digital marketing and website development


I have done4Year development and7yearTo Bdigital marketing,Understand the content overlayPHP+Mysql+CSS+DIV+SEO+SEM,Counting digital marketing with technical and product background,The underlying knowledge of the production research is great to me later.,It is also recommended that everyone will enter research and development.、Go into the product,I have served Beisten and UF clouds over the past few years.,At present, I'm responsible for digital marketing,did much300%arrive600%Battle of online growth,Deep discovery on the road to growthMartechrightTo BDigital marketing importance,MartechWill be a big lever that is shaking digital marketing growth。

Digital marketing isTo BA team in the market,It is some mysterious and biased toward technology,I share5Actual experience,Help you understand the role of digital marketing and playing brick,I hope helping everyone think about how to do clues.。

This5Some ofces are:

1、Structural article:ToBWhat is the digital marketing of the market team??How does the team configuration?

2、Put in place:Practice of launch channel,SEMHow to do the effect is better?

3、Official website:How to plan a high conversion official website?

4、Data article:How to achieve growth with data analysis?

5、Exploration:Layout and practice of intelligent user operation

(digital marketing and website development)
one、ToBWhat is the digital marketing of the market team??How does the team configuration?

(If you are building a market or positioning digital marketing team duties,This will help you)

Growth is not a department and a team,But the whole company's things;The company's growth team needs to pay attention to the growth points of several cores.,Novel users are obtained、Sales funnel optimization、Old customer replay rate improvement,These three growth points are implemented in the organization function level is digital marketing.、Sales and customers success in these three teams。New users get the most important growth point,from0arrive1Always is the hardest,so,I will also often compare the digital marketing team to grow engine.。

1、Digital marketing positioning:

(digital marketing and website development)The market must undertake the responsibility of brand building and business machine excavation。conventionalTo BMarket team's business composition includes brand and marketing,Build a team downwards around these two business,To BThe market is common to constitute the following:

Brand public relations、Activity(Scene marketing)、SDR、digital marketing

digital marketing and website development

brand:Responsible for corporate brands and product brands,Work content includes public relations、medium、self-media、Content team, etc.;

Activity:National online event,Annual large activity,Regional salon;

SDR:Clue processing、Users cultivate;

Digital marketing is responsible for business:

①Flow growth:Contains advertising、SEOSearch engine natural traffic、Social media organic traffic;

②Traffic floor:Undertake traffic is the website,Website continuous optimization takes into account the brand and high conversion rates to get more clues;

(digital marketing and website development)③Intelligent user operation:From landing to agreed,Use smart pop-upworkflowWorkflow transformation、Promote active;

④Users cultivate:Pass group、forum、Content center、mail、SMS and other ways to conduct content marketing;

⑤Data drive and empower:Market departmentMartechLayout and application,Data Energy Energy All Market Team,Drive user growth、Clue growth、Business opportunity growth,Give market team dataization and tool automation to build a good user experience。

digital marketing and website development

2、Composition of digital marketing team:Leader、SEM、SEO、websitePM、Website development

(digital marketing and website development)Digital marketing teamleader:

Responsible team planning,Undertake。digital marketingleaderComprehensive capabilities,Requires knowledge points in each member field in the digital marketing team。


To BGain,The biggest channel for advertising isSEM,Even some teams are completely relying on the line.。If your team is investive100More than 10,000,So, it is recommended to recruit oneSEMmanager。An excellentSEMmanager,In the case where the same clue is obtained,Can help you save every year30%-50%cost of。

If your team,In addition to Baidu promotion,Still do360,Also put on the information flow、DSPAn advertisement,That is necessary to recruit an excellentSEM。


Many people have such a doubt:To BDo not do the marketSEO?If you have done a website,SEOIt must be necessary,Just but there is no need to formSEOTense,ThisToBTraffic space。for example,Yi Guanfang boat is the operation of smart users,Target keywords include website data analysis、Transformation optimization, etc.,But there is not much to search for the total amount of keywords on the entire search engine.,SEOThe team is hard to get thousands of natural traffic,Therefore, the formation team seems to be put into output.。SEOIn addition to getting natural flow,We also need some exposure in the direction of brand building.,soSEOI really want to do it.,But what should I do??We first need to putSEOWork dismantling。

(digital marketing and website development)SEOThe work itself can be naturally divided into two parts.:Station optimization and interior link construction。The person in charge of the website should take the responsibility of the site optimization.,At the time of the recruitment website,SEOIt is a must-have。Some of the construction of the station link can be out of,But you must pay attention when you have outsourcing.,Your team must haveSEOexpert(Website head),In this way, you can talk to the outsourcing team.。Do not use traffic effect as outsourcing project acceptance targets,Other partyNThe way makes your natural traffic,But traffic is not the data indicator of our assessment,Effective clues are。We should be the rankings of the core keywords and the number of content published by the content of the number of external platforms.,Of course, if you have the ability to convince the other party to settle the number of business opportunities generated by natural traffic,That is naturally the best。

(digital marketing and website development)Website product manager:

In the earlier,The website is not valued at all。You have seen dozens of research and development in the team.,But don't you do a website??However, this situation has improved in the past two years.,The teams began to realize,The website is the core of the guest;The website is not only the traffic center,It is also a potential user to understand our important channels.。

