website development project plan example


one、Market analysis of e-commerce and related industries

The rapid development of the Internet。just a few years,Internet e-commerce has rapidly become the backbone of China's future economy from its infancy two years ago。new business model,Is profoundly and completely changing our traditional way of doing business,The new economy gives Chinese companies a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,Let us connect with the world economy in a short period of time。

at the moment,More and more enterprises use e-commerce to reduce operating costs、Capture market opportunities,Integrate business operations,build long term、Sustainable and profitable business operation model,Thereby bringing the enterprise into the fast lane of multiplying benefits。use the network,Take advantage of e-commerce,Chinese electronics companies、The electronic organization and electronic life have become more and more exciting business opportunities and vitality!E-commerce covers every process of business operation,From supply chain to enterprise resource planning,From customer relationship management to e-marketing,Always the right support for you。Accelerates the flow of information from the inside out、logistics、circulation of funds,Comprehensively reduce operating costs,Open up new market opportunities。

National culture has always been the weak link of the Internet,Basically still in the area to be developed,There are many reasons for this。On the one hand, those who are interested in promoting national culture suffer from lack of funds and technology,On the other hand, people with capital or technology do not see the business opportunities and investment returns that national culture can bring.;also,How to grasp the propaganda scale of national culture,To be elegant and popular、Young and old is also the problem。An overview of the existing ethnic culture websites,Good and bad,The industry market has not yet formed,Missing a true leader,Lack of classics in the industry。

Combine the characteristics of the Internet,We can see that,Doing lantern riddles is the best entry point to promote national culture on the Internet。First of all, it is a unique national culture in China,Secondly, it has a strong mass base,is the most typical taste、A popular form of national culture,Furthermore,Combine the characteristics of network interaction,It is also the most participatory in national culture、entertainment project,Can arouse the strong curiosity of network mystery friends。

so-called“Heroes in troubled times”,The weakness and confusion of the Internet in the field of national culture is just waiting for an opportunity to cut in、A good time to get a winning position quickly。A business with traditional advantages,Interested in promoting national culture,Possess considerable financial and technical strength,Find the best entry point and entry time,At the same time, he has the vision and confidence to do a great job in Internet e-commerce.,This is the ideal combination to build a classic website of national culture。

two、Competitor website analysis

website name

Chinese lantern riddles

Shantou University Lantern Riddle Association

(website development project plan example)riddle house


website description

Based on the lantern riddle portal

Typical Riddle Association website

(website development project plan example)More complete lantern riddle personal homepage

advantage analysis

preconceived,The name of the station is quite powerful,Successful use of secondary domain names for publicity,The content is more complete

Rely on the advantages of the association,Efficient use of resources,popular gathering

Enough information,very popular,Update in time,Participatory

Weakness analysis

slow update,Content Chen,simple page,lack of innovation

slow update,Interface affinity is not enough,

(website development project plan example)The interface is not beautiful enough,Insufficient program development capabilities

three、Analysis of the company's own conditions

***The company is a private enterprise producing traditional handicrafts,Powerful strength and resources in traditional crafts and national culture。Build a lantern riddle guessing website,Meet the needs of corporate culture development,In line with the national quintessence of enterprises,The original intention of doing practical things for the society,In line with the actual interests of enterprise product promotion and promotion,And open up new business models for enterprises,Taking the road of e-commerce provides an opportunity。

***The company's ability to build a network,have considerable confidence,Strategic vision for long-term investment,Provide strong support in equipment and technology,Choose a strong and reliable technical cooperation team,Provide human resources guarantee for website construction and operation。

Guessing lantern riddles website construction positioning and goals

one、Guess the lantern riddle website construction positioning

The initial positioning of the construction of the lantern riddles website is:An interactive network platform to promote national culture mainly based on lantern riddles ;long-term positioning is:E-commerce trading platform for traditional culture and craft products

(website development project plan example)

