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「Wolf is here」!Google also wants to join the solar power generation industry?

I am still hesitant to use solar power in my own home?Try first Google New products launched recently Sunroof Bar!

Sunroof Yes Google A newly launched small tool to help users judge whether their roof is suitable for installing solar facilities,When the user sets the geographical location of his home,It can calculate some data for users to help users judge whether solar power is used in their own home。

Its working principle is to use high -resolution space surveying and mapping equipment(Also applied Google Earth superior),First of all, how many sunlight will be on the designated roof within theoretically in theory,Then according to the local situation,Consider the orientation of the roof、The shadow of nearby buildings and trees and local climate conditions,Calculate more accurate for users「Available solar energy」。

What is more intimate is,Sunroof In the calculation of the year「Available solar energy」after,It also provides several data for user reference:Including the space that can be installed on the roof to install solar panels、And the funds that can be saved for users after installation, etc.,In this way, the thorough design user does not have to work hard to climb the roof in person,And just order a few mouse at home,You can consider whether you should install a solar energy on your own roof。besides,If the user has decided to install solar devices,Sunroof It will also provide users with the most cost -effective purchase suggestions according to the actual situation,Tell you exactly what you go to rent、Is it a loan to buy、Still should buy it directly;and Sunroof It will also list local solar product suppliers for your reference,Real「Train services」。

website development fresno ca

(website development fresno ca)This delicate tool comes from Google Company engineer Carl Elkin Ideas。This joining Google Engineers in the past three years are called「Solar(solar energy geek)」,He has a soft spot for solar love 2011 I have installed solar cell panels in my own home year,From 2012 Since the beginning of the year, he voluntarily participated in the solar project of the Massachusetts Cleaning Energy Center。He uses his working time 20%(Google The company encourages employees to use working hours 20% Go to daily work、I am interested、Right Google The company's help project)、Completed such a small project from interest。exist Elkin Seem,People do not realize that solar energy can save a lot of money for them,「from their perspective,『Solar energy is very good for the environment,it's great,But it will cost me a lot of money』,but in fact,Compared with general electricity pathways,Solar energy can save you a lot of money」。

And this project is also obtained Google Company's strong support,Although this tool is currently only in Boston in the United States、San Francisco Bay Area and Fresno in central California provide services,but Google The company has intended to promote this service to all cities in the United States in the future、Even the whole world。In fact,This seemingly novel product is just Google The company's recent attempt on promoting solar applications。already 2007 year,Google In the headquarters of Silicon Valley Mang Ting Weiyu, the world's largest enterprise in the world use solar power generation equipment,The output power is about 1.7MW,And after a few years, it has been improved to the contract 1.9MW。Such a large -scale solar power generation can be the highest Google save 30% Power consumption。Based on Carl Elkin Discovered in your own blog,Google Already invested Elon Musk Founded、Doing roof solar equipment SolarCity company,And help Africa's largest solar power plant to operate in funding,And decide to use solar power as much as possible in its new park。

website development fresno ca

on the other hand,Apart from Google In addition to the layout of new energy,The launch of this new product is obviously also inseparable from the demand of the US Emperor's people。according to Google Display,Whether the U.S. people can install solar energy for their roofs、How much solar panels should be installed and how much solar energy can save them is very interested in how much they can save them.。therefore,Google Company in Carl Elkin Above,Combine Google Earth The technology has developed this new product。

(website development fresno ca)But for the special national conditions of our country,if Google Be Sunroof If you lay out to China,I'm afraid I have to take another thought。After all, my country is different from relative「Land and wide people」The United States,Most people live in high -rise buildings,Promote solar power generation in such a building environment,I'm afraid it's not just something that users can determine,It also needs the government、Multiple games between architects and users。but no matter,Google A big step has been on the way to promote clean energy,Can domestic Internet companies keep up in this regard,We wait and see。

(website development fresno ca)This article refers to Business Insider,Venture Beat,QuartzEqual information,Pictures from the Internet。