(digital marketing and website development)We have got your own website and the international front line.,I will find that we are still not enough.。The shortage of the website is not good in the data.?Same1Ten thousand yuan5000Visitor,Excellent website can bring500Registration,The bad website can only bring50Registration,And the impact will increase with the increase of delivery costs。

What is the ability to have website product managers??First, you must have the basic skills of a product manager,That's product planning,Including the ability to use prototyping software to make prototype diagrams,In many cases, the prototype diagrams made by the website do not need to be so high-fidelity,Get to the wireframe level,It is important to have a clear plan,Because the website will acceptSEMandSEO,next to connectCRMandSDR。

(digital marketing and website development)web development team:

(digital marketing and website development)For the marketing department,Forming a web development team is a bit of a luxury。A web development team should have2-3members,Include designer、Frontend and Backend。The budgets of most marketing departments cannot support three R&D personnel,And the marketing department is also difficult to meet the growth curve of R&D personnel,finallyToBThe development work of the website is also not required on the order of magnitude2-3full-time R&D,So it is not recommended to recruit alone,At most one designer can be brought in。Because the market has too much design work to do,If the designer can handle the front end,that solves most problems。

What if no one makes a website??

There are two options,Outsourcing and Virtual Teams。


Outsourced to part-time staff,Guaranteed quality and quantity can do our needs well,Price about full-time1/2,However, the website product manager is required to have good project management skills。

virtual team:

(digital marketing and website development)This is the best way,that is digested within the organization,Let the R&D team coordinate part of the energy to support the website project,This mode requiresCTOandCEOfull support of,And internal clear priority support,Usually this is the case,needCMOcome forward。


and some other positions,Need to make up for temporary situation:

Content operation:Some teams also have content operations to be responsible for content updates and planning on the website,Content organization and distribution,But many timesToBhas a dedicated content team。

(digital marketing and website development)Data Analyst:The top team,There will be jobs like data analysis,Leverage data to optimize team performance。

Not much else to say about other positions。

digital marketing and website development

two、The practice of distribution channels,SEMhow to do better?

(10There was a famous saying in the Internet circle a few years ago,still applies today:“Whoever gets traffic wins the world。”)

(digital marketing and website development)To BDo you want traffic??Yes,butTo Bmore emphasis on precision,The pursuit of accurate flow。I heard a joke,there is oneTo BofCEOAsk the public account to work hard10Ten thousand+of readings。I was a little shocked after listening,Although understandableCEOThe mood to advertise,but do10Ten thousand+how much effort it takes,even if10Ten thousand+,Do these fans have the ability to convert??which oneTo Benterprise,Can be as household name as Sun Wukong,So I think there is some deviation in this direction,instead of getting1010,000 unrelated individual users,Rather focus on,to find that1000precise user,Maybe the volume of orders brought will be more than10Thousands of unrelated individual users come。Of course whether to pursue10Ten thousand+also in stages,such as a large factoryTo B,that they pursue10Ten thousand+just right。after allTo BTo fight the cognitive battle,It's just that we have to measure at different stages of brand development.,What kind of target users to focus on is the most important thing at the moment。

Here I share a few delivery channels that I often encounter,into several areas,search engine,Information Flow,adverts andDSP。

search engine:

The main search engine is Baidu、Google、360Wait。The market shares of these domestic search engines are different,The nature of users is also different。in all search engines,Baidu's big search is still the best distribution channel,Adequate traffic,High conversion rate,But the competition is fierce,Consider next360andGooglebig search。In the early years, we will be a network alliance in search engine placement,That is, we make our advertisements into pictures and put them on the website of each webmaster.,But it doesn't really work,Renamed Baiyi now。

Information Flow:

(digital marketing and website development)Information flow mainly focuses on Baidu mobile information flow and headline information flow,The effect of my actual measurement of information flow is not as good as that of the big search.,Including Baidu's own information flow is not as good as Baidu's own big search。Information flow is based on user tags for user targeting,such as age、Occupation etc.,The wider the audience for your product,The more precise the information flow delivery conditions you set, the more precise,The flow of information will be better,But compared to the demand for active search of Dasou,The effect of information flow is still not as good as that of big search。

(digital marketing and website development)Teaser:

in the advert,closestToBsoftware requirements,I am most interested in Zhihu,Some teams will also work on Zhihu,For example, I often see interesting posts on Zhihu,The most important thing in making a patch ad is to match the target audience,Zhihu focuses on high-value content,The overall population will deviate from technology and Internet-orientedToBcloser。


Finally sayDSP,DSPis the most carefully considered delivery method.,The larger the flow range, the more uncontrollable。Be clear firstDSPwhere will the traffic go,If you can choose your user aggregation channel,The effect will be slightly better,Otherwise, the price quoted by the other party to you is useless.。andDSPThe best way to collaborate traffic is to test,first come1Ten thousand traffic test conversion effect,Conversion effects must be tracked to business opportunities。


There are many more traffic acquisition channels,such as advertisements under the public account,such as ZhihuTo BCommercial advertising cooperation,Even face buying traffic or lead cooperation,Any cooperation with a third party aiming at business opportunities,Testing is an essential part,This ensures maximum effect。

in all traffic source channels,SEMeachTo BThe channel with the largest amount of investment by manufacturers,also the best channel。Often there are some teams specially hiredSEMSpecialists to optimize advertising performance,how we targetSEMIs this channel optimized for performance??

