website development roadmap template


website development roadmap template

months ago,I decided to start my coding journey from scratch。I have no experience in this field,Only a few programming languages I know(C++,Java,JavaScript,python),My classITStudent once said。

I read a lot about"How to start encoding?"Tutorial,A few courses were brushed with your fingers,This makes me feel at a loss and pain。But at the same time,I am also very excited。Due to the excitement of coding,I made a conscious decision,I will encode step by step。The first step is of course the front end。

This is what I amWebThe way of developers' front -end journey starts,This is much more exciting than I expected。Through this blog,I will provide you with a shortcut path that I create for you,Save a lot of time(Using non -alliance resources)。

3 What you need to know before starting;

(website development roadmap template)1.Accepting you as soon as possible, you must give at least3Do not exceed6A month(Study with the help of the course)。

2.make a plan(I will do it for you),And arrange your time you spend every day(Every day1Hours start)。

(The brief plan is as follows)

.First1step - HTML
·First2step - CSS
·First3step - JavaScript
·First4step - React
·step 5 - Git

3.Basic understanding of the working principle of computers and keys。

Brief plan;

First1sky - First14sky(First1Zhouhe2week);

HTML,It is a tag language,Used to add text to the webpage,Link,image,Video and more main content。
HTMLThe easiest to learn,You can even learn it in just one week。Now,You don't need to spend time studying it。
Practicing basic things in these two weeks。

In these two weeks,studyingHTMLBefore,You need to learnWebBasic knowledge(Including in video resources)。

CourseraYT Traversy media

(website development roadmap template)First15sky - First28sky(First3Zhouhe4week);

CSS+ HTML,Because onlycssMeaningless。A few weeks in the first group,Spend more time in learning(Pass course,Label and attribute)。Don't walk deeply(Grid or elastic box)。
In the next episode,Spend more time in coding and practice。Trust me,You will like to create a website,Design(
hint:- Try to make the cloning of the website,It will increase your practice time,Otherwise you will waste a lot of time thinking"What image should I add?")

Don't rush to learn,please remember,If you try to complete everything at one time,You may be exhausted。

YTChris CourseFree code camp

(website development roadmap template)First29sky - First49sky(First5,6and7week);

JavaScriptIs a programming language,Obviously it takes more time to learn。but,We have an advantage,Because we are learning the front end,We just need to learn30%ofJavaScript(Practical basic knowledge)。

In the first place 1 Study through the course during the cycle。First2week,Practice and encoding。First3week,Applied togetherHTML + CSS + JavaScript。

(website development roadmap template)resource;
codewithmosh(highly recommended), pluralsightFree

(website development roadmap template)First50sky - First71sky(First8,9and10week);

React Is a widely used framework。The framework is used to save our time by using the code that has been written。
Learn React,You should have HTML、CSS Basic JavaScript knowledge。In the short period of time3Learn the whole during the weekReactImpossible,but,We need to learn basic knowledge,this is possible。
There are other frameworks(Angular,VueWait),butReactMain use and demand framework。So I hope you go。

First1week,Spending time to learn through the course,First2week,Practice coding,Last week(First3week)Small project

reactforbeginnersReact TutorialFree
codecademy, YT Programming with Mosh (Enough to satisfy basic knowledge)

First72sky - First84sky(First11Zhouhe12week);

(website development roadmap template)GitsUsed to save our project and track our code,The best thing to use them is that we will not lose our project。There are two majorgitplatform,GitandGitHub,It is easy to learn them。
In these two weeks,You only need to observe the platform and continue to practice。

in conclusion

Learning front -end development is not very difficult,Just keep it consistent。I100%Determine you will start making money after studying。Work through freelance or work。Trust me,This is very pleasant。