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1丨 Henan Anyang a village nucleic acid detection90%Positive?Official!

EachAINewsletter,1moon13The fifth press conference of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of Anyang City held,Tangyin County Committee Standing Committee、Liu Na, executive deputy magistrate of the county government,1moon8Until9day,Tang Yin County began the first round of nucleic acid detection。As of1moon12day,Four rounds of nucleic acid detection have been launched,The fifth round of nucleic acid detection is currently underway。recently,Net Baiying Town West Rishi Village Nucleic Acid Detection90%Positive,Seriously does not match the fact,Tangyin County will investigate the responsibility of the communication according to law。(Anyang Daily)

2丨 The net inflow of funds on the north of China5.81Billion,Real estate stocks

(divi website developer)EachAINewsletter,As of Beijing time09:50,Head card index report3591.63point,fall0.16%,Profound14281.81point,fall0.97%,Shanghai300Report4825.62point,fall0.41%,GEM3098.33point,fall1.22%;Net on the net inflow into the north5.81Billion。

Real estate stocks,Xinhualian6Link,Dalong Real Estate,Develop、Tianfang development、Tahe Group、Huaxia happiness。

(divi website developer)Semiconductor sector opens low,Le Xin Technology、Tianyue advanced、Shiyun Circuit、Parrui shares fell super5%,Macro technology、Fara Electronics、Huaya intelligence、Boiman Electronics and other fell。

Lithium-lithium mining stocks lead early,Yongxing material fell close to7%,Mega、Tibet Mining、China Mineral Resources、Tianqi lithium、Tibet Everest, etc.4%。

3丨 Hangzhou police:Discover a forged Hangzhou Health Code website,Web developers have been controlled

EachAINewsletter,according to@Ping An West Lake News,2022year1moon12day,Public security organs found a forged Hangzhou Health Code website in work。Currently,The website has been shut down,Web developer Li Moumou(male,29age)Has been controlled by the public security organ,The relevant situation is under further investigation。

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4丨 Shaanxi​​12New new local diagnosis case6example,All in Xi'an

EachAINewsletter,1moon12day0-24Time,Shaanxi new reported local diagnosis case6example(All in Xi'an),Where isolation control is found4example、Key crowd screening found2example;Cure122example。(Shaanxi Weijian Committee)

5丨 Agricultural Rural Ministry:arrive2025National Chinese herbal medicinal material is stable450010,000 mu

EachAINewsletter,recently,Agricultural rural ministry《“Fourteen five”National planting development plan》,Indicated,2020year,National Chinese herbal medicine planting area435810,000 mu。With the development of traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese herbal medicine consumption is steadily growing。“Fourteen five”period,Stable planting area,Improve the quality of medicinal materials,Improve safety level,Help the health of the Chinese strategy。arrive2025year,National Chinese herbal medicine is stable450010,000 mu,Total area of medicinal materials50%above。(Rural Ministry of Agriculture website)

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