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Virtual hosting services have exceeded20Many years history,Is a relatively mature industry,There are hundreds of companies in the market to provide virtual host rental services。Because of this,This industry is very competitive。The price of the virtual host service1Dollar to Hundred US dollars will have every month.,Service quality is also uneven,Some virtual hosts two days old,Not speed slowly。

This two-year station,In addition to users have special requirements,Basically useWordPresssProgram construction station,Not only powerful、Strong extensibility、High security,And simply installation、Easy to use。chooseWordPressHost space,price、performance、stability、speed、Customer service is something that needs to be considered。

GoDaddyThe earliest to provide domain name service,In recent years, it has steadily developed one of the world's largest network hosting companies.。As the most stable US,Fastest,safest,The most acclaimed virtual host provider,Currently provide hosting services from 10 million websites around the world。Let's chooseGoDaddy WordPressThe usage experience of host space and everyone share,I hope to have some help to the newbie station.。


first,useGoDaddyOne of the biggest convenience is that the platform provides a variety of high-performance configuration solutions.,Support unlimited space and unlimited site,Can meet the needs of different users,And renting price is relatively high,Buy1Year,Also send.comdomain name、SSLAnd enterprise mailbox,High cost performance advantage,Especially suitable for novice plansWordPressWebsite building。

two、Website stability and access speed

(godaddy developer managed wordpress websites)Well-known,The server's access speed and stability are important,Some small host service providers stand in three days,It is easy to cause website rankings to fall。GoDaddyGuarantee99.9%Normal run time,And the accesses are also milliseconds,Also provide all-weather website monitoring andDDoSProtection,I use it myselfGoDaddyHost5Year,There is almost no case where the server is not accessible.。

three、Installation problem

For the quasi-station that does not understand the development of technology,useGoDaddyNeedless to considerWordPressInstallation problem,GoDaddyExpertiseWordPressHost space service provider,Provide one button installationWordPressFunction,Pre-installedWordPress,And automatic update,Pre-installationWordPressIt means that you can start using it immediately after the dog is purchased.,The update of safety protection and core software will then be automatically performed,No need to manually,Save a lot of trouble。

(godaddy developer managed wordpress websites)

Fives、Theme and plugin

You can often see this information on the Internet.,Users are not from the official topic or plugin from the official,Data loss of the entire website。If it is a corporate website,Such a loss is difficult to estimate,thereforeWordPressInstalling the plugin must be downloaded from the official download。If you areGoDaddyBuyWordPressHost,WordPressThousands of free topics and plugins,Take care of it seriously,I can always take satisfactory themes and plugins,Meeting the problem of daily needs。

(godaddy developer managed wordpress websites)

six、customer service

(godaddy developer managed wordpress websites)AdoptedWordPressEstablish a station,Will always encounter various problems。An excellentWordPressHost space,Technical support system will be perfect,Online chat tools are usually available,Mail support,Help documentation and telephone support。GoDaddyFor better service domestic users,Specially launched a Chinese station and Chinese customer service,This makes it easy for communicating and communicating with domestic users.。General problems can be solved by email or online customer service.,And the service attitude is excellent。

(godaddy developer managed wordpress websites)

seven、Payment channel

The first problem encountered in domestic users is often payment。Due to most foreign hosts only support US gold、Payment of credit card,Many domestic users are not used to。CurrentlyGoDaddySupport for payment through Alipay,It is also very convenient to buy owners in China.。

Here so far,I analyzed from seven dimensions.GoDaddy WordPressHost use experience,If you choose how to chooseWordPressI have no idea.,So direct choiceGoDaddyCertainly there will be wrong。