website development proposal template word


In the Internet age,Any company wants to survive in fierce media competition,It is necessary to rely on the new media platform of the Internet to increase the popularity and reputation of the company,Strengthen the spread of enterprises in the audience。Construction through website,Make corporate management towards more professionalism、Development of precision direction。The website can be a promotional enterprise、demo product、Marketing、Provide news, etc.,No matter which website choose,These suggestions are very useful,Suggestion collection。

website development proposal template word

one、Provide users with value

Value of website construction,It is undoubtedly providing convenience and value for visiting users。After visiting the user browse your website,Can you visit again,This is where the website builders really pay attention to。A good website,It is a value for users,It is a website that can provide customers with customer resources。After the user uses the website,The experience is very good,Just remember the website,At the same time, the website will be passed on to his friends and friends around him。

two、Demand clear,Highlights

Baidu's focus is on search,The focus of Sina lies in information,The focus of Tencent is to communicate in time,The focus of Taobao is shopping。A website,You must have your own focus,This focus is not necessarily specific,It is a concept,One point of view,The obvious feature of the point of view naturally appears,Only when there are points to have advantages,Only then will be valuable。

three、Control details

Determine whether a website is good,Details are also key。A website,Have the right sense of layout,There must be the correct way to execute,There must be the right leader,But even if you have the above conditions, you may not be successful。Because the key depends on the details,Can it be in place。The text published on the website is wrong,A picture is not decent,Load time too long,The application process cannot be unobstructed,The page layout is not neat or not coordinated,Not enough function to use,Navigation is not clear enough,It will affect the user's use,It even affects the user's emotions。so,The details control details are the key to the website's victory。

Four、with a clear purpose

(website development proposal template word)After the website is completed,How to make a profit is the focus。Many enterprises have a habit after completion,I thought it was successful,Do not promote the follow -up,In fact, this is wrong。Only improve the ranking of your website on the search engine,In order to attract more users to click to browse。Slowly increase visits and website weights,In this way, you can get the favor of users,I always visit the user's waist bag to take out money。Website building,Most goals are profitable,But the premise of profitability is to be prepared well。


Success and expensive persistence,This should be known to everyone。Can't do anything overnight,here,I want to talk more about persistence。Persist in doing a good job,Characterize,Good product。To attract target users,Let them get the information and products they need on your website。so,Only to increase the viscosity of user access


Website construction to website promotion,The two are interdependent,If the website construction is a strong shield,Then website promotion is a sharp spear。Website promotion should pay attention to the construction of the website,From website keyword optimization to search engine login,Then to the increase in friendship chainPRvalue,Website advertisement、Methods of the forum essence and other methods,All need to be studied carefully,Carefully analyze。In this way, the website can meet the initial expectations of the site。

Currently,Search engine is still the most cited tool。Most network users find the required information and products through search engines。so,Search Engine Optimization,Is a very important job。Optimize all aspects of work, you need to consider carefully,In order to achieve a more satisfactory optimization effect。

website development proposal template word

(website development proposal template word)