has also promoted collaboration and technological progress。

IncodeIs an enterprise identity verification and certification platform,The company is a bank,Payment and retail industry provides safe biometric products。Its flagship kitIncode OmniIt is the end -to -end omni -channel identity platform,Can be seamless across multiple channels to attract and attract the next generation of consumers。

HeapBuild a powerful data modeling tool,As long as the company enters the data,About user demand insight、Visual charts of various dimensions such as behavioral habits will be displayed。

AnyscaleIs a distributed application development platform,The platform is based on the open source code framework,This framework enables software developers to simplify hardware decisions to easily write computational dense applications。

ServiceTrade Provide mobile and network applications to maintain enterprises,To provide more service calls and establish contact with customers。

Airtable 2013Founded in the United States,Provide an efficient office platform for enterprises and ordinary users,The platform allows users to store and manage various soft files in the database,At the same time, the platform also supports collaborative office,In order to improve user office efficiency。

ReveleerIt is a cloud -based platform in Glendale, California,Support for data -driven healthcare,The company uses machine learning and intelligent automation technology,Make a payment person in all business areas can control its quality improvement and risk adjustment plan。

Sensewas founded in2016year,Dedicated to providingSaaSService allows free workers to automate the communication during the work process,The employer can send information to the new employee via SMS or mail,Check the daily work process,Solid feedback, etc.。Analysts can gather feedback,Learn from the participation of the contractor in -depth,The subscription fee will be charged according to the number of active contract workers in a employer。

TorqProvide a singleless code platform for the security team,Used to connect with security infrastructure and communication tools,And automatically execute the workflow across these systems。By providing intelligent automation and data conversion in the intuitive visual interface,TorqCan help the security team speed up the threat response and repair,And provide protection at the speed of modern business。

CanopyIt is the easiest way to manage the tax work process of tax practitioners。Have a set of tax solutions that track customer history records,Can fill in automatically433-Aand433-BForms and other complicatedIRSsheet,And analyze the customer's payment plan Personal or business situation,Compromise,And it is currently an irregular state。

Embrace Software, Inc.It is a company located in Tanpa City, Florida,Acquisition and investment of niche vertical SaaS And internal deployment software,Embrace Find a company that provides industry -specific solutions in the Software of Ichigy's vertical market software in the United States and Canada。The company accelerates the existing growth of these companies,And invest in their business,In order to promote their real potential。

Smartling It is a language service and technology provider,Can help customers cross device and platform localized content。The company's solution enables the brand to enter the new market、More customers and greater value。

(website development firm tampa)Empresas Públicas de Medellín Provide public business service companies。

GitGuardian It is the first real -time,Automatic scanning open source project code platform。When the sensitive information is releasedGithub When an open source project,It will automatically remind users,For example, send emails to inform users。

(website development firm tampa)PentoIt's Denmark's compensationSaaSservice provider,Have a tax report、Pension report、Salary sheet、Payment of employees and tax authorities, and bookkeeping functions。

KasadaIt is an innovative corporate network security company,KasadaAlways leading the struggle with the robot,Adopted novel methods and cloud -based technology。Their productsKasada PolyformCan detect and reduce malicious traffic that other security platforms cannot stop.KasadaYou can stop automatic attack through any measures,So that their customers can provide fast,Seamless and secure online service。

MeramaIs a Mexican brand investment operator,Usually acquired a majority of equity,Allow the founder to retain ownership and continue to operate business,At the same time provide operating funds and operation support、Promotion and so on。

(website development firm tampa)GenesysAt1990Year -on -year,Its professional is big、Enterprises of small and medium -sized scale,Provide customer experience and customer contact center solution,Including cloud and self -built customer service platform software。GenesysHeadquartered in Dali, California, USA、And in Canada、South America、Europe、middle East、There are branches in Africa and Asia。

(website development firm tampa)OpontiaIt is the co -founderPhilip JohnstonandManfred MeyerAt2021year3Monthly founded,The company's current main business is to acquire small e -commerce brands in the Middle East and Africa and integrate marketing for it。OpontiaThere are teams in Dubai and Liade,Team members come from McKinsey、Amazon、、Namshi、andUber EatsEqual company。In the next few months,The company plans to be in Cairo、Istanbul and Lagos further expand their team。

SortedIt is a globalSaaSService provider,APIThe first technology is globally9Country/Regional to run an obstacle -free online checkout,Warehouse and transportation,Use the services provided by thousands of operator libraries。

hiSkyIt is the development of satellite Internet of Things(IoT)Israeli startups of networks and solutions。

EveredenIt is a brand of high -end infant and child washing products in the United States,Use plant alternatives to replace common chemicals and foaming agents,Mainly providing skin moisturizes for infants and young children、Shower Gel、Touch massage oil、Sunscreen and other products,Divide to solve the skin sensitive problem of infants and young children。

OtipyIs a community -based agricultural service social e -commerce platform,Consumers、Rebel dealers and farmers are associated,To bring fresh agricultural products to the doorstep,accomplish“From farm to dining table”One -stop function。Its parent companyCrofarmHeadquartered in Gulga,Aimed at building a technical supply chain,While providing support for farmers,Provide enterprises with efficient fresh agricultural products。

