magento 2 website development cost


magento 2 website development cost

Many cross-bordersB2CE-commerce platform user, regardlessAmazon, eBayAliExpress, Are considering making aB2CSeparate station to assist, There are many advantages, I will explain in detail in the following lecture..

Foreign tradeB2CHow do you choose the mall building system?, WordPress, Shopify, MagentostillOpencart?

At present online about foreign tradeB2CMall construction system articles, Be based onB2CSubject economic and practical considers. Today, this lesson we are economically, There is also GoogleSEOMarketing perspective to explain foreign tradeB2CHow to choose the mall building system.

1. WordPress

WordPressA use ofPHPLanguage development blog system, GloballyWordPressThere are many users in the system build the website., But do more as an news class, Information class, Blog. WordPressVery powerful, GoogleSEOVery friendly, Demand is also very strong, Various plugins in the market are very rich, But the born blog gene is used to doB2CMall independent station, The user experience will not be too good.. And Google is always standing in the user's perspective., If a website user experience is not good, Will n't give this website very good keyword, This point of Google will never change, It is also the fundamental of Google to win the user..

(magento 2 website development cost)In the fake industryWordPressWebsite, AmericaPrivate Label ExtensionsIt is very good to do it.. Everyone can useSemrushTo detect itPrivate Label ExtensionsTraffic source, Most of this website is from its blog system., Retail keyword rankings have little traffic. Website has retail function, But the retail user's purchase experience is very bad., Everyone can go to buy a test to see, Choose, payment system, The freight system is not good.. Fortunately, this website is mainly for wholesale customers and distribution customers., Retail is just its auxiliary business.

(magento 2 website development cost)In general, WordPressNot recommended for foreign tradeB2CMall website.

2. Shopify

ShopifyIt is very popular in North America.B2CMall Building System, ShopifyTaking a wooden fool building to win a lot of users, I only need someone who is a little bit of station base.B2CMall website.

But the drawback is also very obvious., ShopifyIs a non-founded mall system, Its website cannot be considered a complete standalone station, Is a stand-alone station and platform(Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc.)A website between. That is, you can't haveShopifywebsite100%Control, Ball not walking source data(leftShopifyYou have nothing.), Secondary developmentShopifyThe programmer is hard to find, Website is easy to be sealed(Mainly infringement, This can't be blameShopify, But for Chinese sellers, Unintentional infringement causes the website to be sealed and very embarrassed.), The charge is unreasonable, Everyone can go see it.Shopifyofficial( standard.

magento 2 website development cost(magento 2 website development cost)Another one is also becauseShopifyThere are very many websites, ShopifyConsider it for your own interests, Will sacrifice its users a lot of interests.

From GoogleSEOMarketing perspective, The website directory is the most important place outside the website home page.. Homepage only one page, Can't do too much keywords, And the website directory can have many pages, Each directory page can do a corresponding keyword. For a website, Home is the highest weight page, SecondaryurlPage second, Then three levelsurlpage, Four-levelurlpage, Page right reducing. That is to say, in the same case, Home Level 2urlThe page is easier to do keyword rankings, SecondaryurlThe page is easier to do keyword rankings than the three-level page.. ShopifyDirectory pageurlUsually this is like this, Website domain name/collections/Directory page(case:, Secondary levelurlforcollectionsBe unwaver, ShopifyCan't sacrifice your own interests.

(magento 2 website development cost)In general, ShopifyMore suitable for small and small sellers, The previous investment is not too big, Technical is not required. It's very uncomfortable for big sellers., Give each yearShopifyThe commission is sufficient to overcome a small technical team, andShopifyandAmazonWaiting for platforms, It can't bring you any traffic.

3. Magento

MagentoIs the most powerful open source mall system in all mall systems, UseMagentoCome to doB2CMall is more, GoogleSEOBe relatively friendly, Strong scalability, The plugin market is also very rich, You can continue to add improved functions in the later stage, Relatively speakingMagentoThe programs prices in secondary development are relatively high. MagentoWhether it is installed or the most complicated in the later use, Other mall system background operation is relatively simple, Ordinary operations can be operated slightly., andMagentoMany problems in the background, Need to compare professional programmers assist in solving, The latter operation is very complicated.

MagentoCan withstand moreSKUNot affecting the normal operation of the website, More suitable for thoseSKUMore large websites(Sale of the big seller is two concepts). And as a case of the case industry wig, B2CMall websiteSKUThe quantity will not exceed1000indivual, useMagentoCome to doB2CMall website, A bit of a little big horse trainer. MagentoWebsite operates very high, Server cost, Technical team cost, Used to make a fake eyelash industryB2CThe website is not necessary.

4. Opencart

(magento 2 website development cost)OpencartIs a lightweightB2CMall system, GoogleSEOBe relatively friendly, You can customize the website login payment link(Mainly considering safety, Do not need to consider GoogleSEOLink)Outside of allurl, The plugin market is also very rich. OpencartCode quality is high, Relative toMagentoConvinced, OpencartSecondary development programmers are easier to find, The price is also relatively low. OpencartBackground operation is relatively simple, It's easy to get started, For a smallB2CMall stationSKUNothing, OpencartHave enough. If the siteSKUToo many thousand or even more than 10,000, OpencartIt will be a little difficult to run.

(magento 2 website development cost)做为我们讲课的案列行业假发睫毛行业, As our lecture, the case, the wig, the eyelashes industrySKU, 不是所谓意义上的大型B2COverall, it will not involve too many, 不管你是公司运营还是个人SOHO, Not a large number of so-called senseOpencart商城系统.

(Mall website:黄天琪外贸B2CNo matter whether you are company operation or personal)

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