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The current technology is developing amazing speed,This means that the old way is slower.,Updated better technology。Programmers must continue to learn,Can better complete its work better。There are now many blogs and websites to make programmers understand new trends and technology that may be launched.,To make them better develop websites and prepare for future programming work。Below is the top blog and website that each programmer must pay attention to.:

(website development company blog)1. Scott Hanselman’s Blogwebsite development company blog

This blog is about programming、user experience、Computer Zen and life, etc.。Scott HanselamnIs a teacher,The code he wrote is widely used.。He has already written for more than ten years of blog,Written for more than 20 years。His main goal to learn from people to learn,Programmers can learn a lot from his blog。

(website development company blog)2. Coding Horrorwebsite development company blog

This blog is rich in very popular experienceWebApplication developerJeff Atwoodwrite。The blog covers different aspects of software development and security issues,You will fall in love withJeffDevelopment of human components in development,This is why the blog stands out for reasons。Programmers can learn a lot from this blog,This must pay attention。

3. Good coders code, great reusewebsite development company blog

(website development company blog)This isPeteris KruminBlog site。This blog mainly involves programming、Hacker technology、Software reuse、Software ideology、Computer security、Google and General Technology。This blog has1000More fans,PeterisI have been passionate about the computer before I start writing blogs.,This makes him easy to learn knowledge in all fields of computers.。He is very eager to tell you that he has just learned the knowledge.,His extensive cognition of computers is a good reason for programmers to pay attention to their blogs.,Many knowledge can be learned from their blogs every day.。

4. Discussdesk/Programming blogwebsite development company blog

This is a very interesting programming blog,Mainly focusing onPHP、JavaScript、jQuery、MySQL、WebDevelop、Ajax、Programming skills, etc.。Among them, there are live demonstrations and downloads.,Users can see on-site demonstrations that have completed projects,You can also download code,Other people to learn。

5. Programming/ Redditwebsite development company blog

This isreddit,Mainly to discuss computer programming。This forum website welcomes any people with programming issues to participate in discussions,The only requirement is that the subject can only be about programming。You can learn a lot of programming knowledge here.,The discussion here is mainly hosted by people who know more about themes.,You can also ask questions about programming to better understand programming。You can also share programming stories with other programmers。

(website development company blog)6. Sitepointwebsite development company blog

This blog is very like a network expert online community。WebProfessionals here party,To share their enthusiasm for creating amazing designs。Among themSitepointTutorial,Users can easily learn web design and development。There are courses and books,Professor must be the skills of each network developer to become an expert。In this blog,There will be more than one week25Post,Therefore, web developers can learn a lot here.。

7. blogwebsite development company blog

This is a very interesting blog,It involves programming languages、Skills and update information in the coding industry,The content shared here is mainly from the blog staff and podcasts.,So here can make programmers understand what is happening in the industry。The blog also has a live platform,Watch live broadcast、LiveEdu,People can share content about building real products。This is also a good place to interact with people.。

8. A list apartwebsite development company blog

This blog mainly pays attentionWebdesign、Development and content,More attentionWebStandards and best practices。The blog owner releases at least one article,Web developers can learn better content for their work。

9. David WalshBlogwebsite development company blog

David WalshYesMozillaSenior companyWebDeveloper,TooMooTools JavaScript FrameworkCore developer。His blog reflected himJS、CSSandHTML 5Wide knowledge,He also provides a lot of attractive advice and insights for front-end developers.。He is very interested in the development of open source development.,And make great contributions to this。This is one of the most attractive honest blogs.,AbsolutelywebDevelopers worthy of attention。

(website development company blog)10. Coding DojoBlog website development company blog

This is a blog for student,it's here,How can they learn quickly?,And thinking about software engineers。They can also use the information developed in this blogwebapplication。This blog covers a lotWebDevelopment information,E.gHTML、CSS、Ruby on Rails、MySQL、PHP< MVC、 .NET Core、OOPWait。Circulation will be released every week2Post,Novice can learn a lot。

Network developers should continue to learn,Because this industry always emerges new things。Besides,Developers also need platforms with other network developers,Share your skills and learn other developer skills,And can be issued in the platform when encountering challenges。