SEMhow to do better?

(digital marketing and website development)sharingSEMBefore,Let's talk about the difference between operation and growth,Operation literally means operating and operating,Growth refers to how we can do better given the current data。The two are fundamentally different,also determined differentSEMHow people work,we are doingSEMBe careful when managing a team,That is, if you don't advance, you will retreat,we madeSEMThe core goal is to move data forward,forward,move forward,instead of running an account,This is recruitingSEMwill provide us with guidance in many directions:We're looking for a trailblazer,rather than the person who manages the account。

Brief introductionSEM(Search Engine Marketing),I have written a tens of thousands of words practical manual before.,send it later。Search engine marketing refers to all advertising cooperation on search engines,Due to the large proportion of domestic Baidu search promotion,Therefore, we oftenSEMAlluding to Baidu's search engine ranking promotion。I'll explain it in an easy-to-understand waySEMprinciple:we buy keywords,then make a price,Write the ad style we want to show,When someone searches for related words in a search engine,we can unconditionally be at the top,Get more people to click。

How we think in terms of growthSEM?The core indicator that the marketing director is most concerned about is the input-output ratio,lead cost。entireSEMTeams are focused on one core thinking,That is,How much does it cost to bring in a lead?How much does it cost to bring a business opportunity?And our quarterly、monthly work plan,Always will be:How to Bring More Effective Leads for Less。

existTo Bsoftware enterprise service,The lead cost of a team I know is50Yuan-300between yuan,We need to think after excluding the price difference caused by different industries,What's causing such huge variance in lead costs across teams?SEMA good team has a knack,Summarize the secret in one sentence:Show the right person what he wants;We're going to catch both directions,Leverage data to improve efficiency。

basic concepts:

plan:Baidu promotion background is used to put the largest category of keywords to be purchased;

unit:Baidu promotion background is used to put the secondary classification of keywords to be purchased;

creative:ads we write,Show on search results;

(digital marketing and website development)bid:How much do you want users to deduct from your account for each click on your ad?(not necessarily you55 yuan at a time,has a specific formula);

Key words:buy word;

search term:words searched by users in search engines,For example, the keywords you buy are“excavator”,And the match mode you set is broad match,users may search”trencher”Your ad will also appear,clicked,will deduct your money。

searchword purity:The ratio of search terms that you consider valuable to all search terms,Search term purity means whether your placement is accurate,also reflects the level of waste of money。

digital marketing and website development

1、Search term refinement

(digital marketing and website development)This is an action that requires continuous optimization,The more precise the keywords you choose,The more effective you can find users。In layman's terms,is to find the right person。We spend hundreds of thousands of visitors every day,they search for various words,represents a variety of needs,How many are the real potential users of our products??

(digital marketing and website development)Example:

The keywords we buy are“data analysis”,If the matching pattern is broad,That user search term may be website data analysis、APPdata analysis、ToBOperational Data Analysis、User operation data analysis、Weather forecast data analysis、China's population data analysis, etc.。

(digital marketing and website development)Such users come to our website,There will be a part that is impossible to convert at all,That is weather forecast data analysis、China's population data analysis, etc.。We also paid for words like this,It's not about conversion anymore,But the demand is not in place、mismatch problem,The donkey's lips are not the horse's mouth。so we are doingSEMwhen optimizing,The most important thing to pay attention to is whether you are spending your money right or not.,Did the right people see our website?。

How to do search term purification?

Take out the search terms of different units every day,See where our money goes every day,It is also a meticulous,But it works。When I first started to refine search terms,you will be surprised,Your money is spent in various places,Maybe the purity of your search terms50%(Half the money floats like running water),Then we can list the search word purity of different units,Start optimizing from the unit with the lowest search term purity。

After a period of optimization,If the overall search term purity can be found in90%above,That description is already great。Guaranteed at least,We're spending our money in the right place。we spent a lot of money,Bought a lot of traffic,For example, investing 10,000 yuan in Baidu promotion every day,Brought it3000personal,that is3000visitors,So how many registrations will there be??

(digital marketing and website development)Have you ever thought about,3000individual if any100individual registration,What are your requirements for the next stage of such a result??if3000personally have300individual registration,Equivalent to no increase in cost,more registrations,lower registration costs,what a beautiful result。existSEMTo achieve a staged growth,or increase the cost,either increase the conversion rate,Increasing conversion rates is often more credible than increasing costs,also easier。Now that we've found the right person through search term refinement,why don't they register?this problem,I have asked myself countless times。

2、Conversion rate optimization

in the mall,under the same counter,Some people can sell more goods,Shopping malls must be eager for such salespeople;The same is true for customer acquisition,Get more people to sign up with constant traffic,That's the thing,This is what the website is all about。

(digital marketing and website development)How do we get more people to sign up under a certain amount of traffic??

