how to develop a website content strategy


(how to develop a website content strategy)Dynamic page?

When we are talking aboutSEOwhen,You may think,Is the page not all dynamic??

right,In theory,Each page is dynamically changed。

(how to develop a website content strategy)today,We want to discuss the dynamic page,May be discussed with us:

① List page

② tagpage

③ Random page

(how to develop a website content strategy)Still there is a certain difference,And the dynamic page we want to discuss,Mainly include the following3Aspect:

① Old content update

② Spider pool station group page

③ Short content page

During this process,Due to the large page“renew”,It is often caused by a specific keyword fluctuation.,for example:

how to develop a website content strategy(how to develop a website content strategy)

1、Old page update

We often need to emphasize the content of old sex needs regular updates.,Used to meet the latest search needs,This is the topic that we often talk about often,I will do this for some other search engine optimizations.。

(how to develop a website content strategy)Really:

You will find,Continuous page new keyword rankings,Instead, the ranking of old keywords,There will be a loss of loss。

The main factor in this problem:

When we are increasing new content,Silvely changed the subject core of the entire page。

How to better avoid this problem,I think:

① When renovating the content of the website content,Key words density of core prior words,Make sure the update,Density is not floating,Actually,We also need to review the density of some relevant keywords。

② Page paragraph structure needs to maintain an early logic order,Don't write content。

③ Appropriate increase in content to properly associate the old keywords for the new page。

2、Spider pool station group page

So-called dynamic page,Everyone isSEOGet started,May have such an idea,It is good to think that the page is dynamic.,If your page keeps the update frequency is relatively high,Attract a lot of search engine spider crawling。

The direction of this theoretical framework is correct。

(how to develop a website content strategy)that's why,Spider pool program,Templates that often develop a variety of dynamic updates,The purpose is to attract more spiders。

But in fact,We believe:

(how to develop a website content strategy)This dynamic page,Not the page itself,And bringing frequent crashes from spiders。

But because of the generation of random dynamic pages,Created a personalized page,Added the recording rate of the search engine,Frequent growth,More, from the continuous reproduction and increment of the page。

So this type of group page,Single page ranking is basically unstable。

And the trader doesn't care about this situation.。

3、Short content page

The so-called short content page mainly refers to,The main content of the page is very short,May have300-500Word left and right,Whole page structure design,Often a large frame,for example:

① Side bar large call random content。

② Short content,With a large number of related pages and information push。

(how to develop a website content strategy)Make the contents of the sidebar and the bottom of the bottom more than the short content in the main body.,This potentially cause the keyword rankings possible unstable。

solve this problem:

We recommend trying to use site structured design,Increase the relevance of short content topics,for example:

① The module name called by side bar uses short content related text,Side bar literacy introduction。

② Short content part of the main content if calling pictures,Appropriate useALTLabel,Increase short contents of keyword density。

③ Set the set of set-type comment modes,Random call,Improve short content page correlation。

Summarize:About dynamic page,Key words ranking stability,There are still many details that need to be discussed,The above,for reference only!