AgroStar was created on 2014 year,Located in Poina, India,Deliven to provide a mobile e -commerce platform for farmers。It provides farmers with real -time solutions through its technical platform,And cooperate with some countries with high economic development and multinational brands,Sell a series of high quality to farmers、Agricultural raw material with brand guarantee,Include seeds、Fertilizer and agricultural hardware products, etc.。

IntellihotIs an American energy -saving water heater developer,Mainly provide a can without a pot of water heater,includeiSeries and de -ion series products,Suitable for hotels、restaurant、stadium、Hospital、Family waiting。

RateGain He is the leader of hotel and tourism technology solution,Provide revenue management decision support、Tale intelligence、Seamless electronic distribution and brand participation,Help customers from all over the world simplify operations and sales。RateGain The global customer base includes leading tourism suppliers and intermediaries, including airlines、hotel、Cruise company、car rental company、Online travel agency、Travel agency and wholesalers。

EveryMundoIt is a US travel direct sales service provider,Mainly help airlines release products in direct and indirect channels,Guide the customer to the company website,No need to passGDSSystem or other toll channels。

(website development firm tampa)Ursa Major TechnologiesIs a nano satellite launch solution provider。Its advanced manufacturing process optimizes unique part creation。These engines 80% The above is made by using cutting -edge internal development materials and processes to make add materials。

MonzoIt is a British mobile phone bank,The company creates a current account,And reach cooperation with a series of suppliers,Create a smart platform that helps consumers manage their entire financial life。Deliven to help users solve the pain points of multi -platform operations。

Shieldpay Is the law、Market leaders of digital payment solutions in the financial and professional service industry,Provide multiple solutions,Including third -party management accounts、Custody、Payment agent and integration solution——All of these use our unique settlement engine and easy -to -use platform。ShieldpayIn addition to simplifying and strong verification inspections of all traders,Our digital platform also enables companies、Compliant operation。

SPG Group company is established in 2016 year,The original idea was to protect the car through a simplified digital hosting solution、Payment of high value points such as art and jewelry。arrive 2021 year,SPG And its two main assets Shieldpay ( and Paycast ( Customers and customers have spread all over the world,And take the lead in merging、Fundraising、B2B Trading with supply chain、Large industries such as real estate and market development based on condition -based payment。

SPGIt is a British fintech service provider,Delive to the field of payment,Its productsShieldpayDigital platforms used in the field of financial services,It aims to simplify payment and use automation to replace paper transactions,Also provide usersPaycastAllow users to custody funds between the buyers and sellers。

Cassini SystemsIs a British derivative deposit analysis platform,Owns an exchange trading derivative product automation tool,Can provide users with deposit、Mortgage and cost analysis service。

MendelIs a Mexican expense management platform provider,For enterprise users,Provide expenditure management tracking service,Can automatically extract and check the invoice fee,And formulate intelligent expenditure policies,It aims to help users save funds and reduce expenditure。

Kueski It is an online loan agency of the middle class of Mexico and Latin America。The company uses big data and advanced analysis to approve and deliver loans within a few minutes。Simple、Paper -free 24/7 Available,Kueski It is the most convenient borrowing platform that needs to be loaned immediately。The company has become the fastest development of similar platforms in the region,Thousands of loans have been issued。

(website development firm tampa)Tipalti was founded in2010year,It is a family that provides international payment servicesSaaSplatform,The platform can integrate multiple payment methods and in the case of compliance with local monetary control policies,Realize the rapid expenditure and settlement of funds。

HometapIt is a new loan alternative provider in Boston, Massachusetts,The loan replacement scheme can use investment funds to repay the credit card without sharing debt、Opening a business and buying a house,The company obtains profits from the agreed price or the percentage of the current evaluation value from the agreed price or the current evaluation value。

AgentSyncIt is an insurance tool and infrastructure service provider,Provide compliance with the insurance company and insurance agent, as the service platform,Provide license data and solutions to track insurance brokers。Focus on product development to build a new solution,So as to improve operating efficiency and reduce agents,Operator andMGACompliance risk,And expand business scale。

ClaraIt is the simplest business credit card and cost control platform that can be used for the company。

TeraWulfIt is a Bitcoin mining company in the United States,Based on its development、Professional technology of engineering and energy markets,Focus on mining and nuclear energy、Hydropower and solar -driven bitcoin。

EnfuceIs a financial service provider,Enfuce have 800 End -end user,And Masterda、Visa、Amazon network service and D-mat Waiting giant,Include the Danish Pleo The fintech in the field of fintech has cooperated after the rising star。

LydiaIs a French mobile payment platform,Provide users with friends、Payment service fees and online shopping payment functions,And do not collect procedures。User downloadApp,Use the mobile phone number to create an account,Then the affiliated bank card can conduct mobile payment anytime, anywhere。

(website development firm tampa)MambuIn addition to providing small credit services,It also provides loans from consumer loans to SME loans,even P2POrganization and new consumer bank products。

PleoIt is a smart payment card provider,PleoThe goal is to completely change the tedious business payment process,Make it easier、Fast、Safety and transparency,And save more people for operation。PleoThe business credit card provided can be available and its software、Mobile application combination,Automatic matching receipt,Real -time records of the company's expenses,At the same time also provides analysis and accounting software。