All the skills are concentrated on the landing page,I sum up a few points:

1)Demand to undertake

Demand acceptance is the most important point of conversion rate optimization,Users search for a variety of words。User searches for a term on a search engine and sees display results,Then click to open the page。There is a connection in the middle that never breaks,That's what users want,At this point, the user is unconsciously thinking,Just wanted to find the answer he was looking for。

(digital marketing and website development)We need to make the page content meet the needs of users。you may have seen someSEMSet all delivery points as the homepage of the website,This is the opposite case,is not advisable。If the landing page for all search terms is the first page,It is impossible for the user to find the answer,Unless all promoted words are brand words of this site。

Recommended practice:

Provide different landing pages for different keywords(landing page)。It is recommended to put words with the same meaning in the same unit in Baidu promotion,Because the unit is the smallest unit that can be customized to access the landing page。

(digital marketing and website development)that's a lotSEMthe approach is different,without proceedingSEMThe stage of refined operation,will habitually divide units into brand words、Common words and question words, etc.。Such a division unit mode is only convenient for management,Did not take into account the next landing page to undertake。

2)landing page design

How to make a high converting landing page?

Usually we will introduce data analysis in this link to help us optimize the landing page,But since we are sharing practical experience,Just say the results in front,After a lot of experiments and data,We explore some of the forming rules,Can let the grounding page conversion rate is higher。

(digital marketing and website development)·The first screen of the floor page is the most important,Please express your value proposition directly;

·Falling page must be Call To Action,Tell a visit to visitors What can I do next?;

·Falling page must have a complete storyline,What problem can you solve?,What product do you have?,What case do you have?,How can I try your product?;

·Multi-terminal adaptation,Let the mobile can visite experience;

·Data-continuous optimization floor page。

3)How to optimizeSEMEffect

At this time we have to take the tool,I'm hereSEMThere are three tools used in the direction.,Baidu statistics、Baidu Promotion、Argo。

ConductSEMWhat are the data indicators that directly affect??Fees for different units in Baidu promotion、Click on cost、hit count、Transformation;Falling page hops in the landing page、Stay in time、CTAhit count、Falling page traffic to clickCTAConversion rate、ClickCTATo submit a transformation rate of successful form。

Baidu statistics and Baidu promotion can get data in promotion,If you have a Baidu statisticsTrackEventfunction,Can be tracked to event transformation,TrackEventAfter the tracking is completed,You can know the number of transformations of Baidu can count all traffic channels,Can help you initiate channel analysis。But knowing is just traffic and final transformation,The middle data is completely unknown。

How to click on the user after arrivingCTAButton,How to enter a form,How to submit this intermediate data helps us optimize the entire transformation funnel,This part of the data needs to be usedUBACome help us get,for exampleArgo。

We need to know,Transformation funnel of each unit,Understand the data of all processes to find opportunities to improve conversion rate,for exampleAUnit flower1000Yuan,Brought it300Traffic,have200Personally entered the mobile phone number,100Personal input mailbox,10Personal registration success,Such a data funnel helps us discover opportunities;We will think,why100Personal input mailbox,only10Personal registration success?If you solve this obstacle, you can get more clues under the same fees.。


SEMNot only depends on brute,Growth is lavily,Skills combined with constant,It can be done growth and growing,If millions are placed each year,I believe that combined data analysis and detail processing of hundreds of thousands still very chance。

three、How to plan a high conversion official website?

During the year before writing this content,I did some homework,Drilling across hundreds of international linesToBSoftware official website,Experience their website without thinking about the pattern of white paper,Summary, I think that I think it is comfortable.,Achieve a lot。I can't help but think,How to determine if a website is excellent?I think I can't open two points.,That is the quality and quantity,Finally, let everyone feel that the product is effectively;An excellent website must make users feel convinced in the brand,At the effect, you can achieve higher conversion rates.,(I have to keep this two points when I plan to plan.)。

digital marketing and website development

To BStructure of the website:

To BThe order of the official website follows us with usDMSingle page is the same,To clear the basic information description,This information is:who I am,What value do I have?,What product do I have?,What case I have?,How can you contact me?。The horizontal depth of a page is such a representation logic,So our common homepage will be from top to,navigation、Value proposition、product、solution、Customer testimony、Case、Then it isCall To Action;And the order of navigation is common.,product、solution、price、Case、Resource Center、about Us,This is the core structure,Some custom upgrades can be made on this basis,Put some of them think clearly、Visit-valuable navigation。

What should I pay attention to when using the website structure design??

1)Don't overerepere,To adapt to the habit of netizens,for examplelogoIn the upper left corner, it is already the default rule,The text on navigation is also everyone can understand the fastest.。Product page represents what products we have,If you have changed to other rare weird things,Visit guests have been looking for products to find products.,Be left,Not everyone has patience to understand what secrets in your site.。

2)Pay attention to logic,The website must rely on the content accumulation thickness,And this thickness should be extended in a circle as a circle as a year.,We may have a lot of pages,But these pages have several large frames,For example, the product is under30Page,Should not be tile,But there should be your own logical order,for example1-5-24Such a tree structure。

Design of conversion processes:

(digital marketing and website development)There are two transformation processes in the official website,Since guiding visitors from landing to registration routes for high quality clues,High quality clues are clues with a more complete form;Another conversion process is to guide visitors from land to the route of primary clues.,Primary clues usually only basic fields like the phone number,The line quality of the two conversion processes is different.。

(digital marketing and website development)All stations are struggling to guide visitors to these two results.,Corresponding to two different maturity visits。What we need to pay attention is,Visitors are with demand,The entire conversion process must be guided directly,So what is direct guidance??

