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Hello everyone,I am a small brother of the tool master.。Today, share a case of making money for job hunting sites today.,This little brother is not touched by the door.,Did not have a small project,Nothing succeeded。With the accumulation of years of experience,He is looking for business opportunities in the niche market,Found a one“Lifeng”(This stems from the headhunting work that he later)。This case is very worth learning from learning.,His business model can be used in many vertical segments,His strategy is also helpful to everyone.。

Arouse2012Year begins to serve as recruiters,Let it touch the job seeker in different industries。Soon,He2013year6Yue establishedCareer Sidekick,And began to post online job search advice in a small home office in Boston,At the same time, it is still full-time as a recruiter.。He finally chose to leave the recruitment department,Full-time focus on consulting and developing job seekersCareer Sidekick,To share the knowledge he has learned。

  • brand:Career Sidekick
  • Place:Florida
  • Founder:1people
  • Founding time:2013year6moon
  • Monthly:2.5Ten thousand U.S. dollars
  • Introduction:A job-seeking website,Goal is to help job seekers feel confident,And find a high salary,Demand。

one、Hello!who are you,What kind of business are you doing??

Hello,My name is Bron·Clark,Headhunting,Blog,Currently traveling around the world,Temporarily live in Chiang Mai, Thailand。

IYesCareer SidekickFounder,We are a job-seeking website,Millions of people in each year browse our website,Our annual business income is six digits。

In order to make money,We only sell digital products at first:Two interview e-books and a job search video course。However,In the past few years,We started more income from display advertising and alliance marketing.。

therefore,We are more like a media company,Not a company specializing in products。This website has experienced multiple iterations,We tried many profit models、Growth strategy, etc.。

I am very happy to share my results and everyone.。This website is about a monthly income of this site.25000Dollar,And I am the only full-time employee of this company.。

website development company boston

two、What is your background story??How did you think of this idea??

(website development company boston)I always want to make a full-time job online and get income.,But for many years,I have been working hard to figure out how to do it.。I learned the basic knowledge of search engine optimization and digital marketing online.,Try to have a variety of websites,But they have not succeeded。

A few years later,I25Older,Is a professional recruiter in Boston(Headhunting),Annual income4Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Friends continue to ask me about their job hunting and occupation,So I am thinking:Why not open a blog,Openly answer these questions??

I don't know if this will be my website.,But it seems to be reasonable attempts。

As a recruiter,My expertise helps me have received credibility and trust in this vertical field.。Through this project,I can share unique stories,Recruit manager“Behind the scenes”Talk about content。

I can reveal that job seekers usually will not see.,And through this way to help job seekers。

three、Take us understand how you design、Making the first product?

at first,I have established this blog without any product.。Most blogs take a long time to develop to earn six-digit income.,This is my goal。

So in the first year,I focus on the release of content and increase fans,Not profit。

(website development company boston)In order to make money,I will continue to work in recruitment work(Headhunting),In the end, I won the freelancer(digital marketing)。Freelancers are a good short-term choice,Although this is not my long-term dream。It makes me increase my skills while getting income.。

When I sell me how to operate my own website,I also got a reputation。I work for my customers.(My customers are in other industries,So there is no conflict of interest)Get the idea and strategy of the website。

I'm hereCareer SidekickThe first product launched on the website is a short job interview guide,Named《Job interview》。I have been waiting until hundreds of visitors have only to create this work.。

(website development company boston)At that time, most of my content surrounded work interviews.,I know people interested in this topic.。What interview articles can I see?,I have collected a lot of questions from the reader.。

My initial goal is7This e-book is written during the day.。Show the result14sky,It is relatively short,Not30Page。

(website development company boston)I did some market research,And try to verify my thoughts in advance(E.g,Other websites are also selling similar e-books,This indicates that the market is universally interested in this product.)。If the e-book failed,I just spent two weeks.,Not too much cost。

This is the cover of this e-book,Be inCanvaDesigned。E-book now35Page,After several modifications,But it is still one of my best-selling products.,It is also the cheapest product I offer.,Only need7Dollar。

(website development company boston)I think,For many companies,Provide some very cheap things is a good idea,This may be a impulse purchase。This book did not make me make a lot of money.,But it makes people familiar with what I teach.,And let them have the opportunity to see if I like my product。

Later,I can provide more expensive products,E.g,My video course,Or increase the price now after purchase。

Four、Describe,Process you create this business?

I launched this website in two weeks.,Because I know that almost all things can be improved and iterated in the future.。I don't want to analyze some small details too much.,I think after getting user feedback,I can know what this improvement is clearer.。

but,I really spend a week, looking for a domain name.。This is a bit of difficult to change in the future.。I choseCareerSidekick。I use“Lean domain search”Found it,This is still my favorite look for free tools for available domain names.。

I want to build an authority website,Over time, it can be extended to various topics.,So I need a wide range of、Branded Domain Names。

spent about10USD after registering my domain name,I bought another shared web hosting,installedWordPress(Blog website building system),A free theme template is installed,then start working,The total cost is less than250Dollar。

in the first few years,This site doesn't get any attention,While I was recruiting and freelancing,it has always been a side project。

(website development company boston)I made a lot of mistakes,The topic is too broad to begin with,Everything from job search to career planning to salary,causing the site to initially fail。

Until I started writing about the job search area,I just started googling、Areas like social media gain some traction。In fact,I spent months writing about job interviews,This is a segmented field。

(website development company boston)I think picking a narrow niche is very powerful。You can expand later。But if you want to be noticed,you won't be noticed。

When you have potential users in a niche,you'll be able to provide those users with a clearer choice。So they often choose you too。Once you expand,You'll have a fan base,They will also follow you into new topics。

website development company boston

Fives、since launch,What are you doing to attract and retain customers??