FinderIs an Australian financial information comparison website,Fintech business committed to digital assets,It has developed a comparative application based on cryptocurrencies,It can be associated with the user's bank account,And provide users with financial advice、Product recommendations and services such as cryptocurrency transactions。

Synergis Fund It is one of Australia's first batch of wholesale investment funds to transform the housing department of the disabled。

TymeBankIt is a South African Digital Bank,It is an investment company that is completely owned by black people and controlled in South Africa。It is a dedicated digital retail bank,It aims to provide all accessable and affordable banking business for South Africa,So that they can participate,Develop and benefit from the country's economy。

(website development firm tampa)MAJORITYIt is a digital financial service provider for immigration,MAJORITY The name is to bring financial inclusiveness to more people,It operates subscription service,Accept from individuals monthly 5 Dollar,And provide them with a series of financial services,Include one FDIC Insurance bank account,No need to deposit directly in advance。

ConnexPayFor travel and e -commerce providers, change payment acceptance and issuance,As a middleman。Real -time payment by sending links to the supplier,Provide customers with a revolutionary method of minimizing risks and reducing credit cards and debit cards to receive costs,ConnexPayCustomers do not need large credit or personal guarantee。

PlatziIs an online education institution。To70%The design of the teaching professor at the teaching professor、Marketing and programming course,All courses in the company are live and recording,The real -time relationship between students and industry leaders is the relationship between students and teachers。

(website development firm tampa)HalioIt is an advanced intelligent window manufacturer based on Hayward, California, California.,Smart windows for commercial and residential exterior walls and indoors have been developed and commercialized,These windows use the advancement of electrical discoloration technology,Use natural light to the greatest extent,At the same time reduce solar calories and glare。

(website development firm tampa)SynthesiaIs a video technology provider。Not only can it be able to localize content,And can also create and update existing videos。

(website development firm tampa)UniverseIs a website development and application,It allows developers to create websites at the least workload and fastest speed。

BizongIs an industrial materialB2BTrading platform,Provide enterprises:Box,Packet bag,Container and disposable food box,Raw material processing,Industrial materials such as disposable plastic and plastic raw materials。

True Fitof“Genome”on the platform,Each product will be posted100~200Description style、Features and technical specifications labels,therefore,Consumers can find the corresponding products according to their preferences,this“Genome”It can make consumers more free in the process of choosing products,Help retailers increase5%Net sales。

Everphone It is an online phone, as the service platform,supply B2B Smartphone and tablet rental services。

(website development firm tampa)LogDNAIt is a cloud -based log management system,Allow engineering anddevopsGathering all systems and application logs。

Celigois based oniPaaSCloud integrated platform,It allows the application to beITWork with business users。CeligoThe integrated model of cloud -based applications is redefined by the pre -constructed integration。

NanoRacksIt is a company that provides hardware services for international space stations,The company has a commercial outer space platform belonging to the International Space Station,Just pay relevant fees,You can send your own test products to space,Experience micro -gravity environment and space radiation,After that, return to the earth intact。

AdluminIt is a provider of US financial industry security and compliance automation platform,Assets1Dollars250The institution between 100 million dollars provides services。The company expects to improve its patent core bank security technology by using cloud applications and regulations to comply with solutions,Unlimited data scalability,So as to meet industry needs。

H1was founded in2017year,Headquarter“Great Apple City”New York,It is a data platform that connects medical care and life sciences and the company,The purpose is to help life science companies、Hospital、Establishing contact with suppliers of academic medical centers and health systems,Solve their clinical research、Pain points for positioning industry experts。

Liqid A name is builtLiqid MatrixArtificial intelligence -based software platform,The company uses the platform to manage its local data center resources more effectively。It is a rapidly growing participant in the rapid growth of combined infrastructure business。

VarjoIt's a FinlandVRHead -showing manufacturer,Focus on research and development enterprise -level virtual and augmented reality head wearing display,CanValveofSteamSystemic compatibility,This head is possess7000Universal pixel resolution,Combined with eye tracking technology,Can be lagging behind360Locking the position where the user is looking for,And only generate high -resolution images of this position。

Foreign merger acquisition

This week7rise1Acquisition and acquisitions of more than $ 100 million:

website development firm tampa

(website development firm tampa)

GeoGebraIs a mathematical teaching software developer。GeoGebra It is a dynamic mathematical software suitable for all education stages, It will be geometric、Algebra、sheet、Graphic、Statistics and calculus are collected in a software package that is easy to use. GeoGebra Is a fast expansion community, Have a number of users of millions, Almost distributed in each country. GeoGebra It has become a leading dynamic mathematical software provider in the field of teaching worldwide, Support science、technology、Engineering and mathematics (STEM) Education and innovation。

i–onceIt is a precision semiconductor component manufacturer,It has an important position in the field of production of high precision and high durability semiconductor components。IPONWEBIs an advertising technology platform in the UK,Focus on for the media owner、Agent and marketers build corporate solutions,At the same time, it also provides media trading infrastructure for the advertising technology industry,And in the process to provide services to marketers and media owners。