Is registration??Why is visitors to register??Registration is not a need,Is business guidance,Not a need for guidance,So I see that most websites will not be registered as the most obviousCall To ActionLabel,If the most obvious button on your website is still registered,You can stand in the user's angle to think,Why should I register??

RoutineTo BOfficial websiteCTAWhat are you??

ExperienceDemo:If you have onlineDemo,Then experienceDemoIs the best guest boot,It is also the bestCall To Action。VisitorsDemoExperience the product function,This is a real needs。

Appointment demonstration:This will be more experienceDemoGuidance effect,Because the reservation demonstration is representative,After writing information,May be available on the phone reservation,This is related to the habits of domestic people,Do you still like online chat?,There will be some concerns underline。but,More and more people like directly simply simply,So the clue quality of the appointment demonstration will be much higher.。

(digital marketing and website development)Open account:Same work with registered,But better than registration,ifSaaSOnline tool,Registration and open accounts are relatively appropriate。


There are a lot moreCTA ,On the international website,Some callGet Demo,Also calledGet Started,What kind ofCTAMultiple experiments need,not oneCTASuitable for allToBOfficial website,Analyze specific issues,To find the most suitable for yourself with your own products and users。

The visitors will enter the form after clicking the button.,The guidance in the form determines how many visits will become our registered user,That is, the clue。The torque of the form is the largest,A form of guided power,Will bring more clues,it's here,How do we define strong guidance??

The more registrations under the same flow,The stronger the guidance。

For the registration page, the skill is:

1、Clear expression。What can you get after registering?,Is it a white paper or an experience?Demo?Uncertainty is the biggest factor that hinders user registration。

(digital marketing and website development)2、Customized form。Do not apply the same form to registration and get information,Do not try to save time and manpower to choose a form of universal form,We have to do different forms to different needs.,If you have technical capabilities,You can also make the text of the form to the background configurable,This will have a lot of forms that are generated.。

3、Registration page Reduce user jump out。Don't use the content that will let the user jump away to interrupt the user's registration,User Once leaving the registration page,Attracted by other content,It is possible to lose interest I want to register at the time.,So in the registration pagelogooutside,Don't give users an opportunity to jump out,For example, if you have, you don't appear in the registration page.。

According to these rules,Treat the registration page.,Whether it is once again?The answer is of course not,With the development of business,Growing pressure is getting bigger,The requirements for the website will be higher and higher。Registration page with high conversion rate,Not good now.,But only personal experience and preferences are no longer able to support the growth of business.。At this moment,Data needs to be played.。

Four、ToBHow digital marketing drives growth with data analysis?

(digital marketing and website development)I am selling data analysis products,But I also quite tell your customers.,Our products are good.,How many times the performance can be achieved,This is not responsible。We are buying tools,First need to think clearly,Why do we need to use data analysis products??You really need it.,It also used semi-artificial ways to plan and practice,And very clearly know which efficiency can be brought about by tools.,What kind of man-can't get it?,At this time, it is an opportunity to buy data analysis products.,Even I also help everyone use good data.,wrote100Multiple articlesToBData analysis method for boost growth。

Why do we need data??


Hidden secrets in your site,Data can help us discover these secrets,Website operation is a continuous process,What should I do?,Not experience,And should be half-data drivers,Data can close the distance between users and us。

(digital marketing and website development)2、Verification experiment

There are more than a dozen words on a button.,If you search for the group team,The team will give you a lot of possibilities.,Which effect is best??We should not make decisions in positions and experiences,Instead, it is necessary to conduct experiments online.,Can get the most effective conclusion。

(digital marketing and website development)Example:

I think the text on the button should be registered instead of experience.Demo,Product person in charge thinks should be experiencedDemo。

(digital marketing and website development)The correct approach is to get two words simultaneously.,To see which word user clicks on the most,Contribute more traffic for the downstream page,This way we can get more registration。

What data indicators we need??

First ask yourself a question,Do we know how many people come to our website?、How many people click?CTA,How many people enter the mobile phone number、Enter your name、How many people click the immediately registration button,How many people have completed registration?If you find it every day5000People,But only50Successful person,I guess you are sad.,Huge opportunities have also been found,If you want to perform conversion optimization,The first point is to understand your current data status.。

BuildTo BOfficial website data analysis indicator framework,Construction around this core conversion stream,Expand around the first key target,forToBOfficial website,The first key indicator is to register,Turning up from registration。


Register success user number;

Registration button Click quantity;

Registration page Browse users;

All-station traffic;

Registration page to register success conversion rate;

Registration form complete input of different fields;


In short, you have to get everything you want to see.,Baidu statistics can only see part of the data,And these data is almost all page levels,Even if you can track events,Function is also very limited。More in the field of data analysis,Also good domestic user behavior analysis product is still good,2018I am responsible for the digital marketing system of Yi Guan Fangzhou,Start active learning user behavior analysis,I found the depth of knowledge in this industry,Let me look like。User behavior analysis products not only simply track event-level data,You can quickly get multi-dimensional funnel、Hot map、Remains,These have solved our needs for data.。The data we can get rose from the page level to the event level,Of course, you can also drill to a more detailed particle size.。When we get these data,Some problems mentioned before gradually become clear,That is why there is so much traffic,But only so few registration,What is found in this middle??If the conversion can be improved,You can get more registration?

