how to develop a simple website


Edit lead:“website”It is one of the external windows of the enterprise,Can display products and services,Find new clients,A good website can make itself look more professional and reliable。This article focuses on the theme of the development cost of customized websites,Help readers figure out why different types of website development are priced differently,and what is the average cost of developing a website。

how to develop a simple website(how to develop a simple website)From a business perspective,A website has many functions。Can showcase your products and services,Find new clients,Build your position in the industry,Use it to demonstrate a more comprehensive marketing strategy,Make yourself and your products look more professional and reliable。

(how to develop a simple website)but,Entrepreneurs have different priorities。They first want to find the lowest cost for the business,The most cost-effective solution。so most of them,Hope before taking the first step,Have a clear understanding of the answers to some questions,i.e. how much does it cost to build a website,What is the cost of website development?。

As a website development company,Based on experience,In this article we will address the topic of custom website development costs,Help readers figure out why different types of website development are priced differently,and what is the average cost of developing a website。

how to develop a simple website

New Shtetl website,Shakuro design

(how to develop a simple website)one、What are the factors that affect the cost of website development?Why no one can give you clear estimates in advance?

usually,When looking for information related to the cost of website production,People want to form their rough expectations and prepare by looking for information。The issue is,when looking on a search engine,The results you're most likely to get fall into roughly two categories:

When you want to see specific price figures,Getting only text results is frustrating,and the second result may be more seriously misleading。

Why is this so?Why no one wants to give you a clear answer?

like any other product or service,The website itself has no value —— You won't pay to just get a website。You are paying for what it can bring you。As mentioned in the introduction to this article,The focus is on the potential of the site。

Let's imagine,you want to buy a new car。What factors are important to you?do you wish it was powered by electricity?do you need it to be small or large?Does its appearance matter to you??What does a car company's reputation mean to you??what makes a car comfortable for you?are you going to use it for work?etc。

Then,Imagine someone asking you how much a car costs。as you might imagine,without knowing the details,You can't give any definite numbers。A salesperson's job is to capture your true thoughts by (Great salespeople can spot your needs,Even if you don't know your own needs),Find out what products on the market are best for you。

(how to develop a simple website)When you want to find the car of your choice,Of course, a lot of feature filtering needs to be done。

how to develop a simple website

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When you want someone to develop a website,things are more complicated。a website is not a “off the shelf” commodity,What you are buying is a solution,to help your business grow。It depends on what kind of solution your business needs,The cost of developing a website will be completely different。

Another reason why website development prices are so different is that,There are several ways to create a website:

  • do everything by yourself,Include design、Coding and Modifying Websites,From layout to support
  • use WordPress and other website construction solutions
  • Opt for custom development by professional web developers

There are also intermediate options:Use the above methods at the same time。E.g,You can create a custom website from scratch,but use WordPress theme to manage its(lower priority)page,to cut expenses and speed up the process。

in other words,The main factors that affect the cost of website development include:

  • site size(number of pages)
  • technology stack
  • The need for custom graphics and animations
  • Complexity,i.e. the necessity to develop and customize certain functions
  • external factors,such as the market for web development agencies,their prices,Geographical location and capabilities

E.g,US Shakuro Like most web development companies,Two types of pricing for our services:Charge by the hourandFlat fee。for a specific project,Which one to choose depends on how much work has been put in。if you have an idea,but not much else,An hourly billing model may be a preferable option,because of its flexibility。vice versa,The more work has been done,the easier it is to give you a clear price,The harder it is to exceed budget constraints。

Web development is an industry that involves a skilled workforce,No matter how simple a website looks from the outside。The hourly wage for web developers is in the hourly rate 15 dollar to 200 between dollars,it depends on their skills、The number of specialized jobs you ask them to do and their geographic location,The latter is one of the reasons for the popularity of outsourcing website development。

how to develop a simple website

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Professional website development costs the same as any other professional service,But it's worth it。There are cheaper options too,such as creating a website,it's totally doable,There are also many tutorials online。but,It will take a lot of time,May take time away from other areas of the business。A professional web developer who knows his industry inside out,compared to an inexperienced person,Take dozens of times less time on certain tasks。also,compared to more complex solutions,One DIY of websites may end up looking amateurish。Appearance is important,Professional web designers know design guidelines,And constantly research new design trends,to ensure their work is up to date,and loved by modern consumers。

how to develop a simple website

Documo website design,from Shakuro

(how to develop a simple website)

two、website development process:Website development costs are not just a matter of development