(website development firm tampa)Main OneIt is a leading supplier to provide innovative telecommunications services and network solutions for West African enterprises。CardiovalveIs an Israeli medical device supplier,Provides the valve and triral valve replacement valve of the independent development of the manual method,The mortality and incidence of surgical treatment schemes related to the incomplete indication of the two -pointed and three -pointed valve closing incomplete indications。

EUSA PharmaIs a British innovative drug research and developer,Focus on the treatment of oncology and rare diseases,Deliven to provide patients with a full range of innovative drugs。

Enable Midstream Partners, LpIt is the central point energy Co., Ltd.、OGEEnergy company andArcLightCapital partnership's affiliated subsidiary。The company's assets and business are divided into two parts:(i)Collection and processing,Mainly provides the collection of natural gas and crude oil for manufacturer customers、Treatment and hierarchical service。(ii)Transportation and storage,For natural gas manufacturers、Public institutional and industrial customers provide natural gas pipeline transportation and storage services。

Domestic financing

Together this week66rise1Financing events with more than 100 million yuan:

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Huadian Fu New Energy Co., Ltd.(The following abbreviation:Huadian Fuxin)It is the only diversified clean energy listed company under China Huadian Group Corporation。Huadian Fuxin owns including hydropower、wind power、Solar、distributed、Coal、A variety of power generation types such as nuclear power and biomass energy,Coal、The assets and projects of hydropower are all distributed in Fujian area,The rest of the other sectors such as wind power are mainly distributed in the country27Province、city、Autonomous region and European region。

Dongtong Real EstateIt is a real estate development and business service provider,Provide users with real estate development and operation、All kinds of engineering construction activities、Property management、Parking lot service、Service construction such as garden greening project。

Saddling(Avistone Pharmaceuticals)Focus on the research and development of anti -tumor innovation drugs,With rich drug research and development pipelines,Covering lung cancer、Multiple tumor treatment fields such as brain gum tumor。in,the company'sc-MetCandidates for targets are in the advanced clinical development stage,This year, I have obtained a breakthrough therapy issued by the China Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau。Simultaneously,The company's extensive product pipeline also includes inIA type of innovative drug candidate drugs in clinical research and clinical pre -clinical andINDMultiple self -developed candidate compounds at the stage。

Aiborikwas founded in2011year,It is a domestic life science tool leader brand,Especially in the field of reagent raw materials, there is a leading product research and development、Iteration and production capacity。The company has experienced technical accumulation since its establishment、a、Multiple development stages such as technology leadership,Now there is a leading domestic leader、The world's first -class continuous research and development capabilities and the most widely covered antibodies、Antigen and molecular enzyme product line。

China Communications Jianrong Leasing Co., Ltd.Is a comprehensive financial leasing service provider,The company is committed to giving full play to the advantages of production and integration,Mainly provide financial leasing for China Transportation Construction Group and various enterprises、Operating leasing、Comprehensive investment and financing services such as commercial factoring。

Shanghai FuxinIs a new energy project developer,The main operation of the National Convention and Exhibition Center(Shanghai)Energy station project。This project is the energy supply system for natural gas distributed hot and hot electric,Has clean and efficient、The advantage of green environmental protection。

(website development firm tampa)Jiangxi Zhen Mingming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.It is a modern pharmaceutical company mainly producing Chinese and Western medicine preparation products,More than forty varieties with eye drops。

Yiliejie Energy Co., Ltd.(Formerly known as Inner Mongolia Energy Energy Co., Ltd.),At1999year1The joint -stock company initiated by Yili Resources Group Co., Ltd. as the main initiator。Company in2000year07moon04The approval of the Nikkei China Securities Supervision and Administration Commission,Publicly issued and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange。

SenseTimeIt is a startup that focuses on the original technology of computer vision and deep learning,At present, it has begun to provide accurate face recognition technology to the outside world,And integrate face recognition、Dangerous product identification、Behavioral detection、Security monitoring system for vehicle detection and other security。It is affiliated to Beijing Shangtang Technology Development Co., Ltd.。

Hong Kong Hong TerminalIs a dock service provider,Provide comprehensive port logistics service。

Shenzhen Zhaochi Co., Ltd.It is a professional research and development、design、Production、National high -tech enterprises sold.The company now has LCD TVs、Digital set -top box、Four Series of Four Visks and Multimedia Audio、300Multiple models,Formed a relatively complete family audiovisual consumer electronic product system。

(website development firm tampa)Miner Real EstateA wholly -owned subsidiary of Mineral Beauty Real Estate,At2021year9Moon is established in China,Its sole purpose is to hold the land use right of the land and invest in development projects to invest in development projects、Develop、Management and management。The land is a number2021-WG-49Land,Located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China。The area of the land is about55,903Square meter,The plot ratio does not exceed2.0。The land is allowed to make residential development,The term of the grant is70year。

Digital GuangdongIt is a government affairs information construction operation service provider,Relying on Tencent and Unicom、telecommunications、Three mobile operators,It mainly provides content to public users and government -enterprise users、Services such as applications and solutions,At the same time, you can also provide industrial infrastructure,Include a network、IDC、Cloud computing, etc.。

(website development firm tampa)Hulunbuir Husheng Mining Co., Ltd.was founded in2004year4moon6day,Located in Hulunbuir is a coal mining merchant。There are business scope:coal mining、Sale、Electromechanical equipment and accessories、Material sales, etc.。

