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China's live broadcast7moon21Day message "Job online"The platform is a national-level recruitment service platform organized by the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security.。Gather、All kinds of human resources service agencies"flagship store",Plays the role of public employment talent service agencies and business human resources service agencies,Realize the job job search information、Comprehensive convergence、Sharing and release,Support cross-region、Cross-level development recruitment service。

employment development department website

Four characteristics of employment online platform:

First、Comprehensive aggregation,Cross-region cross-platform recruitment information。Gather information national human resources service,Form a job for job search service、General hub。

(employment development department website)second、National Employment Service Platform,Official recommendation agency is more authoritative。use"platform+flagship store"Operation mode,Implement a comprehensive convergence of various recruitment information resources。

(employment development department website)third、Credit,Create a true and credible recruitment。Use big data advantages,Reduce market supply and demand information asymmetrical、Unsopamental cost。

fourth、National one-stop employment service。Integrated national recruitment platform,A registration,Enjoy one-stop full-process service service,Recruitment is more convenient。

job seeker:

National one-stop employment service platform

1、No need to register multiple recruitment platforms,Gather a national service organization,All kinds of positions are you choose;

(employment development department website)2、Don't worry,Service、Vocal unit dual certification,Information security is more reliable;

3、Don't worry that the strength is buried,Create a true and credible recruitment,Realistic verification,Enhance job hunting competitiveness;

4、Interview job search online full process,Implement one-stop looking job。

5、Job seekers can log in in two ways"Job online"platform:(1)Employment online mobile,Can be directly entered through electronic social security card;(2)Job onlinewebend,Web entrance addresshttps://www.jobonline.cn

employment development department website(employment development department website)picture:"Job online"Platform mobile

employment development department website

picture:"Job online"Platform official website

Human resource service:

(employment development department website)Enhance brand awareness Broaden the national recruitment channel

Comprehensive publicity of human resources service agencies,Display position nationwide,Check、Download resumes delivered by job seekers across the country,Release job information,Standby,Improve exposure,Multi-channel promotion recruitment platform。

1、Propaganda effect,Promote human resources service agency nationwide,Publicity no geographical limitations;

2、Add a national recruitment channel,Easy access,Provide one stop employment service;

3、Government's large data verification,Identify resume authenticity,Guaranteed the true and effectiveness of enterprises and personal information,Reduce recruitment risks。

Human resource service agency login address:https://a.jobonline.cn

employment development department website(employment development department website)picture:"Job online"Platform Human Resource Services Page


Nationwide One-stop recruitment talent

(employment development department website)Say goodbye to the past area recruitment、Narrow problem,Talents needed to recruit companies in nationwide units。

(employment development department website)1、Big data resume verification ability is verified by the employer to verify the authenticity of job seekers,Improve recruitment efficiency。

2、Variable area recruitment as a national recruitment,Expand the range of employers to recruit talents。

Employee login address:https://b.jobonline.cn

employment development department website(employment development department website)picture:"Job online"Platform employer page

"Job online"Platform will continue to perform functional,Subsequent gradually provide intelligent customer service,Video interview、Online training、Online evaluation、SMEHRcloud、JOLClub and other functions,Continuously optimize all kinds of user experience,Please look forward to。