website development minneapolis


(website development minneapolis)

1. AppMachine (iOS, Android)

AppMachineprovided20Multiple application design templates,Users can also design themselvesDIY。Its main feature is to provide users with rich functional components,Users can choose to add including news、LBS、social media、Photograph、Multiple integrated contents such as cameras。also,AppMachineIt also provides a function of statistical analysis,For trackingAppDownload situation、User position and user useApptime。

2. Appmakr (iOS, Windows Phone, Android)

AppMakrIt is a service that allows you to create an application within a few minutes。The production and application are completely free,79Dollar/Monthly can block the ads in the application。There are also some features to choose from,Including connecting the website to your application、Social sharing function、HTML5Features、Push notification and advertising support。passAppMakrAccount,You can create an unlimited number of applications。

3. Apppark Application park (iOS, Android)

Application park(apppark)It is the earliest self -service type in ChinaAPPOne of the online development platform。Users do not need to understand any programming technology、UItechnology,Everyone can develop onlineAPP,easy to use,No technical threshold。

By using the application park,APPThe producer only needs to pass onlineDIYMethod to complete the phoneAPPApplication development。There are more function controls,Such as pictures、text、video、RSS、product、map、Post it、High -level information、Shop aggregation、Advanced form and so on。However, the application park has launched a free version and andVIPVersion,Some senior control functions are only rightVIPopen。

4. BuildAnApp (iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry)

BuildAnApp,This company's innovation and unique company from MinnepolisDIVdesign,Users only need6You can complete the creation and design of an application in one step。

by usingBuildAnApp,Users can choose the required development environment according to their needs,And can write it at a time,Run everywhere。besides,Users can also view it through the browserBuildAnAppCreated mobile application。

5. Good Barber (iOS, Android)

GoodBarberProvide buildiPhoneandAndroidApplication platform,And allow users to control individuals without modifying a line of code at allAppEvery detail。Start using it to choose nine high -definition gorgeous user design templates,Provided350Planting beautiful icons and exceeding600kindGoogleFont。