Selis Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd.The main business is intensive sales、Simple sales and the research and development、Production and sales。The company's main products are diagnostic reagents and consumables、In vitro diagnostic instrument and equipment。

LingoAceIs an online Chinese education service provider,LingoAceAt2017year8Monthly released the first version of the product,Mainly6~15The old Chinese learning crowd,Provide online one -to -one Chinese education。Currently,LingoAceThousands of active fees users,Renewal rate96.7%,Mainly distributed in Singapore、U.S.、Canada、Australia and Indonesia and other countries。

MurmurIs a sports social platform,Pass my mobile phoneAPP、Wearable intelligent hardware、Sports cloud platform and other Internet products aggregate campaigns、organize、place、Equipment and other related essence,So as to bring users a healthy and happy lifestyle and healthy body。2017At the beginning of the year,Guru enter the field of intelligent wearable,Smart running shoes were released one after another1.0、Smart walking shoes、Smart running shoes2.0、Smart movementBRAWaiting for smart shoes and clothing。

ZTEIt is a new energy intelligent micro -grid solution provider,Focus on solar photovoltaic、Green Cloud Computing、Biomass energy、Overseas palm and other fields,Provide users with technologies that can complement and collaborate with landscape water storage charging、Product production、Sales and trade、Engineering design and implementation、Energy management and optimization services。

Luoyang Haozhi Machinery Co., Ltd.was founded in2007year12moon,It is a high -tech enterprise with a professional R & D series wind power generation units using locking panel and other basic communication parts.。The current area of the factory area 108 mu,construction area 33000 Square meter,The company's environment is beautiful,Complete production equipment and testing equipment,Have a group of senior professional and technical personnel and skilled technical team。

Hope and Environmental ProtectionIt is a swimming pool cleaning robot R & D producer,Focus on the research and development of swimming pool cleaning machines and related subsidiaries。Mainly engaged in the research and development of smart swimming pool robot products、Production and sales,It is one of the few domestic swimming pools、Underground swimming pool、High -tech enterprises of private and public swimming pools full series of clean robot products。The company's products are exported exported to Europe、North America and Australia and other developed countries and regions,Received the continuous recognition of the majority of end users。

Niu Chin SemiconductorIt is a high -tech semiconductor integrated circuit designer,Focus on providing high -quality chip localizationIPProducts and related services。The company is centered on customer,Focus on autonomy,Strive to become the world's leadingIPsupplier。The company in the mainstream advanced process layoutSerDes、DDRWait for mid -to -high -end interfaceIP,Products are widely used in5GCommunicate、AICalculate、Wisdom terminal、Network exchange、Base station chip、cloud computing、server、Storage and other fields,Cumulative service customers exceed more than100Family。Niu Xin semiconductor and five majorFoundryFactory cooperation,With autonomous and controllable core technology,Multiple patents have been applied for。

ALVA Systemswas founded in2011year,At the beginning of the establishment,The company has always focused on the development of heterogeneous computing application,The entire line of products based on heterogeneous computing architecture design,in,ALVA SystemsIndependent research and developmentARThe engine can support from image recognition、Plane identification、Model recognition to regional recognition technology cross -domain。Currently,The company has accumulated a rich experience in the design experience of software and hardware design and a strong underlying development team,have40Item software copyright and14Xiang invention patent。

Zhejiang Zhiyi Technology Co., Ltd.Deliven to the development of high -performance distributed timing databaseDolphinDB,DolphinDBIntegrate functional programming language and flow data analysis system,Quick storage for massive structured data、Retrieval、Analysis and calculation provides a one -stop solution,In the field of large -scale data processing and analysis, it has the world's leading performance level,It is particularly suitable for quantitative finance and the Internet of Things fields to store massive data storage、Query and analyze the scenes with high requirements。DolphinDBCurrently on the professional database ranking websiteDB-EnginesThe mid -ranion of the timing database ranking12Position,For domestic timing database first。

NOWWANorva CoffeeThe first cafe was opened in Shanghai。As a chain coffee brand,Exceed1000Home store,Service covers China Near20Cities。That“Pony”Product series popular multiple social platforms。Users can pass the applet、Beautiful group、Hungry Mo?、Products such as tea and baking,You can also buy retail products such as cold -brew coffee liquid at Tmall flagship store。

BioxinIt is an international biotechnology company that focuses on clinical stage,Unexpected clinical needs of the world,Focus on disease resistance、relapse、Three major problems in residue,Divide to develop a new generation of innovative antibody drugs,Steady to promote its innovative antibody drug pipelines through independent innovation and cooperation development。currently progressingBest in class、First in classThe antibody research and development pipeline exceeds10strip,Including double resistance and new generationADC(Antibody puppet drugs)Wait。

Simple psychological networkIt is a network platform that focuses on psychological counseling services,On the one hand, help people better find a psychological counselor who suits them;On the other hand, helping psychological counselors exchange psychological experience。Products of Beijing Zhuma Technology Co., Ltd.。

Wenfu XintiandiIs a real estate developer,Provide users with real estate development、House rental operation、Second -hand housing sales agent、Commodity housing sales agent、Property management、Advertising Design、Make、acting、Release and wait for services。

