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Only less than the annual meeting of the European Heart Society1sky!

Except for the four major guidelines、20itemHot Lineoutside,What are the highlights?

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Daily highlight


07:00 -07:45

Sudden death:From prevention to early intervention!

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(website development gaithersburg md)08:30 -09:15

influenza、COVID-19、Vaccine vaccination and cardiovascular risk

08:30 -09:15

Consider the treatment and diagnosis strategy of chronic coronary syndrome:European and Japanese views



Diabetes and cardiovascular disease:The huge challenges faced in the future

09:30 -10:15

(website development gaithersburg md)First -level prevention in the Asia -Pacific region

11:00 -11:45

New method of treating heart failure



Treatment intervention of structural heart disease and risk of sudden cardiac death

08:30 -09:15

Prediction of sudden heart source death:DNA Testing、ECG and imaging


Adult congenital heart disease:Status and future issues

(website development gaithersburg md)09:30 -10:15

Global perspective of structural heart disease


Management of heart failure of special groups



Advocated perineal disease and survey of sudden death of adolescents


Management of risk factors for the elderly


Sudden death of Asia

09:30 -10:15

Myocardial adaptation and adaptation of the heart of the heart

11:00 -11:45

First -level prevention guide:Comparison of Chinese Heart Diseases and European Heart Diseases

ESCNaming lecture

Christian Torp-Pedersen(Olburg,Denmark)

ESC Geoffrey Rose Population Science Lecture:Broadly population epidemiology,OK、Bad and ugly

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Christian Torp-PedersenEngage in clinical trials and clinical epidemiological work 30 year。in the past25mid-year,Mainly use Danish national registration to explore extensive clinical issues。Pay special attention to cardiovascular problems,Help the formulation of a number of cardiovascular medical guidelines。

Christi Deaton(British Cambridge)

(website development gaithersburg md)ESC Florence Nightingale Nurse leading research lecture:A multi -disciplinary method to diagnose and manage the heart failure of the retention of ejection scores

(website development gaithersburg md)Christi DeatonIt is a nursing professor at Cambridge University and Cambridge University Hospital。She was deeply attracted by the nursing of patients with cardiovascular disease,Then use it as a focus of life。DeatonProfessor's research focuses on heart failure retained by ejection scores (HFpEF) Patient's diagnosis and management,Heart failure and exercise and sports treatment of patients with long -term diseases,Persist in physical exercise,Prevent cardiovascular disease,And medical services led by nurse or therapist。

Aldo Pietro Maggioni(Milan, Italy)

(website development gaithersburg md)ESC Rene Laennec Clinical Cardiology Lecture:Why do we need a large -scale clinical network。

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Aldo Pietro MaggioniIt is Florence Italian Hospital Cardiology Association (ANMCO) Director of the Research Center。Once60A number of clinical trial guidance and data monitoring committees in the field of cardiovascular and metabolism,Yes 500Author of many peer review papers,Be in accordance withThomson Reuters/Clarivate Be included in the past16year(2003-2019 year)List of High Cither Researchers。

Cindy Grines(Atlanta)

ESC Andreas Gruntzig Intervention of heart disease lectures:Primary PCI History

(website development gaithersburg md)Cindy Grines Doctorate is a cardiovascular certification physician who is cardiovascular disease and intervene in cardiology,Be Northside Chief Scientific Officer of Hospital Cardiovascular Research Institute。Grines Dr.'s clinical interest includes intervention in heart disease、Complex and high -risk coronary artery intervention therapy and women's ischemia heart disease。She is one of the most outstanding heart disease experts in the United States,And conduct a number of clinical trials,It has completely changed the care of patients with global heart disease。

John Maraganore (American Cambridge)

ESC Paul Hugenholtz Innovative lecture:RNAi therapy,A new type of innovative drugs。

John Maraganore DoctorateAlnylamCEO and Director of CEO,The company will receive the Nobel PrizeRNA interference (RNAi) Translate into a new type of innovative drugs。

Joseph Hill (Dallas, the United States)

(website development gaithersburg md)ESC William Harvey Basic Science Lecture:HFpEF:disease、Model、Inflammation mechanism。

HillThe focus of research is the molecular mechanism of the disease stress stressive myocardial muscle。His research team is committed to deciphering the structure of heart disease、Features、Metabolism and electrical reconstruction mechanism,And focus on the treatment intervention。He is the chairman of the Academic Committee of the American Cardiology Society,I have won the International Society of Heart Research2018Annual Research Achievement Award and McGill University2020Nian Lu Xi'an Award。Currently,He isCirculationEditor -in -chief,He is currently focusing on general heart disease、Heart failure and hypertension。

2021yearESCGold medal

Renu Virmani(Gasburg, the United States)

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(website development gaithersburg md)Renu Virmani, MD, FACC It is a well -known internationally renowned cardiology scientist,It is recognized as a leading researcher in the field of cardiovascular disease treatment。Virmani The doctor published at the scientific conference around the world800Multiple lectures。She wrote or closed in the journal of her peer review800Multiple articles,Covering atherosclerosis、Leafy plaques、Smedos and other cardiovascular diseases。

Nilesh J Samani(British Leicester)

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Samanipublished540Many original papers,Quote number exceeds78,000 Second-rate,hindex (Scopus) for124。2014-2018 Years,be listed inThomson ReutersList of High Cither Researchers。Simultaneously,He also leads、Hosted and participated in many countries and international research alliances,includeEURHYPGEN (PI)、Cardiogenics (Co-PI)、CARDIoGRAMPlusC4D (Chair)、WTCCC (co-I)、ENGAGE and BIOSTAT-CHF (WP Lead) 。

Akira Endo(Tokyo, Japan)

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1988 year 3 moon:ToreyScience and technology award(Japan)

2000 year 5 moon:Volon·Alfart Award(U.S.)

2006 year 4 moon:Japan Ptize(Japan)

2006 year 11 moon:Massry prize(U.S.) )

2008 year 9 moon:Lasker~Debakey Clinical Medicine Research Award

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