the process of developing a website


The basic process of the simple version of the website3Process,Buy domain name、Buy server or virtual host、Purchase Building Tools。If you want a little ready to see some display sites,More than one process,Buy website template。If it is a domestic server or a website construction,There will be another station process.,Domain name。If you let the building company help you build a website,There are still several processes,For example, demand communication and confirmation、signing the contract、Website design、Website function development and other processes。[Kiss]

the process of developing a website

Different from the main body and demand of website construction,And the way we work is also different,therefore,The basic process of website construction is also different.。In order to let everyone know the basic process of website construction,I will share one of the basic processes of the website today.:Simple version。Buy domain name、Buy server or virtual host、Purchase Building Tools。

1、Buy domain name

(the process of developing a website)Buying domain name is one of the most basic processes of website construction,It is also one of the necessary products of the construction station.,You can understand so,Domain name is the website of the website,Map of the server or virtual host into an attraction,This domain is the route you arrive at the attraction.,It's easy to understand so much.。

the process of developing a website

2、Buy server or virtual host

Server or virtual host is where you store things,Such as text、picture、Video, etc.。Just now,You compare the server or virtual host into an attraction,Attractions,Composition this big attraction,That is to say, your attractions are placed in a big attraction.。

3、Purchase Building Tools

Construction station tools are generally divided into construction procedures and construction platforms,Take the site program you understand,This software must be installed to access and use。But the site platform and the construction program are different,Although you can build a website,But their way is different,The layout in the general construction program is fixed,But the platform platform is different ,You can adjust the layout at will。They have the advantages and disadvantages,We will explain in detail later。

the process of developing a website

finally,You can share、like、collect、Pay attention,in case for need,You can also view other content。[Kiss]