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website development kentucky

(website development kentucky)▲Screenshot of the official website of the Kentucky Lottery Agency

Editor's note

Compared to traditional paper lottery tickets,The paperless nature of the lottery gives it a special ability。that people are no longer confined to their own region,No longer limited to limited local lottery offerings,The world's lottery products are at your fingertips on the Internet。

And in fact,since2012year onwards,Online lottery sales have gradually spread across US states。Illinois Lottery and Georgia Lottery already sold online this year,But only through the National Lottery website,rather than a supplier。2014year,Michigan Lottery Implements Direct Online Sales of Lottery Tickets。2015year,Minnesota online lottery sales are supplied by two major suppliers。at the same time,New York State offers some specific lottery games for sale online,Allow residents to buy tickets and claim bonuses online。last month,Connecticut lawmakers are also considering a proposal to allow state residents to buy lottery tickets online。

Newspaper on2016year3moon25reported on《Online lottery will usher in the best time to develop?》one article,Israel Lottery Platform SupplierLottonetixChief Operating Officer ofMorEinhornpointed out in the text,The online lottery industry is still a far from fully exploited market,The oldest game, the lottery, is taking on new directions and opportunities as it goes online,and20162019 may be the best time to grow for the online lottery industry。

(website development kentucky)from4moon17day starts,after at least13within a month,Lottery players in Kentucky only need to register and deposit a certain amount on the state lottery official website.,can be purchased via the Internet including“Powerball”、“Mega Millions”、“Kentucky Cash Ball”lotto lottery,and at least5face value from50cents to3dollar instant lottery。In the future, more colors will be added to this sales platform.。

Chengmei allows online lottery sales in third state

Kentucky was in2013year3monthly vote,and in that year11month passed“Keno”Online platform sales of lottery tickets(Not playing keno online),3Years later,The online sales platform has only been built,This time, the sales channels of ordinary lottery tickets have been moved online.。

Since then,after michigan and georgia,Kentucky becomes third U.S. state to allow online lottery sales。Minnesota used to be2015It was briefly launched in 2018 but was suspended due to protests by opposition groups。

Online sales expected in the next fiscal year700Ten thousand

As expected in Kentucky,exist2017fiscal year(from2016year7month to month2017year6end of the month),The state lottery will be available through online channels700million dollar sales。and2016fiscal year,The state lottery agency expects a total of the various platforms for lottery sales to achieve9.945billion dollar sales。

website development kentucky

United States Kentucky2015Fiscal Year Income and Distribution Diagram

(website development kentucky)According to the data,2015Fiscal year is the establishment of the U.S. Kentucky Lottery22years since,A year of record sales,total revenue of8.991One hundred million U.S. dollars,Compare2014fiscal year8.588One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth4.7%。in,2.361billions to be paid to the state;5.5630 million to be returned to lottery players;5590,000 to pay retailer commissions。It is reported that,this fiscal year,The state government will support the education industry with a portion of the state's lottery sales through the creation of college scholarships and grant funds。

Intended to attract young lottery players

It is reported that,Kentucky Lottery officials have met with Governor Matt·Bevin,and to ensure that the Governor's Office and the Legislative Yuan are regularly informed of the progress of online lottery sales,State Treasury Secretary Ellison·Ball is also a board member of the lottery agency。

lottery agency spokesman chip·Boston said,The lottery tickets sold through the online platform are all previously sold lottery tickets,They're just increasing sales channels and not online gaming。

website development kentucky

Lottery games available in Kentucky, USA

(website development kentucky)The move by Kentucky is seen as an attempt to attract younger lottery players。in Europe,Online sales of lottery tickets have been carried out for more than10year,in lottery tickets sold online,have70%is being18-35Aged Lottery Players Group Purchase。while in Kentucky,Lottery players of the same age group only have25%ever bought a lottery ticket。kentucky lottery president ah·Gleason said,The state's lottery players are aging,To maintain lottery sales,The lottery industry needs to attract more young people,Especially those young lottery players who have embraced online sales methods。Young people are very dependent on mobile terminals and the Internet,They want to be able to connect to their favorite products over the Internet,And lottery agencies just offer what they want。

Brick-and-mortar retailers worry or eliminate

The move caused the state3200Brick-and-mortar retailers' concerns,to this,Gleason said,Online sales can help brick-and-mortar retailers,rather than hurt them。He gives an example,After launching a lottery online sale,Michigan lottery brick-and-mortar retail sales grow6%,Georgia grew4%。And the retailer group can also get more commissions。

According to reports,Lottery players can deposit money directly from their credit card into their lottery accounts on the online platform,You can also save money through brick-and-mortar retail locations,And retailers can get5%commission,Issued by the lottery。The minimum amount to be recharged by lottery players is10Dollar,daily maximum of200Dollar。To help brick-and-mortar retailers,Lottery agencies also encourage lottery players to top-up at retail locations。in front6month,Lottery players only need to make a single deposit at the retail point of at least20Dollar,you can get additional5USD voucher。

Anti-addiction agencies set multiple restrictions

(website development kentucky)Kentucky Lottery says,They have put in place precautions to deal with excessive gambling。for example,The maximum amount a lottery player can add to their lottery account per week is500Dollar,per month1000Dollar。at the same time,The online platform also sets“alarm bell”To remind lottery players of the time spent on lottery platforms。

Boston said,Launching online sales of lottery tickets doesn't add any added cost to the state。state lottery operatorIGTWill be received in the remaining income after the bonus is redeemed16.99%income。The rest will still go to the state's educational scholarships and literacy programs, etc.。(Chen Huan、Li Di/compile)


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