To help you better understand how professionals estimate website development costs,Let's take a look at the main process of website development–US Shakuro how to develop a website。

1. research

(how to develop a simple website)We start by defining the needs and pain points of your target audience,and analyze your competition and business environment。This enables future websites to adapt to market expectations。A website can serve several goals at the same time。Define your goals correctly,and on the basis of this information,Plan the remaining phases of the work,this is crucial。

(how to develop a simple website)

2. design

The terms web design and web development are interrelated,Many people use them interchangeably。Although related concepts,but in reality,they are very different。

Web design means planning and creating flow and visuals。This includes site layout,web page structure,User Interface,navigation,Color combination selection,Font,image,Animation,And other graphic elements。The cost of website development also depends on how much custom graphics you want to use.,if so。

how to develop a simple website

Renewable Energy company website design,From Shakuro

The focus of the website is to write code for the function of the website.。Website developers use integrated development environment、Programming language and framework,Build a fully fully equipped website based on the project created by the designer。Network developers are divided into two:Front end and backend。

front end:

general speaking,The front end refers to the function of the client running in an application or website, and the development of user interface.。This includes everything that users see when opening the web page。Front-end developers cooperate with designers,Create a product that can be truly used。

The front end development uses HTML、CSS、JavaScript、React、Angular Wait language and technology。

rear end:

The backend is the software and hardware part of the service.。It is a tool,Through it to realize the logic of the website。This is something hidden in the eyes of the user,Means of,It happens outside the user's computer and browser。E.g,When you enter your query on the search engine page and press”Enter” Button,The front end is over,The rear end begins.。

Back-end developers use any tools available for them。usually,It is like Ruby、.NET or C# Such a popular language。also,Back-end development involves processing database management systems,Such as MySQL、PostgreSQL、MongoDB Wait。

3. QAtest、Publishing and support

(how to develop a simple website)only”deliver” is not enough,We must make sure everything is carried out,And make sure our customers are satisfied with the final product。Each link、Each table and script must be tested。After we check and check your website,It will be uploaded to the server。

Website support and maintenance services are optional,But we are always happy to help our customers maintain the results we have achieved.,And make it better。

therefore,all in all,To calculate the development cost of the website,Everything is attributed to who is doing and how much work。

three、Website development costs depends on the type of website

If the primary factor affecting website development prices is to choose who is your service provider,The second factor is the type of website you need.。caution,All the following numbers are approximately,Calculated by our experience。also,These are related(mainly)Estimated expenses for customized development sites。

1. Corporate website

It's hard to imagine a busy website.。Even a small business(Especially small businesses)Also need a website to represent yourself,To treat it seriously。usually,Corporate website is for a company(Any company including a law firm to the fitness center)Designed website,The purpose is to promote it and(Potential)Customer provides the necessary information。

It is mainly 15-20 Page composition,Including a home page,A page about the company contact,And page specifically show products and services。in other words,It is your business and its products。 Is one of these commercial sites。

how to develop a simple website

To create such a website,Approximately need:

  • 150~200 Hour UI/UX design
  • front desk 150~200 Hour
  • Backstage 50~200 Hour
  • 40~60 Hour for hours QA(test)and PM(project management)

If we set the average development fee for approximately every hour 40 Dollar(Including 35 US dollar web development fee and 50 Dollar design fee),We get about 16000~28000 Dollar corporate website cost is expected。

2. E-commerce website

This is basically an online store,The main function is online sales products and services。It is different from the business website,In addition to the information page,This type of website also includes category pages and product pages,It contains virtual shopping carts and checkout functions。

