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website development portland or

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(website development portland or)For Google developersAlex RusselFor,Improve webpage application is not just one of his duties,It is a kind of personal belief。

Since last year,RussellI have been advocating the use of new types of web applications to replace those applications downloaded from the app store。He applies these new web pages as it is“Progressive Web App”(This term is byRussellPartner web designerFrances BerrimanThose who came up with him)And I have been talking and convening developers in the blog post to accept this application。

On the persistence of webpage applications,RussellNot alone。About ten years ago,A faction composed of technical experts began to advocate that web pages can also provideappGeneral use experience。Steve JobsInitiallyiPhoneThe software thinks so too,Google began to apply this concept toChrome OSamong。To know,Chrome OSAt first it was just a computing platform with no other features except the web browser。Web application symbolizes a positive worldview,That is the high wall that users can get rid of the application store,And developers do not need to re -develop their own software for six platforms。

website development portland or

In recent years,This optimistic idea begins to disappear gradually,This is because of native applications(Native AppIt is a smartphone -based original operating system such asiOS、Android、WPAnd use native programs to write and run third -party applications)Already easily surpassed the web application——This is not only reflected in market share,It is also reflected in the speed they delivered to users。Developers are annoyed by the application store model,And there is no need to contact consumers without the need for the application without an intermediate person.,The low friction brought by the open webpage can benefit developers。at the same time,The new web technology can be fast、Multifunctional application provides platform。

What is the webpage application?

At first glance,Progressive Web AppsNo different from any other website。You can access through the web browser,Then you can use it,Seeing some browser components that I usually see——Address Bar、Label、Retry keys。

But as the information disclosed by its name,These websites can become a similar application experience after a period of time。first,Called“service worker”New technology,They can store some elements locally on the device。This can make some applications run without Internet access。But more importantly,When the Internet connection is slow,It can be like native applications,Reduce loading time。

“Every time you watch cat photos or sloth videos on the webpage,It will assume that the network connection exists。Native applications will not be like this。”RussellSay so,“To make the screen display things,Native applications need to cache a large number of user interface locally and connect to the network to obtain new data。”

website development portland or

Local storage data is just the first step in this process。If the user continues to access the same webpage,Then this requires another step——Ask if you are willing to receive a push notice。It may provide an icon on the main screen,Just like a native application。After clicking the icon,BrowserChromeIt may not appear at all。at this time,Basically you are using applications,Instead of visiting the webpage。

The purpose behind the idea is to make the webpage application attract users often(Not occasionally)The tool or experience used。Russellexpress:“HaveProgressive Web App,You will see that we start to use web pages more frequently。now,The influence of the webpage is still great。”

Pursuing better web applications is not only academic。RussellexpressProgressive Web AppThere is also your own advantage in the real world,Because they do not need to prove their value to users in advance。We are all used to visitingYelpOr when you browse other news sources randomly, you will see some annoying message boxes,This prompts us to install their native applications instead of loading the mobile webpage。Most of us will ignore this,This is because we don't want to interrupt what we are doing in order to download an application we don't know yet。Progressive Web AppAt least there is a chance to please these people at the beginning。

“You will encounter less resistance。”RussellSay so,“I think this is the focus。”

GoogleChromeProduct manager of the platform teamAlex KomoroskeforProgressive Web AppHow to run an example in the real world。For example, you just checked on your mobile phone that you rarely use airlines that you rarely use,Then you are very likely that you will not want to install their applications,But you still want to receive a notice when the flight delay or the boarding port changes。

“Be able to accurately determine how they want to handle these things and make decisions in a greater space.,This is excellent for users,This is because they have already made a deal with them。”KomoroskeSay so。

Why is webpage application so important?

Some technical experts believe that for the webpage,It's too late。They quoted the survey data to prove most of our time(according toForresterexpress,This ratio is85%)It has been spent on a small number of applications。“But these data are misleading,Because they have not reflected how the frequency of people accessing a single website,Even if it is only a short time。”Web design company in PortlandCloud FourCo -founderJason GrigsbySay so。

“People compare the data is the time for people to spend on the application and the time spent on the webpage,And mistakenly believes that everyone does not access mobile websites or do not operate on mobile web pages。”GrigsbySay so,“I hate this kind of data,This is just a stupid comparison。”

last yearComScoreOne report revealed the other side of the matter:In general,Before ranking1000The number of audiences of the mobile webpage is the ranking before the ranking1000Mobile application2.5Double。This showsProgressive Web AppGreat opportunities。

