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Earlier years,The mobile Internet market in the Middle East is domestic industry For companies that go to sea,Seems to be inferior to Europe, America and East South Asia。But in the past few or two,this22Arab country gradually Pay attention to,High10RMB $ 100 million in the game market and mobile The overwhelming advantage of the end device,Add the cultivation of the host platform,Make It has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world。 YeahMobiThis time it brings about the Middle East Mobile Internet market Comprehensive interpretation,It aims to help companies that intend to enter the Middle East market Doing a good job in the industry,Can be targeted。

Global Mobile Internet Market Data Revelation Series Summary(Update every week):

website development in jordan

first part……………………Cultural background in the Middle East

the second part…………………Mobile advertising environment in the Middle East

the third part………Mobile Internet market data in the Middle East

(website development in jordan)Cultural background in the Middle East

The Middle East as the most concentrated area in Arab countries,Conventional laws and religious customs(Religious law)Often closely connected。For a long time Research on the Middle East,First of all, we must correct two previous ideas: The Middle East is not as imagined by many people,the Internet、The mobile Internet develops very slowly,on the other hand,Some countries and some areas Domaining some evaluation indicators and even ahead of many Western European Europe、American country; Arab country in the Middle East,Actually not to resist、be opposed to“network”itself,But the Internet、The content brought by the mobile Internet。 In summary:Users in the Middle East hope to get services and content that meet their environment and ideas

(website development in jordan)Mobile Advertising Market in the Middle East

(website development in jordan)2014Digital advertising expenditure in the Middle East in the Year20.44One hundred million U.S. dollars,2015Digital advertising expenditure in the Middle East is expected25Millions of dollars Around。 2014In the year9About dollars,2015year,Estimation of mobile advertising expenditure growth rate in the Middle East for59%,15In the year of the Middle East, the advertising expenditure scale is estimated to be14One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Basic situation of mobile Internet in the Middle East (P.E.S.T.analyze)

As the penetration rate of smartphones in the Middle East market increases and matures,More and more mobile advertisers are looking for mobile traffic in the Middle East。 Move in the Middle East ChinaWebThere are a certain number of development companies,The number of mobile applications is still small。The number of mobile game development companies Low,Mainly console games(PS3、XboxWait)Mainly for development。

website development in jordan

From the perspective,Israel、Egypt、UAE、Saudi、Jordan Mobile Development Company is more active。the Middle East,Especially the United Arab Chief、Saudi e -commerce is more developed,Good online shopping habits。 From the perspective of global mobile network distribution,Although the network in the Middle East region has developed rapidly in recent years,Many countries have vigorously promoted3G,even 4GThe internet,But compared with developed countries,There is still a big gap。

Political. For the mobile Internet industry(Including ads、Game),There are no clear relevant legal or regulatory policies in the Middle East, but,It also means that everything may be prohibited or at any time.。It's hard to predict which of which is allowed,What are prohibited。 Supervision agency includes:Religious institution、Government departments、public。 Content for mobile advertising、design、typesetting;For mobile games game scene、Character style;Specifications for the use of mobile applications, Pay attention to,Prevent advertising、Is there a spirit of Islamicism in the game、Violence against Islamic doctrine、Materialism and pornographic content。 Avoid game stories from incompatible with local culture,And the problem of game character clothing may cause sensitive reactions in several countries, etc.。 Mobile advertising in the Middle East country(Design native ads、Dynamic creative advertisement)Some matters that should be paid attention to: Color aspect:White,grey,Coffee,brown、Dark blue and red colors are popular。Favorite green,Gold and silver The color of pearls and treasures also appreciates very much。For example, Egyptians have deep feelings for green and white,Black、blue、Yellow is taboo。An United The chiefs love brown、Navy blue,Taboo pink、yellow、Purple。Oman like green。 Digital aspect:like“3”“5”“7”“9”number。think“5”Numbs will bring people“auspicious”,think“7”Number is a respected complete number Character。 Emotional:Any bizarre thing、Any immature thing is not allowed to advertise in Arab countries。Do not allow cars Driving too fast or leap、The lens of crawling or piercing water。Things with sexual and romantic colors are also absolutely prohibited in a broad sense。poison、 Dangerous goods、liquor、Tobacco and alcoholic beverages,Nor can I advertise。 Aspect:Taboo use pigs or approximation of pigs,Or the image related to pigs as an advertisement,You cannot use the cross pattern and shape, Not to mention the hexagonal star。Because it is similar to Israel's national flag pattern。Cigarette、lighter、drug、chocolate、sugar、panda、number These controversial commodity advertisements,Usually in Arab countries, they are also prohibited。

Economic. For the Middle East,It can be described as rich in the Middle East and the Middle East。UAE、Saudi、Cartel、Kuwait、Israel and other regions have strong financial resources,people allGDPVery high。Israel is the most powerful in the Middle East、modernization、The highest economic development country,Belongs to developed countries。Wealthy country The average payment ability of mobile users can be strong,Whether it is game payment or e -commerce payment。

Social. The proportion of men and women in the Middle East is1:1.4,Female population is much higher than men。25The population under the age of age occupies about approximately70%,65A big population over the age Contract4.1%。Among them, Egypt is the country with the most population in the Middle East,And Egypt's birth rate is very high。Israel has the highest average education year in the Middle East and West Asia。24%Israel's labor population has a university degree,This makes Israel the third degree of education in industrial countries High country,Several only to the United States and the Netherlands。12%The population has a degree or above of university。 Young users in the Middle East are on the Internet、cell phone、Advanced sedan and so on are more obsessed,Dating on the Internet,chat,play games;Such as: Facebook 、Twitter、Whatsapp、Online GamesThey are all their longest patron。The main websites used in the Middle East still isyahoo , msn ,google International websites such as,The largest local Arabic website is:Maktoob

Technological. With the Internet of the Middle East, the Internet、Mobile Internet、Required technology,High support and promotion of the physical environment,Interconnection in this area Number of network users1.5About 100 million,The popularization rate of mobile technical services has been greatly improved,Now the popularization rate of many Arab countries has exceeded the rate 100%。2012For the past year,Internet penetration rate in the Middle East has increased2000%。

Egypt It is the largest and most active telecommunications market in the Middle East,Predict2015year3GThe net will cover Egypt85%Resident。Egypt's network cover The cover is not very good,Only in some cafes、Only in the restaurantwifi,Basic charges of hotel networks。

IranwifiThe coverage rate is still low,There will be high -end hotels and other placeswifi,Slow network speed,The mobile phone signal is not very good。Iranian broadband penetration rate is 31.6%,The most common way of surfing the Internet isADSL,Share1300Iranian useADSLSurf the Internet。

(website development in jordan)Oman Dialing users still occupy the mainstream of Internet users,butADSLUsers grow faster。

Saudi At the beginning of the development of the Internet,Mainly adopt dial -up Internet access methods,But with the emergence of new technologies,In recent yearsISDNBroadband technology has also entered Enter the Saudi Arabia,Although the Internet fee has fallen sharply,But compared with other Arab countries in the Gulf,The cost is still high。Saudi Internet Basics Giving。E -commerce is developing rapidly,Near the level of developed countries。

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