If you want to develop an e-commerce website,You have two main choices。A more popular、Easier、A faster way is to use some open source solutions,Such as WooCommerce —— One WordPress Open source e-commerce plugin。If your store is a normal nature,And the company is not large,Not operating and selling in an innovation,This is a feasible choice。

how to develop a simple website

Sternglas: E-commerce website product details page,From Shakuro

therefore,Create such an e-commerce website with the help of an open source plug-in,Approximately need:

  • 120~150 Hour for hours UI/UX design
  • 150~200 Hours used to develop
  • 30~40 Hour QA and PM

The price of the website is approximately 12000-16000 Dollar。on the other hand,If you have the requirements of your website higher than the standard process and user experience,You can multiply the previous e-commerce website fee 2~4 Multiplication。

3. Promotion page

The promotion page is a simple website,Its main task is to put a new brand、Product or service push to the market,And provide minimum information。It usually consists of a web page,You describe a company、A product、Event or any other concept,Don't need too much detail。

how to develop a simple website

Crete Mechanical Group website,Shakuro design

To create such a website,Approximately need:

  • 40~80 Hour UI/UX design
  • front end 40~80 Hour
  • 10~20 Hour for hours QA(test)and PM(project management)

The cost of a single page website is about 3500~7500 Dollar。

4. Landing page

The landing page is a page that allows you to get information on the website visitor information.。It usually consists of a small amount of element,Such as action appeal、Quotation description、Fill in the form。The main idea is not to ask potential customers to provide too much information when filling out the form.,Don't show too much text for them。usually,The main goal is determined(Order、register、Request, etc.)back,Everything else is based on this。A landing page(If it is a separate website)Can consist one or several pages。

how to develop a simple website

Channel D website,Depend on Shakuro design

to create such a website,approximately:

  • 80~160 hours for UI/UX design
  • 60~120 hours for development
  • 16~32 hours for QA(test)and PM(project management)

The price of website development is around 6500~13000 between dollars。

5. Interactive Media Site

This type of website focuses on text、Photo、Video or other similar form of presentation of content。Content is dynamic,That is to say,it changes regularly。It can also have a subscription option,Content above a certain amount is only available to subscribed members。This type of website usually has a simple and minimal layout,to avoid diverting the visitor's attention from the main—content transferred。

how to develop a simple website

Street Art News website,Shakuro design

(how to develop a simple website)to create such a website,approximately:

  • 100~160 hours for UI/UX design
  • 240~300 hours for development
  • 50~70 hours for QA(test)and PM(project management)

The price of website development is around 15600~21200 between dollars。

emphasize again,All numbers above are approximate,Taking into account the characteristics and requirements of a specific project,The upper and lower limits may vary。

Four、Advantages of custom website development

(how to develop a simple website)Let's chat about custom website development and why you should choose it。Whether custom development or using an off-the-shelf solution,This is the first choice a person needs to make when considering developing a website。

Custom website development is like creating and customizing software,To meet the needs of specific enterprises。if you compare it to clothes,then off-the-shelf solutions are like one-size-fits-all clothes,Just the right size,And custom development is like a professional tailoring a piece of clothing for you,Or create something completely custom from the start。Of course,It will cost more money,When you can meet your needs with less money,it may seem unnecessary。

True,when starting a business,Many entrepreneurs use out-of-the-box solutions that are free or cost little。sometimes,When every penny counts,it's your only option。However,You can't expect it to stay up to date forever,even for a long time。Web development technology is constantly evolving,Provide better functionality to users、Security Options(Even Small Business Websites Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks)and various functions。Your business is also growing。If you use your website for commercial purposes,If not regularly updated and introduced new features,Enhance user experience,It is difficult to attract new customers and keep existing customers。

This is the case with one of our clients —— CGMA,An online art education platform。when they started,An open source solution is enough for them。later,when they start to develop,An off-the-shelf solution no longer meets their needs,So they turn to us for help,Help them expand their business with sophisticated features and designs created just for them。One of our specialties is helping companies stretch their wings,Reach new heights of competitiveness。

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