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share:Indonesian/Indonesian language/Indonesian foreign trade company website construction production planning plan!

Republic of Indonesia(Indonesian language:Republik Indonesia,English:Republic of Indonesia),Abbreviated Indonesia(Indonesia)。It is Southeast Asian countries,The capital is Jaca。With Papua New Guinea、East Timor and Malaysia and other countries are connected。Dependent17508Island composition,It is the largest islands in the world,The territory spans Asia and Oceania,nickname“Thousand Island Country”,It is also a country where there are many volcanoes and earthquakes。The large area of islands are Kalimantan Island、Sumatrara、Irian Island、Sulawesi and Java Island。

(website development packages india)13—14A strong empire in Java、16At the end of the century, it became a Dutch colony。1942Occupied by Japan。1945Independence,1950year8Monthly established the Republic。

Indonesia's population is near2.62100 million(2019year),Second only to China、India、U.S.,Fourth。Indonesia is one of the founding countries of the Southeast Asian National Alliance,It is also the largest economy in Southeast Asia and20National Group member country,Aerospace technology is strong。Petroleum resources can achieve net exports,Indonesia used to be a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(1962~2009year),Recently joining the organization。

(website development packages india)For companies in the country in China,The role of online marketing is more important,But how many small and medium -sized enterprises that launch Indonesian foreign trade in China really understand the marketing of Indonesian foreign trade websites??Some companies think that the promotion of Indonesian website is to add a language version,Simply translate Chinese website into Indonesian language,You can carry out foreign trade marketing promotion?

actually not,Indonesian website design Sinicization,Not in line with Indonesia users browsing habits,As a result, it is difficult for Indonesian customers to find the information they want and browse the habits.;At the same time, I also ignored the local customer habits of Indonesia,Ignoring the tools commonly used by buyers such as local well -known websites and yellow pages。Therefore,Except for Indonesian, it is manifested,It must also meet the reading habits of Indonesian users,This is necessary。

Economic globalization is an important trend in the development of today's era,How to use the Internet to collect global information and data streams using the Internet,Implement service improvement,Expand the global business scope,Get more global user resources,Foreign trade brand website construction is the best choice for enterprises。

So,How does company companies do a good Indonesian language/Indonesian language/Indonesian Foreign Trade Website Construction Production and Development Planning Plan?What questions and things need to be understood?Next,ITThe founder of the studio Wang Qing'er himself based on the senior Internet experience experience of the Internet,Talk to you about experience and sharing in this area,Hope to help everyone。

one、Analysis of the site:The preparations that they need to do before the construction of the Indonesian website!

Analysis before the establishment of the station1:Understand what is the positioning of Indonesian foreign trade website construction?That is the purpose of building a station?

Analysis before the establishment of the station2:Understand the mother tongue of the network user population in the target country、Online habit、What is the way to think?

Analysis before the establishment of the station3:Understand what color of the main color of the Indonesian website interface design?Whether to combine corporate culture elements andVIColor?How can we highlight the international brand strength of the enterprise?How can we integrate international creativity and style?How to show the characteristic visual experience?

Analysis before the establishment of the station4:The first screen of the homepage is placed3-4RotationBANNERThe picture is still relaxing the screen dynamic video display?

Analysis before the establishment of the station5:To understand what columns need to be deployed by the Indonesian website of the Indonesian website?(The second point in this article will be specifically mentioned)

Analysis before the establishment of the station6:Learn how much is the number of major Indonesian foreign trade competition websites in the same industry?

Analysis before the establishment of the station7:Learn about the content and included content of the major Indonesian foreign trade competition websites in the same industry?

(website development packages india)Analysis before the establishment of the station8:Learn how much the number of external links of the major Indonesian foreign trade competition websites in the same industry is?

Analysis before the establishment of the station9:Understand what paid promotion did the main Indonesian foreign trade competition websites in the same industry do?

Write these first,Of course except the above written,There are more or less factors that need to be considered,Everyone can continue to dig deeper。

two、Planning:Clarify the Indonesian language website architecture column!

