how to develop a website and app


There are many open source in the market.CMSsystem,Can set up a website quickly,But delay、safety、Functional adaptability is definitely not well based on demand。Therefore, the following main introduction does not use open sourceCMSThe process of building a website。

1、Website positioning

(how to develop a website and app)Before doing a website, you must first find the location of the website.,Determine which part of the people want to serve、It is necessary to make what the needs of them and the post-profit methods of the website, etc.。

2、Website planning

·Determine a name and domain name that meets the website positioning according to the location of the website,Easy to go online。

(how to develop a website and app)·Planning the function module of the website and page layout

·Picture of the prototype of the page

3、page design

(how to develop a website and app)Designer according to prototype,Design page,Form release。

how to develop a website and app

4、Front-end development engineer sets a static page

Building a static page refers to the page that will be converted to a page that is designed to be browsed in your browser.。This requires a holistic understanding of the page design specification and masters some basic web scripting languages.,E.gHTML、CSSWait。have to be aware of is,After getting the web design effect,Don't draw pictures directly、Build structure。Should first carefully observe the effect map,There is a holistic understanding of the color and layout of the page.,Mainly include colors、size、Assisted pictures, etc.,Specifically, as follows

(1)colour:Observing the theme color of webpage renderings、Auxiliary colors、Touch up,Understand the color scheme of the page。

(2)size:Observe the size of the web effect map,Determine the width of the page and the distribution of modules。

(3)Auxiliary picture:Observe web page renderings,See which places used material pictures。Determine the picture that needs to be reserved alone。E.g,Repeat background diagram、Small icon、Text content map, etc.。

(how to develop a website and app)After a basic analysis of the page renderings,Be able to“crop”In。“crop”Split the renderings,Save the part that cannot be implemented as a picture。After cutting the picture,You can use itHMCsBuilding a static page。Building a static page is the process of converting the effect diagram to the browser to identify the markup language。

5、Development dynamic website module

Static page construction is completed(General and front-end engineer work parallel),If the site also needs to have some dynamic features(For example, search features、message board、Register login system、News information release, etc.),Develop a dynamic function module。At present, the extensive application of dynamic website technology mainlyPHP、ASP、JSPThree kinds,Specifically, as follows。


PHPwhich isHypertext Preprocessor(Hypertext prevention device),Is a universal open source scripting language。PHPSyntax absorptionClanguage、Java(CLanguage andJavaBoth programming languages)specialty,Be a way to learn,Broad,Mainly suitable forwebDevelopment field。PHPProvides a standard database interface,Convenient database connection,Very compatibility and exhibitivity,It is currently widely used in technology。


ASPwhich isActive Server Pages(Dynamic server page),It is a dynamic website development technology that is limited to Microsoft's operating system platform.,The main working environment is MicrosoftIISApplication structure。ASPGetting start is relatively simple,But the safety is low,And not suitable for large and medium-sized sites,It upgradedASP.NETAlthough this problem is solved,But low open level,Trouble。

(how to develop a website and app)(3)JSP

JSPwhich isJava Server Pages(JavaServer page),is based onJava ServletEntireJavaSystemicWebDevelopment Technology,It isASPThere is a certain similarity。JSPIt is considered to be the best security in website construction technology.,Although learning and operation is more complicated,But it is currently considered to be a promising technology in three dynamic website technology.。

6、Website construction postpartum

(how to develop a website and app)The post-construction of the website mainly includes the test of the website、Upload、Promote、Maintenance, etc.,Specifically, as follows。

(1)Website test

Website test mainly includes local testing and uploading network tests after the server,Specifically, as follows

·Local test:Refers a series of tests after the website is completed.。E.g,Link is confusing,Whether it is compatible with different browsers,The page function logic is normal, etc.,To ensure that the website is released to the server, there will be no basic errors.。

(how to develop a website and app)·Network test:It means a testing of the performance of the website after the website is uploaded to the server。E.g,Web page open speed test,Website security test(Server security、Script security)Wait。

(2)Website upload

After the page is completed,Eventually to uploadWebServer,Web page access function。First apply for a domain name and purchase space before you upload it.(Free space don't have to buy),Then use the corresponding tool to be uploaded。There are many tools for uploading websites.,Can be usedFTPSoftware upload(E.gFlash FXP),Can also be usedDreamweaverSelf-band management upload file。

(3)Website promotion

When the website is uploaded,Also constantly promoting promotion,Improve website access rate and reputation。There are many ways to promote the website.,E.g,Register on the search engine、Switching links with other websites、Add an ad link, etc.。

(4) Website maintenance

The website only often pays attention to updating and maintaining a fresh feeling of maintaining content.,Can continue to attract visitors。The main task of the website maintenance phase is to update the content of the website、Ensure the normal operation of the website and the classification of historical documents, etc.。