According to the feasibility report,National culture is the weak link of the current network,Dragons without a leader,worth cutting into,Quickly occupy a place in the network market;Lantern riddles are the best form of network promotion of national culture;Emphasize that interaction is the vitality of the network,Therefore, the important feature of the lantern riddle guessing website is to reflect the interactivity,Construct an interactive network platform。

(website development project plan example)

Preliminary positioning is for long-term positioning,The successful realization of the initial positioning makes the enterprise play an irreplaceable role in the Internet,Lay the foundation for long-term positioning,The final website will take the long-term orientation as the development direction。

two、Guess the lantern riddle website construction goal

Preliminary goal of building a lantern riddles website:use6months,Build your website intoThe most professional website of its kind、The most comprehensive and promising site;Carry out the initial promotion plan of the website,Ensure that website traffic continues to grow rapidly,and reach the following standards:After the initial completion of the website in the third month,achieve daily traffic100,;After the initial promotion of the website in the sixth month,achieve daily traffic5000,Registered members up to5000above。

Mid-term goal of construction of lantern riddles website:use6month time,Preliminary transformation of the website into an e-commerce trading platform for traditional cultural and handicraft commodities,Complete the construction of the platform;In-depth website promotion,Guaranteed continued growth in traffic,in the12Month to reach daily traffic10000above;Expand various forms of cooperation,Attract multiple capital injections。

Long-term goal of building a lantern riddle website:use12arrive24month time,operate the site asProfessional stationery and handicraft industry e-commerce trading platform,The website plays the dual role of an e-commerce product supplier and an intermediary service provider;Continue to implement the website in-depth promotion plan,No longer use the number of visits as a measure of website development,Realize registered members50more than ten thousand,Access the Chinese InternetCNNICtop100name;website advertising fee、Member service fee、Intermediary service fee、Enterprise product sales as a source of profit。

Guess the lantern riddle website content master plan

one、Content planning

website name

guess lantern riddles(Register a real name)

website domain name

Site overview

Mainly lantern riddles,AttachedIQquestion、Humor and other interesting columns,Open an interactive quiz community,Open Forum and Contribution Box。

(website development project plan example)Home Requirements

embody tradition,Rotating marquee on both sides,A pair of puzzles,Conventional:Plum、Orchid、bamboo、chrysanthemum;Sinottimer





front desk

(website development project plan example)1

[Mystery forest]

l Riddle classification

(website development project plan example)l Riddle:Mystery outline、Historical probe、Puzzle、Mystery explanation、Tiger necessary、Mystery file

l Mystery:Mystery Thai、Newcomers

(website development project plan example)l Guess the mother key:Guess programs、Guessing software introduction


[Riddle community]

l Appreciation of works

l Riddle Forum

l chatroom

l Running

(website development project plan example)l Answer

l Leyason



l Classical introduction(A day a mystery)

l New grass(Member contribution)

l Running rumbuse sun spring white snow

l Lens of Libe

l Mystery



l Lightweight

(website development project plan example)l Lightweight

l Heavyweight

(website development project plan example)l After a break

l IQquestion



l Daily smile

l Intellectual gymnastics

l Large world

l kaleidoscope

l Poetry

l Leyason

(website development project plan example)6


(website development project plan example)7

[about Us]



l **

l **



Website Member Registration System


Website Community Service System

(website development project plan example)3

Other related procedures

(website development project plan example)


China Lightnet、YES888、Mystery、Bram、Chuck、Guess、lilac、Windpiece、Chinese riddle、POKERGAME.COM

two、Website design and production and testing specifications

1、 Web designers use the website planning book for design guidance programs,Highlight the core idea of reflecting website planning;

2、 The person in charge of the website is to communicate with the website planning and designers.,Fully understand the website planning、Detailed description of the homepage of the established website planning ideas and designers and column framework;

3、 Production person in charge must implement each producer's specific work allocation,Tracking work progress,Coordinate the cooperation of different producers,Establish team awareness;

