website development languages


What language is good for development websites?Generally when building a website,Few people will ask what language is built,Only a few people will designate what language will use,The editor of Xingcheng's vision believes that you can choose the language that suits you or you are good at.,Next, Xiaobian analyzes the differences in these languages。

1、ASP:It is a background script language developed by Microsoft。Rapid development、Easy to get started、High efficiency isASPThe advantages,But in hidden safety hazards,ASPThe hidden dangers are the biggest in the four languages,Secondly, the limitations of the platform are also limitedASPdevelopment of。

2、NET:Equivalent toASPUpgrade version,Provide a new programming model structure,Can generate applications with better expansion and stability,And provide better security protection。But because it is Microsoft's product,Then the platform has restrictions。And the link to the database is complicated。

3、PHP:It is one of the mainstream website development languages,PHPThe source code is fully disclosed,Continuous new function library to join,And keep updating,MakePHPNo matterUNIXEitherWINThe platforms can have more new features。It provides rich functions,Make better resources in programming。Platform irrelevant and securityPHPbiggest advantage。Of course there are some small shortcomings,But as the most widely used background language,PHPThe advantages are still in the disadvantage。

4、JSP:JSPThe technical platform and server are independent of each other,samePHPThe same is the source code of openness。JSPIt has been a very mature program language so far,Integrated data source ability,Easy to maintain,Can effectively prevent these advantages such as system collapse。undoubtedlyJSPIt is the best and strongest in four languages,But because of its strength, it determines the technical nature of its use,So it is not the first choice for ordinary corporate websites to do site language。

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website development languages

website development languages