website development jobs


Website development must develop development tasks according to user needs,Different positions of developers are responsible for different functional design and implementation,The work of each position is divided into the following。

website development jobs
(website development jobs)(1)Web designUIBe responsible for design。UINeed to consider the user experience、Website tone matching and operational process, etc.。

(website development jobs)(2)Front-end developers transform web design graphs intoHTMLpage,Mainly writeHTMLWeb page、CSSStyle andJavaScriptscript,If the front and rear end separation is used,The functionality of the entire website is achieved by front-end personnel。

(3)Back-end developers are responsible for implementing website features and database design。Website features require database providing data support,Essentially to implement the reading and writing of the database;Database design needs to design the corresponding data sheet according to the website function,And also consider the data association between data tables。If the front and rear end separation is used,The backend personnel only need to writeAPIinterface,Call from front endAPIInterface implementation website function。

(website development jobs)(4)Test staff is responsible for testing whether the website function is in line with user needs。Test process needs to write test cases for testing,If the function existsBug,You need to submit developersBugReproduction method。As long as the function is modified or changed,Test staff must retest。

(5)Operation and mains responsible for the deployment and online。Website deployment mainlyLinuxsystem,In addition to installationDjangoEnvironment outside the environment,Also needDjangoSet upNginxorApacheServer,InNginxorApacheBind the domain name of the website。

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