4、 All producers should understand the intention of the website、Home Design Ideology,Develop my assigned job task completion schedule;

5、 Text editing staff should actively communicate with the producer,Classify various original information materials,Processing and modification editing,Try to provide all kinds of data into the form of documents that are directly available.;

6、 Art editorial staff should fully understand the designer's ideas,Consistent with the designation in terms of style;Picture handling to combine the characteristics of the network,Use the correct and efficient processing;To actively cooperate with the producer to handle various web finishing pictures andlogo、bannerFabrication;

7、 Backstage developers must instruct the function module in the website planning book as guidance,Do targeted development;Full cooperation with the front desk producer,The part of the penetration of work should pay attention to the other party,Improve work efficiency;Function test from multiple angles,Consider all possible results;

(website development project plan example)8、 Production person in charge should be unified to manage the results of various producers,For each project,To set a exclusive folder on the internal release platform,Regularly summarize the results of each producer to the exclusive folder;

9、 Producer must be both,Also communicate with each other,Comply with unified website production templates or regulations;

10、Website proofreading and testers should have all the texts of the website、Link、Function module test,Give a detailed written school pair and is responsible for it;

three、Website construction schedule

Main thread

Divided thread



Total days


Single thread time ratio

(website development project plan example)Producer


Website planning

design production


Website section planning

(website development project plan example)2


Design style planning


Information information

Data collection


(website development project plan example)

Data editing


Network promotion implementation

Promotion activities planning


(website development project plan example)

(website development project plan example)

front desk



design phase

refer to



Design Framework Complete the main page and column main page


(website development project plan example)

Design ornament picture

(website development project plan example)3

Complete design integration

(website development project plan example)2

Production phase

(website development project plan example)designCSS



Complete all page production with decorative maps


(website development project plan example)

join inJS


Code optimization

(website development project plan example)1

(website development project plan example)

design production

(website development project plan example)Integration

Communicate with planners


(website development project plan example)8

After joining the background code,Integrate according to project team opinions

(website development project plan example)5





Background development

Review functional specification


(website development project plan example)34

(website development project plan example)

Determine modularity/Hierarchical design parameters

(website development project plan example)2

Develop a development plan


Write code


Developer test(Preliminary debugging)

(website development project plan example)3

(website development project plan example)

After joining the background code,Integrate according to project team opinions


(website development project plan example)

Upload function module


Trial operation

Collect advice and opinions perfect period

Debug release

(website development project plan example)2


Widely collected opinions


Supported modification and update


(website development project plan example)Guess riddles website technology solutions

Guess riddles website standard business website,Content,A wide range of functions,Server space required,And the functional requirements for the server,High scalability requirements,High tolerance and bandwidth requirements for future visits,therefore,On the selection of the server,To do it, it is enough to use and use it.,Can guarantee the rapid development needs of the website。In terms of choosing a self-built server or host host hosting or renting a virtual host,Be careful,Pursuing the highest best performance price ratio。Website construction and initial,Can consider renting virtual hosts,reduce the cost;With the continuous improvement of the content and functionality of the website,Accession gradually increase,Can consider hosting host hoster or self-built servers,Used to ensure website development and access speed needs。

(website development project plan example)

In terms of server operating system,can useWindows2000 Adervace Server Operating system andIIS5.0 InternetServer software,This server development environment is compatible with good performance,Development difficulty,More resources available;In terms of server security and stability performance,Need to load the virus firewall and anti-hacker software to guarantee。

Website program development can be usedMicrosoftthe company'sActive Server Pages Technology development and application,In terms of database use,can useMicrosoft the company's SQL Server 2000Database software;Technical maturation,Good compatibility,More resources available,Experienced development,Is the best choice to form an e-commerce network platform。

(website development project plan example)