IonicThe company's co -founder and CEOMax LynchExcept for those highly anticipated applications,Consumers are resisting to downloading native software on their own devices。IonicIt is a company that provides tools for development and upgrade mobile applications。“They are all installing these expensive applications,And we need other people to afford the reasons for these applications。in my opinion,The answer is obvious:Google search、Search engine optimization and mobile webpage,Then prepare a native application,Provide it when someone recognizes your product。

For Google himself,It gives some early daysProgressive Web AppSuccessful case research。For example, e -commerce websites located in AfricaJumiaThe conversion rate has increased after sending push notifications to web users9Double——This is higher than native applications。Shopping websiteAliExpressThe conversion rate is104%,The visits on various browsers have also increased74%。Compared to native applications,Indonesian news polymerBaBeexistProgressive Web AppSimilar trends of users' access time。Google in MayI/OAt the developer conference,ParticipationProgressive Web AppIt takes time to spend longer than native Android applications。

“In general,There is a kind of view that the use of application will not help the formulation of commercial decision -making。”GrigsbySay so,“But I think if you understand business,You will know the real situation。This is because they will check their financial situation,They know that their revenue comes from the webpage,They can see the visitors come to their website and then leave again。Then,They will find a way to transform them when this part of the visitors visit their website again。”

Analyze the previous publicity again

(website development portland or)althoughProgressive Web AppIt sounds good in the prospect,But this concept is still relatively new,It is also facing many unsolved problems。

Some problems are relatively small,It should be improved after a period of time。andChromeMore stableProgressive Web AppCan't connect to Bluetooth device,For example, fitness tracker or smart door lock, etc.。GoogleChromeThe browser is currently the only one that can support the imageAndroid PaySuch a platform for security payment services。Once web applications become more immersive,Get rid of the browserChrome,No one can find exposureURLThe best way,This also makes the website unable to share at the beginning。

butProgressive Web AppIt also faces some more difficult survival issues。for example,They have a response design,This can be expanded on the notebook and desktop,But what kind of state will they show on the device??The answer is still unknown。Although Microsoft said he wouldProgressive Web AppIncorporateWindows StoreAmong them and in MicrosoftEdgeUse on the browser,But GoogleKomoroskeAcknowledge generally,There are many problems that need to be solved。

(website development portland or)website development portland or

“On the desktop,we supportChrome OS、Windows、LinuxbesidesMac。And where you launch an application、Where to manage,Every platform has its own paradigm。There are windows and tabs,These larger design adjustments need to be explored in depth。”KomoroskeSay so。

(website development portland or)at the same time,Google is not desperate,Press all the betsProgressive Web Appsuperior,Looking forward to it to solve the problem of the resistance of the application store。The company also introduced“app streaming”,This allows Android users to pass directlyGoogle SearchCome to use the application fragment。This method connects with deep links and search content information in the application,This will erode the advantages of the webpage itself。

RussellThe answer to this question is smooth,He said that the developer may bid to take a certain way,This mainly depends on whether they start from the application or from the webpage。“For these different methods,Google does not have a single point of view,But we are trying to help developers get successful,No matter where they choose to start starting。”He said that。

(website development portland or)still have a question,That's whether Apple recognizesProgressive Web Appthe concept of。Although appleSafariThe browser supports part of the frame that makes the webpage application run smoother、Tools and technology,But it does not supportservice worker(Local storage website elements)Or push notification。

RussellTell the limited participation of Apple in a lightly manner,EvenProgressive Web AppThe concept lacks some more advanced functions,Design modernProgressive Web AppIt can also be foriOSUsers provide better experience experience。But at the same time,He also led to a deeper problem:If people don't careProgressive Web Appmiddle“Progressive”What about the part?

(website development portland or)forIonicofMax LynchFor,The answer is not that important。

“to me,The selling point lies in mobile applications、InGoogle Search。”LynchSay so,“When someone searches for something on the phone,They will get an excellent mobile web experience。to me,This is the key,It doesn't have to penetrate into people's daily life slowly。”

(website development portland or)one way or another,RussellI am still willing to solve these challenges with other companies,For example, Microsoft、Operaas well asMozilla。The final result will be a more advanced version that can be used everywhere,Whether it is on the browser or the operating system。

(website development portland or)“This is not Google developing a technology。”He said that,“We tried in many cases。Some succeeded,Some failed。But what really excites me is that we are not fighting alone。”

(website development portland or)Look,There is still a line of hope for the optimism of webpage applications and open platforms for ten years。Why is this so?

“Frankly, I can't tell you the answer。”RussellSay so,“I just feel very lucky。”

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