(website development firm tampa)Anhui Huamao Group Co., Ltd.It has cotton、Spin、Weave、printing and dyeing、Large -scale enterprise groups of clothing and clothing retail textiles and clothing full industry chain。Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd. is a listed company controlled by the Group(Stock code:000850)。Huamao is currently produced“Take the wind”CardNe5-600High -end yarn5.510,000 tons、“Silver wave”Card120-360Cm width and high -grade gray cloth fabric10000More than 10,000 meters。Barward yarn and gray cloth products are all won“Chinese prestigious product”、“National user satisfaction products”Equal title。

Suzhou Gaoxin Furui Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.It is a Chinese and foreign joint -funded financial leasing company。The company formulates financial leasing solutions according to the needs of enterprises,Optimize the capital structure。Service mainly includes direct rental services、Rental service、Operating rental services and manufacturer rental services, etc.。

Chuangxin HuilianIs a communication chip supplier,Focus on the research and development of integrated circuits in the field of communication、Design and application。Chuangxin Huilian5GChip products are core,Product cover5GSmall foundation chip、Simulation baseband and radio frequency chip、Communicate/IoT chip、MCUControl chip, etc.;Chip design experience in general markets and industry markets with independent intellectual property rights,Mass production experience with mainstream chip processes,Practical practice experience from chip products to large -scale commercial practices with professional operations from chip products。

Frequent Morgewas founded in 2016 year,Dedicated to the independent research and development of boutique games、Issuing operation and operation IP Build。At present, the company's main products are mobile games《High -efficiency》、《Warring States Period》。The heart of the heart light gathers a group of vitality、Dare to pursue、The top talent in the industry with the dream of the game,At present, there are three R & D studios under the heart of heart light:Reflection fox studio、Cat Opera Studio、Trigabon studio,The core members are the top elites in the industry,Have mature project cooperation experience。

Ajan gene,As the leader of the integrated solution of accurate diagnosis and treatment,TomNGS+PCRWaiting for multi -platform advantages and core technologies,Especially the powerful letter analysis system and the ability of clinical medical reports,A positive detection rate is higher than the industry average10High -quality detection level at a percentage point,And fast response efficiency and good clinical service reputation。

Changxin Shengzhiwas founded in2015year,It is a dedicated to photoelectric chip、Photoelectric module、High -speed active optical cable(AOC)Internet and other products research and development、Production、Sales high -tech enterprise,Products and solutions are mainly used for ultra -high -definition videos、Virtual Reality、medical system、Machine vision、Data centers and other fields,Products entering multiple overseas well -known large customer supply chains。The company has independent research and development of photoelectric conversion chips, Consumer -grade special optical fiber and other core technical advantages,Forms a complete source of light and cable product industry chain,A perfect combination of light and electricity,Has a strong design、Research and development、Manufacturing and marketing competitiveness。

PickuppIt is a rapid developmentB2C,C2CLogistics technology platform,Provide the most efficient merchants with delivery needs,The most dynamic,The lowest cost solution。PickuppProvide on demand,4Hour,Delivery service of door -to -door。

Jiangxi De SippIs a nylon fiber producer。The scope of business is synthetic fiber manufacturing,Synthetic fiber sales,New Material Technology Research and Development,New material technology promotion service,Synthetic material manufacturing,Synthetic material sales,Fabric textile processing,Needle textile sales, etc.。

Tianyu XinshiIs a chemical supplies service provider,Deliven to provide users with alkalinity、Polyvinyl chloride、High -boiled、hydrochloric acid、Sodium hypochlorite、Liquid chlorine、Production and sales of food additives。

Zhoushan Huatai Petroleum Co., Ltd.was founded in2004-05-31,The company mainly operates fuel oil storage、wholesale,Lubricant and other chemical products。

Chengdu Lingling Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.It is the first batch of enterprises to incubate the incubation of the scientific and technological achievements of Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University,It is a national high -tech enterprise specializing in innovative drug research and industrialization、National Small and Medium Science and Technology Enterprises。R & D pipeline covers tumors(Actual tumor and hematoma)、Autoimmune disease、Innovative drugs such as cytokine storm caused by new coronary virus pneumonia。

(website development firm tampa)Selis Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd.The main business is intensive sales、Simple sales and the research and development、Production and sales。The company's main products are diagnostic reagents and consumables、In vitro diagnostic instrument and equipment。

Suzhou Aikang Optoelectronics TechnologyIt is an electrical machinery and equipment manufacturer。Business covering research、Develop、Production of solar batteries and solar battery components,Sales self -produced products, etc.。

Zhejiang Jianxin Power Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,It is a pharmaceutical research and development and pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise dedicated to tumor innovation drugs and generic drugs.。

Shenzhen Mo Debao Technology Co., Ltd.,was founded in2012year5moon21day,It is a high -tech enterprise engaged in modern manufacturing services industry,Provide technical support and services for the transformation and upgrading of the processing industry。The company's main mold and machinery processing industryCAD/CAE/CAM/CAPP/PDM/MESOne -stop solution,Cover project management、Intelligent design、Intelligent process、Automatic programming、Intelligent manufacturing、Automatically measure、A number of businesses such as automatic processing,Provide an overall solution for the automatic robotic production line for the mold and machinery processing industry,Really achieve a one -stop service of intelligent manufacturing,Create a mechanical and equipment smart factory for you。