How to improve conversion rate?


We can split this funnel based on a lot of dimensions.,For example, find compatibility issues through browser dimensions、Locate adaptation problems through equipment dimensions,You will find it in different environments,Transformation rate is different,PCThe conversion rate may be70%,Mobile conversion rate may only50%。

2、Analysis of causes caused

Visitors start from entering the mobile phone number,Input mailbox、The process of the name and other fields will be lost,Only the transformation of this link is concerned,Can you grow from the details。You need to know which field is most reluctant to enter information.,Also need to try to optimize the contents of the field,Eliminate visitor。We need to do many times,Find a way to enable more visitors to enter information,If prompted、Optimized field requirements, etc.。

(digital marketing and website development)3、test

The simplest and fast trial is the change of text。Don't think of how complicated trials,You don't need to start trials in the case of all things.。The test is at any time at any time.,Maybe change the expression of a line of words to bring double conversion rate。2017year,I have done the biggest test of the lever is,Add a dozen words,Just tell the visitors,To fill in the form to register successfully,Such a simple text,Brought this one240%growth of,All people think that we think so simple before the start of the test.,No need to write。But unless you really go trick,Otherwise, you will always guess what is visible to visitors.。

digital marketing and website development

digital marketing and website development

A summary of hundreds of trials is,The direction of the trial is to work toward the direction of facilitating visitors.,Priority to dispel their concerns,Secondly, promote promotional tests,For example, increase case、Increase image equation。if you haveABtesting software,The efficiency of the test will greatly improve。

The conversion rate is only a data role in the performance of the guest.。I always think,User behavior data is so valuable,Should not be reflected in the conversion rate optimization,Because user behavior is also part of the complete data of users,There will definitely have more usage,So our team2019Annual attempt to enlarge the value of user behavior data。What is the data of user behavior??Represents the active preference of the user、Content preference,These data can reflect some of the states of users。

User behavior helps us to operate user operation

User behavior is a special user attribute that reflects the user status.,With age、Gender is as important as,If we can know the user's movement,There is a great help for our clue operations.。

Several assumptions first:

Before the user is not registered,If he frequently comes to the website orDemosuperior,What did you explain??Can you initially show that this user is interested in us?,At least a lot more than those who come again.。

If a company has3-5Personal experience on our website,What did you explain??Can you initially show that this company has already interested us?

(digital marketing and website development)If a visitors have been in the first half of the year,Suddenly come to our website recently,Can you explain that their project is started??

If we do hundreds of needs for users,We can pay attention to their visit every day.,Is it that the needs of who can come out have arrived at the survey period??

These guess have passed a lot of practice,Let's seekSDRPartners help to verify that such data models are correct,After a period of return and data analysis,We can confirm,This is indeed a typical data and business。

The above speculation is correct,The next thing we have to do is to provide the data in real time toSDRAnd sell first-line departments,Give them this super-weapon。

The budget of the market is usually not so much,So we deploy a free of your team.Argo,No difference with the paid version of more than 100,000,Then we borrow a server to the technical department,The importance of this thing is known,soCTOSoon support,We have mastered this user's behavior data.。Give eachSDRandAEOpened an account,Let them see the situation of active users at any time。

The second question is coming,How to do permission isolation,Don't want others to know what they are responsible for the behavior data.?So we thought andCRMget through,becauseArgoLocalized deployment,And goodAPI,we are atArgoWeChat group,it took200Block,I found a partner wrote a script.ArgoAnd sales,One month later,FurthermoreToBPartners say to use this feature,We have also opened up and enjoy the guests.,CRMGive us the ability to belong to the clues,So we got a complete user active status timely data。

(digital marketing and website development)Now every day,SDRHand new clues,Let's see who is active today.,Then go to the chat wave,The success rate is extremely high,Customer also asked,How do you know that I have recently been investigated??SDRI will pride.,This is the ability of our products.。Sales are also used to,Go see the clues he are responsible,Who is active,His customer comes today.,It will also give priority to process,This is what we want。

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More accurate content、Don't waste

Give the user tag,Everyone is not stranger,The more accurate user portraits,The more favorable for us,There are two favorable points,The first is that we can perform the touch of precise content.,The second is that we are visiting users.,After reading the user's situation,Will be a lot in my heart。

I have three ways to play labels.:

SEMTag、SDRManual tag、Website automatic tag。

(digital marketing and website development)SEMTag:

We give eachSEMAdvertising plus links,They may grow like this, behavior。

I can get this parameter,Then when the visitors are registered,In the database。Of course, this parameter is not a keyword.,But representing the unit,Because the keyword is too broad,There are dozens of keywords belong to a unit,Unit can represent demand。Every customer we have obtained,What is the business they pay attention to?。

(digital marketing and website development)SDRManual tag:

The most accurate label,SDRWill you finish the phone again,Learn about the user's industry、need、Role and other information,SupplementCRMinside。I have said that I willCRMandArgoOpen up,WillCRMThe user property is synchronized.Argoinside,To supplement the user's portrait。This part of the label is very accurate,For example, bank customers,Only send banks in the futureEDMI.e.。

Website automatic tag:

