quality management plan for website development


Website as a facade in the Internet promotion,Is the display of corporate image,The importance is self-evident。So how to build a high quality website?What issues need to pay attention to during website construction??

quality management plan for website development(quality management plan for website development)High quality website construction skills

1、Website code

(quality management plan for website development)Website code is streamlined is a very important factor affecting the later future optimization of the website.,Many friends who do optimized are not a lot of understanding of the website.,so,During the construction of the website,Try to keep the website code stream when laying a website in all respects,The inclusion and ranking after the website is very important.。So I want to build a high-quality website,The streamlined optimization of the website code is premise。

quality management plan for website development

High quality website construction skills

2、websiteTDKMust set up

Website head label is mainly manifested in title、Key words、Describe the three major labels,We have to set up in the construction of the website.。

3、Web Page Static is conducive to website collection

Web staticization is conducive to the information of the website,Although the current search engine can easily grab the data of the dynamic web page,but,Not a web page staticization is not important.。Website static can increase the user experience of the website,Can increase the opening speed of the web page,So the webpage staticization is also equally important。

4、Don't use too muchflash

excessiveflashusage of,Not only will slow down the opening speed,Moreover, let search engines identify more information about the website.,excessiveflashIncrease the bloatedness of the code,Let the search engine can't find more useful information when retrieving the website.。so,During a web page,We must try to avoid excessive useflash,Especially for Baidu。

For building a high quality website,There are still a lot of places that need attention.,Here is a small compact, as long as you have some important influence points.。If you would like to know more of the high-quality website construction skills,Welcome to consult,We can always answer your questions.!