questions to ask for website development


The construction site is what many companies are doing.,A good website can not only bring more exposure to the company.,There are more hidden traffic。There will be a lot of problems in the process of website construction.,But many problems can be handled in advance.,So what questions should I consider before construction??

1、The budget required for the construction site。

How many budgets determine the final effect of the website,More choices in the construction site of general enterprises is website construction companies。How much does it cost to determine what the price?,Website construction companies are also three or six, etc.。Even if the same family will have different versions of different prices,Natural quality is also different。Therefore, you need a certain estimate of your budget before the construction of the website.,Other intents according to budget。

2、Probably expected website access。

How many traffic will be predictable after the website is online?,It is 10,000 every day.,Or general traffic。Both of these are very different。

1)Differences in the construction mode。

(questions to ask for website development)2)Server configuration。

3)Code system structure。

4)Different in the late optimization form。

3、Domain name。

Three elements of the website:

1)domain name。

(questions to ask for website development)2)Website page code。


Domain name is required to register with true identity information。The domain name is best to buy,It is recommended to buy all famous domain name companies.。It is best to choose a domain name, such as:Hunan speed horse corresponds to,The advantage of this is more conducive to user memory,And there is a certain help for the optimization of the search engine.。Need to see which sensitive things have you been in their domain names before purchasing?。

4、How is the background of the website construction company?。

General enterprises have very few people with special development website,In addition to itself, the company is doing software development.。More time is the website construction company,This is actually a learning,Nowadays, the website is building a lot of people.,So I must carefully observe when choosing the company.。

After finding the intention of the station company,Be sure to carefully observe how the company's background,Established、How technology。The most direct expression is the case of watching the website construction company。The case is the best to reflect the level of its company.。If you have a condition, you can go to the door to carefully observe.。

(questions to ask for website development)

5、Website production cycle。

Generally make a regular enterprise portal,Time cycle is about a month。Why are you so long??General construction a website,These steps are divided:

1)Web designer design,Pay in user confirmation,If there is no problem, enter the next step,Otherwise continue to modify,Repeat the first step。

2)Front-end engineer makes a static page according to the web designer's picture。

3)Back-end engineer writing the background program function,And write out the interface to the front end call。

(questions to ask for website development)4)The front end performs dynamic page production based on the interface provided by the rear end。

5)Test website performance,Have noBUG。

6、Website,Need enterprise information。

The website prepares the company before makinglogopicture、Information from corporate products and pictures, etc.,And handed over to the website construction company,This can save a part of the upload information data after the website is completed.。

7、Site language selection。

Now the mainstream language of the construction site isPHP,If there is a special requirements,Need to talk to the website construction company in advance,Otherwise it will be defaultPHPdeveloping。

8、Website construction production post-maintenance。

Since some pictures of the website、Text is sometimes unable to avoid modification needs,There is also a problem that there is a problem.,So to talk to the website construction company to talk about the post-maintenance problem。