Share an Indonesian language here/Indonesian company corporate website construction and production commonly used structural column,Wang Qing'er remind everyone to pay attention here:This website structure is only used for reference,Please increase or decrease the company according to their own actual situation。

(1)about us(Tentang kami):Used to introduce the history of the enterprise、culture、Information display of the background,Can increase the content section of the column:Company Profile(Profil perusahaan)、Organizational structure(Struktur organisasi)、company culture(Budaya perusahaan)、development path(Sejarah perkembangan)、Qualification(Kehormatan kualifikasi)、Service guarantee(Jaminan layanan)Wait;

(2)news(Berita):Used to release corporate dynamics(Berita Perusahaan)、Industry news(Berita industri)、Industry knowledge(Pengetahuan industri)、Media report(Laporan media)Wait for information;

(3)Product center(Pusat produk):Used for product centersA(Pusat produk A)、Product centerB(Pusat produk B)、Product centerC(Pusat produk C)、Product centerD(Pusat produk D)Wulin product display,Graphic;

(4)solution(Solusi):For introductionAindustry(Industri A)、Bindustry(Industri B)、Cindustry(Industri C)、Dindustry(Industri D)Plan information display;

(website development packages india)(5)success case(Kisah sukses):For publishingAIndustry case(Kasus industri A)、BIndustry case(Kasus industri B)、CIndustry case(Kasus industri C)、DIndustry case(Kasus industri D)Equation information display;

(6)marketing network(Jaringan pemasaran):Used to introduce information display such as global distribution maps;

(7)Partner(Mitra):Used to introduce important partners information display,Available partnerLOGOIcon display;

(8)Talent recruitment(Rekrutmen):Used to introduce talent recruitment information display;

(9)Online message(Pesan online):Used to collect user online complaints、Information feedback, etc.;

(10)contact us(Hubungi kami):Fully display the company's contact information、Map line and other information;

(website development packages india)(11)Sitemap(Peta situs):Provide the most convenient navigation service,Arrive the service you want with one click。

three、Indonesian foreign trade company corporate website interface design style:

Enterprises belong to Indonesian foreign trade company corporate website platform platformVI/CISystem -based,Based on different visitor browsing habits as the standard。Pursuing forms of a somewhere、practical,Browse habits in line with the company's industry users,Highlight functionality and practicality。

Four、Indonesian foreign trade company corporate website front -end development analysis:

Indonesian foreign trade company corporate website currently uses the current mainstream on the current mainstreamHTML5+CSS3Front -end development technology,Also is only developmentPCend?Still use adaptive technology to be compatible with the mobile phone and tablet computers?Or you need to develop your mobile phone separately?Do you need to add a certain one?H5Web interactive element?You only need to add some simple mouse sliding effect?Are there any other supplements?

Wang Qing'er's discussion here:If the company's website focuses on the development cost and efficiency,Then the construction of adaptive websites is a good choice。In addition,Especially the details in the user experience are more optimized,So developing the mobile phone alone is a good choice。

five、Indonesian foreign trade company corporate website development analysis:

What are the mainstream programming languages to develop in the background of Indonesian foreign trade companies' corporate websites to develop?Php?Java?Python?

See if these background function modules are needed?

Company overview background function module、News information background function module、Video release background function module、Graphic information release background function module、Reservation registration background function module、Search function management module、Administrator background function module、Friendly link background function module

Wang Qing'er remind everyone here:The background function development module planning of this Indonesian foreign trade company's corporate website is for reference only,Enterprises can increase or decrease appropriately according to their own actual situation。

(website development packages india)The above is the content of the article shared by Wang Qing'er,Since I have been engaged in website design and production for seven or eight years,So naturally know the importance of corporate website construction for Internet marketing development。Since you are here,After reading the article I shared,That is a fate,It is also an indescribable fate。If you say bad,Welcome to shoot bricks and finger corrections,There are any questions about the construction of the station,You can communicate with Wang Qing'er,Though7year,But don't forget your original intention,I have always believed that the harder I work, the more lucky this is,And I also like to make friends from all walks of life,thanks!

If you are still interested,You can find an article I wrote before《Wang Qing'er:How much does it cost to be a corporate website??》,Let you reduce the chance of being fooled by the website construction company,Let you have a clearer understanding of the building industry。

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