(Attach)Virtual host function price list

Configure/characteristic/Host type

Professional personal type

Standard enterprise

Professional enterprise

(website development project plan example)service fee

Host fee




Settlement fee




(website development project plan example)AdditionalEmailMailbox fee




Additional spatial cost


(website development project plan example)50Yuan/year/10MB


Host space


(website development project plan example)100MB







Independent log file space



(website development project plan example)200MB

the system platform

Windows 2000

Windows 2000

Windows 2000

(website development project plan example)

(website development project plan example)Gift service

International domain name

(website development project plan example)/



Web page automatic generation template

(website development project plan example)

(website development project plan example)

Network bandwidth and traffic

(website development project plan example)Site location

(website development project plan example)Guangzhou



Connection speed

Computer room sharing100MBBandwidth high speedInternet

Computer room sharing100MBBandwidth high speedInternet

Computer room sharing100MBBandwidth high speedInternet,Unlimited traffic

(website development project plan example)Host function

(website development project plan example)FTPmanage



(website development project plan example)

(website development project plan example)ASP (Win2000)


Active Perl (Win2000)


(website development project plan example)Cold fusion (Win2000)


Administrator password changes

(website development project plan example)

(website development project plan example)Web password protection

(website development project plan example)Frontpage Expand


(website development project plan example)

(website development project plan example)

Guess riddles website promotion program

one、Website initial promotion plan

After the website is completed,There is a routine promotion period,In this period,Need to collect preliminary views and opinions on our website,And continue to increase the fulfillment of the website,Frequency update,Cultivate a preliminary visit group,Strive to reach daily visits100above,This period has the following means during this period.:

1、 Search engine filling:Do keyword indexes for each web page,Strive for each page keywords;

2、 Wide friendship connection:

(website development project plan example)3、 Apply for all kinds of net certification

4、 Participate in the Advertis Interchange Alliance

5、 To all kinds of message board

(website development project plan example)6、 Issue advertisements to major forums

(website development project plan example)7、 Using the forum network,Wide collection of wonderful posts,Guanghua Tianxia Pastry;

8、 Packaging production of various electronic books,Provide free download,Promote the website;

two、Website depth promotion plan

The depth promotion period is an important period of orbit on the entire website.,Can it be within a limited time?,Finished cost,Quick occupation industry status,Advanced commercialization,Mainly to see how deep promotion period is achieved。

(website development project plan example)Deep promotion,All the people,How is the main task of everyone to promote,Innovative effective new promotion method;at the same time,The update and enrichment of the website is also the top priority.,Ensure daily update,Ensure the latest fastest information and materials in the industry。

Deep promotion period is expected3Time for a month,Strive to reach day visits5000above,And maintain an upward trend。This period has the following means during this period.:

1、 Continue all the work in the initial promotion period,Adding appropriate,Is an important part of the depth promotion;

(website development project plan example)2、 Set mailing list,Produce this website electronic magazine,collect1000Wan Mail address,Guaranteed a machine at an hour3000Seal speed24Hours send an advertisement;

3、 Manufacturing release website information:In major forums,Significant title and content,Infitable form,Names in major news websites,Post related to this site,Various information favorable to this site(Pay attention to mastery),Attract access;

4、 Please be famousITComments or freelance writers give this website,Establish an image in the industry,One of the concentration points of the network(You can also modify some well-known comments articles,Repost)

5、 Printed publicity:Include business card,Cultural shirt,Poster,Post,Cultural supplies, etc.;

6、 Station name is involved in various network activities:Design competition、Guess the riddle competition、company recruitment、Related product information release, etc.;

7、 Cooperate with various types of network companies or traditional enterprises at all levels,In the early days, you can serve the conditions for free.,Get various activities、Commodity participation or opportunity to age,The purpose is to attract relevant attention,Preliminary conversion to commercial,Prerequisites are not separated from the topic of the website or expand the central theme;