(digital marketing and website development)Relatively speaking, the least accurate tag method,For example, visitors look10Page of a certain industry,So automatic giving tag。You can use it for batch users.,But if you want to refine management users,Don't use this。

Two labels the most classic application:

1)Content group

I only need itArgoBackstage,Select the user who owns the label of the same class,For example, pay attention to the business is the user of the website.,Then directly ArgoBackstage group issued website operation practical manual,ArgoCan integrate mail group、SMS group issuing function。If we have a group of tens of thousands of emails each time, it will go out.,Now we can only send the banking industry,Only send e-commerce,I want to send myself.。Real energy saving efficient。

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2)Content recommendation engine

(digital marketing and website development)We also developed a content recommended plugin,Thousands of people used to achieve the website,When you first came to the website to be recorded by us, you are paying attention to user portraits and is a business service product.,So when you come back for the second time,We will give you the content and case of your business service.,This is also based onArgoGroupedAPIRealize,The code is also open source。

These are just a preliminary exploration of marketing digital applications,Operating chapter in smart users,There are some new players。

(digital marketing and website development)
Fives、Layout and practice of intelligent user operation

Brief introduction, easy to see the ark,That is, what I am doing.,Yi Guanfang is a smart user operating product kit,Contains intelligent analysis、Intelligent portrait、Intelligent operation and other products,to usToBDigital marketing is most commonly used in intelligent analysis and intelligent operations.。

(digital marketing and website development)Intelligent analysis can help you do user behavior analysis on your site,For example, traffic channel analysis、Funnel analysis、Event analysis, etc.。These analytical capabilitiesGAABThe statistical tools commonly used by webmasters at the beginning are much more in-depth,Because at the bottom of these analytical capabilities are user management capabilities,with user identification,grouping,portrait,Group sending and other functions。Analysys Ark has a free version,Limit 100 million events a year,I estimated120,000 a dayUVThe following can be used,This free version is calledArgo,Interested partners need to deploy and install by themselves,There are also many free plugins available,For example, and Fanxiang Sales、Easy to sell,Very valuable。

(digital marketing and website development)Intelligent operation is to help you reach users,rules can be set,automatic execution,For example, send a newbie guide email after registration,for example7If you haven't logged in for a few days, send an email to recall, etc.。

(digital marketing and website development)Official website of the two products:

(digital marketing and website development)

Anyone who is interested can find out,I wrote a few practical notebooks,respectively《SEMPractical Manual》《To BSmart User Operation Manual》《To BDigital Marketing in Practice100articles》,Can't you get it together10Million words,The group assistant will send it to everyone。

(digital marketing and website development)User operates inToBquite rare in the market,Most user operations areTo Chow to play,because there are fewTo Bof teams have global control over the lead lifecycle,converted toSQLturned into sales responsibility,existSQLMarket is responsible,Therefore, both teams rarely go global to conduct user operations.。But as far as I know,There are already many teams that have extended the management of leads to the sales side,It's a good sign,I understand user operation is from browsing the website(contact)Full-process user management from transaction to contract renewal。

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User lifecycle is defined differently for each team,These stages are defined within our team:

public domain traffic、landing、convert、activation、high value user、contract。

The mission of intelligent user operation is to promote the downward flow of users step by step。

in the whole process of user operation,We have been thinking about how to make users more willing to continue to experience,Until the core value of the product is found;in different segments,How we empower users to operate intelligently,Make customer acquisition and cultivation more efficient?So we have a lot of smart ways to play,and distributed in different stages。

public domain traffic:

In the public domain traffic stage,Focus on where our target users are,Not much smart part,It is worth noting that,Here to do automatic labeling。

(digital marketing and website development)so-called automatic labeling,That is, when we acquire customers, we must consider the operation of users in the future.,Make sure that you can get a lot of user tag information during the registration process,such as what the user is searching for,what is the user's job title,What activity did the user come from??

(digital marketing and website development)these tags,can pass UTM (urla specification for labels)the way it was recorded,At the same time, when the user registers, it enters the user's various databases.,for exampleCRMHe Yiguan Ark,In the later stage, tag grouping can be done based on this,The next step after grouping is to precisely mass-post content to specific groups of people,This also helpsSDRperform customer care。

in the flow stage,It is necessary for us to record the tags of visitors,Because of a series of smart pop-ups in the later period、Content reach and so on need to accurately identify users。

Take a simple example,If we are when the user comes,get the user's search intent,Then when the user registers, the search intent is stored in the database synchronously。so,When we do mass emails or personalized recommendations, we can be more precise,More accurate content will naturally lead to higher open rates。

landing phase:

Visitors arrive at our website(ToBsoftware is rareAPP)back,Landing is the first point of contact between visitors and products,In the past, when we were doing lead acquisition, we would pay great attention to the conversion rate of the landing page.,We use heatmaps、Landing Optimization for Traffic with Funnel Analysis,Let more users complete the landing pageCall To Actionexecution。

But we missed a link,that's welcome。

What is the popularity of traditional user operations??lower right popup,The content of the pop-up window will tend to be aimed at new user guidance and basicsQ&A。

What is the welcome of intelligent user operation??We divide it into three parts to understand the welcome under the action of intelligent user operation,These three parts are the measurement、subdivision、reach。


