website development process pdf


Enterprises want to build a fully functional and high-performance website,Then you must go through all aspects of the website development process and implement them one by one.,Project planning from the start>site planning>Design Concept>Information exchange>Visual effect>Front-end development>Backend development>Various tests to final release,Each of these stages is inseparable from the close cooperation of personnel in various positions。Let me tell you in detail how the website development process is.。

one、Project planning。

First figure out how the website is displayed,If a company wants to develop a website, it needs to open the company to the outside world.,However, each company has its own different views and needs.,The services provided to the user groups are also different,Therefore, it is necessary to carry out project planning as an option.。

two、Ready to work。

After a clear project plan,The follow-up work content is the planning work of website development.,But the first thing to do before the website is developed is to register a domain name for the website,Real-name authentication is required after domain name registration,Rent another virtual space or cloud server,website in progressICPFiling and Public Security Filing(The application will not be submitted until the website is online)。

three、visual design。

Basic information given by customers and basic requirements for the website,Designers create creations based on their own work experience,start the websiteUIinterface design,Generally, the home page is designed and then the user is finalized.,Other content pages will be presented later,Website Design Criteria Including TonesVIdesign、font/font size、Arrangement of material pictures and text、every line、Every pixel must be strictly controlled,Page design until customer satisfaction deadline。

After all page design drafts are completed,Size will indicate good as well as hue and other digital information,Output the necessary picture material,After packaging, hand it over to the front-end engineer。

Four、program development。

The core of website development lies in the realization of program code,No matter how well designed the web、What the user sees is just a static image,In order to facilitate the exchange of information,It is necessary to implement dynamic data interaction,like adding、Revise、delete, etc.,Still need programmers to write background website programs,The front-end and back-end website development steps are divided into two steps:

(website development process pdf)1. Display of the effect of the front-end page。

The front-end engineer is responsible for cutting the designed floor plan,and then puthtmllanguage application、CSSSource code reconstruction and page logic relationship and jumping of all links。

2. Back-end function development。

(website development process pdf)The backend program is different from the frontend,Mainly based on the front-end page to expand the database design and source code programming,In this way, the logical relationship processing of back-end development data information can be realized for data interaction.,Submit data store、Update changes、delete、query, etc.。

Fives、Program various tests。

After the web page is rebuilt and back-end development is completed,Various tests by project staff、project manager、Supervisors and project developers work together to carry out various tests and inspections,Then invite non-project members to carry out various practical tests of the website as different customer roles,Open feedback,Perfect for the shortcomings of the website,After troubleshooting,ready to publish,officially enabled。