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I want to learnJavaScriptPeople say,Usually divided into two categories:First, beginners,Second, experienced programmers andWebDeveloper。But no matter which type of population,What we need to understand is that they must beJavaScript,Java、WebInterested in the direction。If you want to develop a modern website,Or if you want a high-paying position,JavaScriptUndoubtedly the best choice,Unless you want to develop nativeiOSorAndroidapplication。Although there are a lot of online resources to teach you to learnJavaScript,But find the most effective way to learn“Network language”It may be very difficult。So a correct method can achieve a half-time effect.。

website developer course online

LearnJavaScriptlanguage,First you will learnHTMLBase、CSS、jQueryandGit。You will build a simpleHTML / CSSwebsite,An interactiveJavaScript / JavaScriptSite,And a medium complexJavaScriptQ & A application。When you master the above basic knowledge,There will be some sense of accomplishment,so,You have the power to continue learning,Can learn correctlyJavaScript。I want to keep in mind:Hobbies are the key,Interest is the first。

When you have a sense of accomplishment,Next you will become more confident,Want to make your ability to show your ability,Here Xiaobian wants:ProfessionallyJavaTraining is better than self-studyJavaMore valuable。

as aJavaScriptDeveloper,Not only have the ability to create any startup you imagined orJavaWebapplication,And you can work,Get a lot of salary。This is to say:Only after deep,You will find the world you are so interesting.。

(website developer course online)

It is worth noting that,forJavaScriptNot as simple as a few years ago,You also need to know a true server-side language when you develop in front of the previous end.(Such asPHP、Rails,java,PythonorPerl)Development of scalable、Dynamic、Database driverWebapplication,But today you can useJavaScriptSome functions of the backend separately。Of course,This also requires you to have enough technology,Apart fromJavaScript,Some other technical points are also well known,for example:DOM、bootstrap、EasyUI、JQueryframe、mixAPPDevelopment Technology、JavaWith database、JavaWebRear end development、JavaEEMainstream frame, etc.。

JavaScripLearning needs to be accumulated,No matter what knowledge learns, you have to work.。In addition to learning theoretical knowledge、To develop a practical project,Read more books more important books。so,Xiaobian also shared everyoneJavaScriptGetting started,This video mainly explains the core technology in front-end developmentJavaScript,Commonly known asJS,The video is explained in the video.JavaScriptCore grammar、JavaScriptBuilt-in support class、JavaScriptdebugging、JavaScript DOMProgram、JavaScript BOMProgram、A large number of front end small cases、JavaScriptEvent processing、JavaScriptObject、inherit、JSONWaiting points,This video can open youWEBFrontal road。


The above is the power nodeJavaXiaobian of the training institution“JavascriptTraining video tutorial,Full classic course study”The content of the content,I hope to be helpful,If in doubt,Please consult online,Some professional teachers are always serving you。