We want to identify new and old users。forToB's official website,Users often come to our website to study or research,If the new user guide pops up every time,It's going to be a bad experience。


in this section,There can be a variety of subdivisions,I cite two of the most common subdivisions,New users and old users(multiple visits)identification,Identify needs based on user search intent。


segment-based population,Can be customized to provide different welcome pop-ups。

Such personalized pop-ups are very helpful for users to land successfully。


Conversion is when a visitor officially becomes our lead,That is, from visitor to registration,We need to focus on conversion rate at this stage,Optimize the overall conversion rate of users from landing page to form page to form submission with funnel analysis。

in the conversion,We always think about how to make users more willing to complete registration,by optimizing the form,Increase form leads to boost form conversions,However, smart user operations can make the conversion process smarter,It is still divided into three parts to explain how intelligent user operations help conversion rate optimization。


By measuring user behavior,We can locate the keywords through which users come to the website,You can also know from which landing page the user came to the form。


Segment users with different needs、Segment users of different industry solutions。


Let the form's leading text andCTAbuttons are customized。

At the same time, there are two additional intelligent operation ideas in this link.,Users who hesitate at the form link first,such as staying longer than20Second,So is it possible to solve user concerns through pop-up windows?,In addition, we can save this part of the population into groups and combine them with Guangdiantong.、Information flow and other tools for precise advertising and marketing。


To BWebsite has a magical act,Analysis of user behavior through Analysys Ark,You will find out what behavior makes users find product value,More willing to return visits,The magic of one of our clients is inDemocreated a report(create report yesDemoan act in),whenever inDemouser who created a report in,will find the value of this product,more willing to continue to explore,evenSDRIt will be much smoother when returning customers。

during activation,Our goal is to remove obstacles to get users to create reports。Now is not the time when the fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys,not to mentionToBThe business itself is relatively complex。So we started to think based on this goal,How exactly does it allow users to go through layers of obstacles to reach their destination??

We found out through Ark's user behavior analysis combined with online research,The reason why most users are unwilling to experience in-depth experience is that they do not understand or are not interested,So our strategy is,useworkflowGive users proactive guidance。


Find registered users,And get the industry selection in the field when registering、career choice、Keyword search;


Register for successful people in different industries,Crowd segment based on different occupations,Different solutions(Key words)Crowd partition


Under the intelligent operation of Yi Guanfang,useworkflowSet new user greeting mail automatic trigger mechanism、After the registration is successful,Trigger email immediately,The content is set to,how to download、How to experienceDemoAnd related tutorials。at the same time,Based on different user brackets,Give different customized white paper and content send。If the user opens the user's opening rate is low,We will also set up a reissue strategy,Such as users3There is no email,Make a second mail。

Such automation and customization will make users more likely to experienceDemoThe function,Promote users to develop in more mature directions。

High value user:

forTo BWhat is a high value user??That is very likely to be those users of our customers.,These users have a lot of common features in the previous period.,What we have to do is to dig out high-value users.,At the same time, cultivate all users to develop to high value users。

(digital marketing and website development)measure:

To BHigh value users will have a common behavior,For example30sky,A user is on the website andDemoThe volume is very deep,Multiple experience、At the same time, I experienced multiple contents.,This shows that users are interested,So we have to find out this user。same,If a company has multiple employees to visit the website,That explains that user maturity has evolved to last;


In the past30Tiantong accessed users all selected,According to the corporate mailbox to find a situation in which a company is multi-user;


Personnel listSDRPrioritize,Or conduct targeted lines of conference invitation。

(digital marketing and website development)Sign a contract:

Instrumentation,We are concerned about the user's product usage,The possibility of depth product use signing will be higher,We can make a timely feedback warning according to user product usage,At the same time, in conjunction with the user's behavior, provide depth services。


Use frequency over the product,Using function points, understand the true status of user products;

User-based use depth to find high active users、Silent user;


User successfully serving the online and offline,Online targeted give users to send product usage manuals and best practices,Underline active visiting customers to solve customer business problems,Improve the renewal rate as much as possible。

Different stages in the user life cycle,Smart user operation will play a huge role,forToBConvinced,User operation is not just the conversion rate optimization、The content group is so simple,User measure based on user behavior,User attributes and behavior,Personalized、Configurable、Automated content,You can improve the quality of user services。

This is the initial program of our team in smart users.,for reference:

digital marketing and website development(digital marketing and website development)

Intelligent user operation solutions play intelligent roles in the underflow of users with our interaction,Let us make user operation more efficient,Intelligent user operation solutions need two product support,Intelligent analysis and intelligent operation, respectively。

digital marketing and website development

Intelligent analysis collects behavior information on the website by buried points.,And use multiple analytical models to display these data,Such as funnel、Remains。We can make user-divisions based on these behaviors data and user's own labels.,After dividing the group, you can use the intelligent operation product to perform accurate pop-up or email.,Even SMS,Based on this simple product logic,Can have numerous kinds of intelligent user operation practice,Our team is based on intelligent user operation solutions,Developed103Bomb window strategy and55Automated mail to serve users,Let them know more about our value more、Content and philosophy。

I think this kind of operational strategy brings us more than just data changes.,This will be brand newToBDigital marketing combat exploration。

author:Zhao Yan Easy to see Director of Marketing