Guess the list of money fairs website operation plan

Guess the hidden mystery website project construction initially established one“Sparrow”Small and full-specific leisure interactive website。Characteristics for this project,It can choose comprehensive in the early days of operation.、Refine、Efficient development team,The team can be mainly planned by the website、Web design and production、Website program development、Website Copybook Edited a total of four people。

Website plan is responsible for the company's specific requirements,Production website general planning book,Production column detailed planning book、Production website development specification,Coordinate the intersection of design and production and program development work,Coordinating overall work progress,Develop a website promotion plan and be responsible for implementation, etc.;

Web design and production responsible for website overall style design、Home and column Home Design、Website page frame design、Website art editing and specific page production, etc.;

Website program development is responsible for website function design development、Website interactive platform design and development、Network technology application and maintenance、Website program debugging, etc.。

Website Copybook Editor is responsible for collecting various website materials,Edit the content of the website according to the project planning book,Writing drafting website various documents,Production website promotion and promotion,Responsible for the collection of columns and the collection of text promotion work。

Website operations,Development team implementing project managers responsible,Project managers are responsible for team management and website daily operations,And responsible for the company,Real reflecting the company's website intention,Reasonably realize the development and operational goals of the company's website development,Serving the overall development of the company。Company Tracking Website Project Development Process,Companies comments and opinions,Participate in website operation decisions,Guide website overall development direction,Supervise the real and effectiveness of online promotion and marketing。

(website development project plan example)

***Company as a direct investment party and beneficiary of guessing riddles,Have the rights and obligations of choosing website operations teams and participating in major decisions,Select the website operation team,Mainly below the following four ways:

1、Established company network departments,Recruitment professional and technical personnel and network marketing talents,Composition company's own website operation team,Website development、Make、maintain、Promotion and marketing,All intellectual property and ownership of the website project;

2、***Company will guess the riddle websiteOutsourcing with project developmentTo network technology company、Network studio and other professional website development enterprises or team,The company invests in investment and participates in major decisions based on the list of websites approved by both parties.,The contractor implements all the relevant website development technologies and promotion requirements according to the agreement between the two parties.,***The company has all the intellectual property and ownership of the website project.;

3、***companyNetwork Technology Company、Network studio and other professional website development enterprises or teamwork;Professional website development team takes technology and management,Responsible website development、Maintenance and promotion,***Company、Office space and office basic costs as investment participation,Participate in website operations major decisions;Both parties have the intellectual property and ownership of the website according to the share proportion of shares and the benefits of the project.。

4、***companyNetwork Technology Company、Network studio and other professional website development enterprises or teams achieve semi-cooperative relationship;In the initial operation period of the website(Three to six months or agreed),Professional website development team is responsible for website construction and promotion,Be***Quasi-employee,Salary and other treatments,And enjoy a small share;***Company offers equipment and office venues,Provide salary,Most website shares,And can be at the end of the website preliminary operation period,Decide whether to continue working or cooperation。

Four ways have different,See the following analysis:



method one

Important of the Internet as an enterprise strategy development,Have your own technical team,Develop new product lines and profit points

Independent risk,Break the routine process and budget,Challenge companies' existing management models and existing human resources,Long-term employment plan


Relying on strong technical strength and management team,Guarantee for project implementation processes and quality,Reduce investment risks,Clear precomity,Does not affect the development of enterprises

Some existing resources cannot be utilized,Increase budget fees,Project progress cannot be effectively controlled,Project end continuation and scalability difference

(website development project plan example)


Relying on strong technical strength and management team,Guarantee for project implementation processes and quality,Reduce investment,Reduce investment risks,Website development continuity is good,Scalability,Development space and prospects

Can't completely have all the shares of the website

(website development project plan example)


Technical power and management team reliable,Real reflecting corporate development strategy,Stage investment,reduce risk,Effective use of resources,Flexible master,Website development continuity is good,Scalability,Development space and prospects

Small part site shares cannot be completely owned

website development project plan example


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