Jiangsu Nenghua Micro Electronicswas founded in2010year,Focus on the research and development and production of nitride materials,It is currently the only domestic one in China that can develop nitrogen -nitrogen outer extension films independently、Semiconductor enterprises of power devices and radio frequency devices,Products include silicon -based nitride outer outer slices(EPI)、Silicon nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen outer extension tablets(EPI)、Nitrogen nitride power field effect tube(HEMT)、Nitrogen -nitride Frequent Formula Field Effect Tube、GaNFast charge power module design, etc.,Full process through semiconductor manufacturing。

Hanwei polymerIs a plastic film manufacturer,The main business scope is plastic film manufacturing、Research and development;Polymer Materials、nanomaterials、Graphene material research and development;Cargo or technology import and export。

Star Heavenly Heaven(Beijing)Data Technology Co., Ltd.(XSKY Beijing Data Technology Corporation Limited)It is an infrastructure focusing on software definition infrastructure(Software Defined Infrastructure)Business Chinese Information Technology Enterprise。Provide customers with high performance and high reliability data storage solutions,And as a promoter of open source storage technology to give back to the community。

Nebula BrandsIt is the first domestic nameVC、PEAnd the Amazon brand acquisition group funded by the bank,By acquiring AmazonPrivate-labelbrand,And funds、Professional operation、Technical and data support to maintain high -speed growth。

Shangyue TechnologyIt is a corporate digital procurement solution provider,Smart procurement Zhongtai、purchaseSaaSApplication and supporting services,Help annual revenue10Be up to millions1000Highly customers of 100 million customers quickly build an exclusive Internet procurement platform,Realize the purchase of corporate procurement to online、Transparent、Digital transformation,Improve efficiency,Reduce purchasing costs。

Xiamen celadon digital technology Co., Ltd.It is a well -known mobile game developer and publisher in China,The aim of providing content for Mainland and overseas players with fascinating content and unique and unique game experience。The company's game is particularly age30Welcome to the younger generation of the year or below。The company as a Chinese leisure game(Especially placing games)andRogue-like RPGLeading enterprise,Developed、Publish and operate a variety of popular games。

(website development firm tampa)Hecheng Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd.Mainly engaged in survey design、Engineering Management、Test detection、Comprehensive management、Five major industrial sectors of engineering new materials,Service objects are mainly concentrated on highways、bridge、tunnel、Municipality、Housing construction、water transport、Civil engineering fields such as urban rails。The main product is engineering management、Test detection、Survey design、Comprehensive management、New material。

Donggang Wind PowerIt is a wind power service provider,Deliven in the field of wind power generation,Investment and construction of Donggang, Yingcheng, Hubei Province97MWWind power project,Entering the connection of the typhoon。

Jitong ArchitectureIt is an underground building maintenance and maintenance service provider,High -tech enterprises committed to underground building maintenance and maintenance,For the subway、tunnel、Urban pipe gallery、Underground business、Safe construction and post -maintenance of underground space such as underground parking lots and other large infrastructure、Maintenance provides a one -stop solution。

Oriental environmentIt is an environmental equipment research and developer,Special engaged in smoke、VOCConsultation of governance and secondary energy sources、Plan、Govern,Mainly engaged in boiler、metallurgy、Petrochemical、Cement and other industries contain sulfides、Nitrogen oxides、Environmental protection projects such as evaporation such as organic matter such as organic matter(Containing ultra -low emissions)Technology development、system design、consultation service;Including various flue gas desulfurization projects、Nitrometer and dust removal project;Wet dust removalWESP、Low -temperature heat exchange(MGGH)Design with low temperature dust removal、Production and service;Procurement of environmental engineering equipment、Manufacturing and complete set、installment and debugging。

Hefei Xinyihua Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd.The business is mainly pan -semiconductor industry robots、Service robot、The research and development of smart factories solutions、Production and service,Its products have filled a number of technology gaps in the field of domestic pan -semiconductor industry robots,It is a milestone for China's intelligent manufacturing。

Xiamen Yuntian Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in2018year7moon,The company is committed to5GRF device packaging integration technology,The main business mainly includes the filter wafer -level three -dimensional packaging,High -frequency millimeter wave chip integration,RF module integration,IPDDesign and manufacturing of passive device,as well asBumping/WLCSP/TGVtechnology,Provide customers with product collaborative design、Full -process research and development solutions and services from craftsmanship to batch production。

(website development firm tampa)Neighbor technologyIt is the first domestic business map database supplier to fully independent intellectual property rights,Provide association mining of multi -source heterogeneous data、Deep chain query、Visualization analysis and industry map intelligent computing application services。We have an expert in returnee big data、Data scientist、Professor of Zhejiang University、Thousands of experts in Zhejiang Province and doctoral doctors at home and abroad、The high -precision R & D team composed of a master's degree,In high efficiency data storage、Massive parallel data processing、artificial intelligence、There are many world -leading technical reserves in the fields of map intelligence and other fields。The company has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights,Filled in the data storage of my country in graphic data、Gels in the field of processing and application,Its technical achievements world leader。