we are in the search engine(mostly google)Well done marketing。When I started writing about the topic of job interviews,I realized the best way to get search traffic was to solve a problem my readers were already searching。

I still see a lot of bloggers writing seemingly random articles,No one searches for the title。If you want to increase your blog/website traffic,The first step is to start adding the words people search for in the title of the article。

I useAhrefsDo keyword research。Google will also show you many related search terms after you enter a search term。In terms of page content strategy,I only post long form content and“evergreen”Content,These will remain for years。

next,I will divide my articles into many subtopics by subheadings,This way each article can answer many questions。E.g,If the subject of a post is“How to Prepare for a Job Interview”,then subtopics might include:

  • ①What to bring to the interview
  • ②how early
  • ③What questions do employers ask
  • ④How to research a company before an interview
  • ⑤Mistakes to avoid in an interview,etc。

Invite multiple writers to write an article,Also helps with traffic growth。These writers often share articles after they are published,Links are sometimes provided。

in addition,Inviting writers to contribute will help you build relationships in your industry,This way you can also get featured on their website or the publication they write for/mention。

Through the above content strategy,Career SidekickNow receiving thousands of organic visitor traffic every day。

I am still hereLinkedInmarketed this site,fans increased to20Dowan。for me,LinkedInandTwitterSocial media commonly used by job seekers。

existQuoraAnswering questions on is another great way to consistently drive traffic to my site。it's quite“evergreen”of,Means the answer I wrote years ago is still read。

I also have an email newsletter,Readers can subscribe to our emails,I use it to recall my users(By pushing content)。

six、how are you today,what will the future be like?

Our current business is a multiple of six figures per year,Has been profitable for the past four years。

2019year,we have grown344%。2020year,we have grown62%。I hope to grow this year100%+。Digital products have become a relatively small part of our total revenue,Now we earn more from advertising and affiliate marketing。

this year's plans and“Big”idea:

This year,I'm considering expanding into personal finance,It's a very lucrative field of blogging。I am also considering strategic website acquisitions and/or forCareer Sidekickdevelop a software tool/product。That's the three I'm focusing on right now“big idea”。

(website development company boston)personal goals and growth:in my own time,I plan to hire more helpers,So I can have more time to work on the business,I should have done this long ago。

my future18Monthly end goal is to double revenue。but,I don't necessarily expect profits to double,because I'm going to hire more people,I think it's a good thing for long-term growth。

seven、in the course of running this business,Did you learn anything particularly useful or beneficial??

be patient,Pay attention to the process,not just results。Most businesses take time to grow,So it's important to maintain and enjoy every step of the way。

(website development company boston)We see other people's success stories in the media,They seem to be overnight successes,But there are often years of struggle behind。Now see my success,99%People won't know that I've built a lot of websites before,but they all failed。

I have also learned to speak openly to some opportunities“Do not”。when you have your own business,People will bring all kinds of proposals、Ideas and partners come to you,but not all is good。

Everyone who comes to work with you will tell you,They give you the best chance,But sometimes it's not a good opportunity,It's a distraction opportunity,you should say“Do not”。

If your business is already growing rapidly,Sometimes the best thing to do is go the extra mile,Ignore all distractions disguised as opportunities。

I also learned that relationships are important,Include your industry。cooperate with competitors,they are not the enemy。you can work together,mutual benefit。in most markets,There is enough room for more than one player to succeed。E.g,Networking gets me featured on big sites like Forbes。

at the same time,Find relationships and ideas outside of your industry。Sometimes you can borrow ideas from other verticals that haven't been used in your niche/Strategy。I like to be more competitive、more lucrative market(such as personal finance),See what the top bloggers out there are doing,and bring their great ideas back to my blog。

It was this strategy that got me on LinkedIn20more than 10,000 fans。I simply put top marketers inFacebookand other things done on more competitive platforms,transfer these ideas to where my audience isLinkedInon the platform。

Eight、What platform do you use in your business/tool?

I useWordPressto build a scalable website。as far as I know,pictureWixandSquarespaceSuch platforms do not handle large numbers of visitors well。so,If you plan to make a popular website,Then think about the outcome,useWordPress。WordPressmarket share of all websites40%for a reason。

ActiveCampaignis the best email marketing tool I've ever used。good support,very advanced tool,Not too hard to learn。

EvernoteFor saving information that I don't need to edit or review often、Checklists and Notes。Google Docs/sheet,For my frequently edited notes。

SendOwlFor selling and delivering digital products。they integrateStripeandPayPalpay,and provides some features that I like,for example,Offers one-click upsells and more。

Ahrefs,For SEO research。Canva,for graphic design。Upworkfor hiring freelancers。it's not perfect,But I find it provides the best talent for most projects I've tried。

website development company boston

Nine、Advice for others looking to get started or just starting out?

Many entrepreneurs think they need to invent something new。Do not,Few entrepreneurs are inventors。on the contrary,Should look for a way that has worked,or find ways to improve,you don't have to start from scratch。

(website development company boston)Here's an example of taking an existing idea and refining it:I remember a long time ago,I have read a case study,A man found a best-selling product on Amazon——wooden cooking skewers——Then read some buyer reviews,Found everyone saying they were too short。

(website development company boston)So he took the same idea,make them16inches long,instead of12inches long,The result creates a best-selling product。

(website development company boston)My point is,You don't need to create something new to carve yourself a niche in the market and be successful。In fact,Having some competition is a good thing,Because it means people are willing to pay for your product or service idea。

Another key but counterintuitive trick is:Start with a narrow niche。Get a foothold on one thing before doing more,like amazon,At first it was just selling books,Later, it expanded into various fields。Career SidekickFocus on job hunting,Can be expanded at any time later。

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