(website development firm tampa)Zhejiang Aikang OptoelectronicsIt is a photovoltaic device and component manufacturer,Main photovoltaic equipment and component manufacturing;Photovoltaic equipment and component sales;Metal material manufacturing;Metal material sales。

Haidong Ping Anyi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd.was founded in2016year,The company's main operation:Performance agency;Tourism business;Accommodation service;The second type of value -added telecommunications business;Song and dance entertainment activity;Bar service;Operating performance;Catering Services;Food production;Food Internet Sales;Food workshop operation;Food sales;Wine production。

Ruiyi informationIt is a family、Small、Micro -Enterprise Mobile Internet Product Marketing、Operations and R & D technology -based enterprises,It is Tongding Connected Information Co., Ltd.(Stock code:002491)Holding subsidiary。The company is committed to providing mobile Internet marketing solutions and system development services for SMEs,Especially at SME mobile phone self -service construction stations、I have achieved certain results in Internet marketing promotion and other aspects。Compared with other mobile Internet companies,The company focuses on the operation of its own products,And have its own strong sales channels。

Hubei Green Tungsten Resource Circulation Co., Ltd.was founded in2011year,The company's main operation:Waste hard alloy products、Abandon tungsten、molybdenum、Bleak、The cycle utilization of rare metal products and the manufacturing and sales of related tungsten products,Waste hard alloy products and tungsten、molybdenum、Bleak、回 The recovery and sales of waste materials,Scrap materials and import and export of recycling products。

Everbright TechnologyHaving top scientific research、Engineering and consultant team,It is currently the only domestic can be designed independently and produced a memory -based resistor(ReRAM)of“Existing searches”Supplier of computing power chips,Create a solution to the existing technology for the field of data center and autonomous driving.。

Jiangxi Jiuling New Energy Co., Ltd.It is a company that masters lithium carbonate and selects the whole industry chain,Mainly manufacture lithium carbonate,Meet the needs of new energy vehicles for batteries。

Fu Rui ZhixingIt is a subsidiary of Fosun,Provide technology companies with smart transportation system solutions and operation services。Specific business includes autonomous driving,Car road collaboration,Key sensor sensor,chip,Smart traffic operation service, etc.。The company's industry+Investment double -wheel drive,product+Operation Coordinated Development,To realize smart transportation to the smart city The mission of a better life。Now in Shanghai, China、Establishing offices and R & D centers in Munich, Germany。

Anhui WorldIt is a high -purity solvent provider,Use proprietary purification and filling technology,Provide usersHPLCAcetylene、acetone、Waterless ethanol、Methanol、Taitol、High -purity solvents such as cyclohexane。

FLIPOSThe customer -oriented customers are mainly new consumer brands based on offline channels,Mainly provide customers with integrated digital solutions,Including online and offline integrationiPadCashier system、Small program point order/Delivery and mall、CRMMember management、Marketing component of WeChat ecological chain、Omni -channel aggregation takeaway service、Investment deposit management system。

Jing Chong International Animal Medical Institution Co., Ltd.I have a member since the opening8000Thousand people,Tens of thousands of successful cure cases。Hospital has international high -end diagnosis and treatment equipment,Excellent veterinarian medical team,All aspects to ensure the medical level and the health of pets。Company adheres to“Choose a pet,Commit life”Brand philosophy,The purpose is to provide one -stop service for your pet。

Hongye SemiconductorIt is an integrated circuit technology provider,Technical services in the field of integrated circuit technology、Semiconductor split device sales、Sales of semiconductor device dedicated equipment, etc.。

Domestic merger

Together this week4rise1M & A incidents of more than 100 million yuan:

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Wuhai Fulu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.Is a real estate development company。Wuhai Fuliang,The purchased land is located in the East of Harmony Road, Haibo Bay District, Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region、Junzheng Street North,It will only be used for commercial purposes,The total area6527Square meter,The total construction area of the ground and mine building on it3.91Ten thousand square meters,Start from the ground23Floor office building and3Composition,The first floor is an auxiliary facility,Construction2019Annual completion,Property10Valuation at the end of the month2.11100 million yuan。Wuhai is rich in comprehensive total assets at the end of last year155210,000 yuan。

Tianxiang PropertyIs a comprehensive property service provider,The main business includes order maintenance、Environmental cleaning、Engineering maintenance、Greening、User service、Dining management、disinfect、Target Guard,Deliven to providing users with related property management services。

Foshan RakaIs a new material technology promotional,Provide users with new material technology promotion and synthetic fiber manufacturing、Bio -based material manufacturing、Synthetic material manufacturing(Without dangerous chemicals)Wait。The business scope is manufactured by the finished textile products for industrial textiles;Fabric textile processing;Synthetic material sales;Industrial textile manufacturing finished product sales;Synthetic fiber sales;Needle textile and raw material sales;Bio -based material sales。

Shandong Ekwie Biotechnology Co., Ltd.Focus on the research and development of molecular biology products in clinical biomedical and laboratory、High -tech enterprises that promote and serve。Since its establishment,The company has always adhered to“Create customer value”Service concept,Provide users with overall technical solution for laboratory。The company's core business is development、Promote the ownership of independent intellectual property rights、High -tech molecular diagnostic products and detection systems applied to the field of human life and health。