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SalivaCTClinical developer

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spectrumCTClinical Developer Conference

6.23 Beijing

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UnfoldCTDevelopment history,

We seeCTTechnology continuous innovation、Crossing the journey,Engraving countless engineers and clinical experts to explore and innovate footprints。

(website developer ct)Every change is a breakthrough in core technology,Behind it,EntirelyCTThe efforts and sweat of clinical developers have spawnedCTClinical application“Golden ten years”。

Today,R & D by PhilipsIQonspectrumCTBecoming the currentCTRevolutionary origin,forCTEnergy imaging conventional application“Dawn”。

6moon23day,Philips spectrumCTClinical Developer Conference(SIEC)Hold in Beijing,200Flying Philips spectrumCTClinical developers gather in Beijing,Brought itIQonspectrumCTValuable experience in clinical application。future,SIECWill be created for brand events in this field,Become a Philips spectrumCTApplicants' high-end communication platform,A lot of spectrumCTNew clinical and scientific applications will be shared here。

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Innovation revolution

CTBlack and white“Rainbow source”

IQonspectrumCTReally openedCTof“Four”Spectral era

IQonspectrumCTInnovative features

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Philips research and developmentIQonspectrumCT,From the moment of birth,Deserve“Real colorCT”This property is destined。

Every breakthrough industry limit creation,All once“Spectral power”Reinterpretation。

IQonspectrumCTCreate us to lead us to enter、Homology、In the same direction、Synchronous“Four“Spectral era。

Ten years of grinding a sword,IQonspectrumCTBetter image quality brings a higher lesion detection rate,Reduce repeat imaging examination;Lower radiation dose,BiggerReduce medical costs and patients' medical burden。Break through the traditionCTbottleneck,Implement imaging“Quality change”。

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Forever chasing

Science and technology promotes research innovation

IQonspectrumCTClinical research base and joint laboratory project launchwebsite developer ct

IQonspectrumCTEnter China,Show huge potential of clinical and scientific research development,However, waiting for it, there is more need to be excavated and explored unknown。therefore,Philips United domestic and foreign well-known experts、《Chinese Journal of Radiology》Waiting for domestic frontier journals,Start the spectrumCTClinical Research Base and Construction Laboratory Project,In order to promote more spectrumCTReceived。

(website developer ct)With the land of the project,Philips will increase the spectra of hospitalCTApplication training,Assist imaging science to develop more spectrumCTClinical application,Promote and improve the application of spectral images in the whole process of diagnosis and treatment。also,Philips will also increase and spectrumCTPriority cooperation opportunities for domestic frontier developer hospitals,Promote hospitals based onIQonspectrumCTClinical and scientific research results on new stairs。

(website developer ct)promote《IQonspectrumCTImage diagnostic expert consensus》Project implementation

(website developer ct)Currently,《Chinese Journal of Radiology》Push《IQonspectrumCTImage diagnostic expert consensus》Project implementation。IQonspectrumCTInnovative color reading method,MakeCTThe image of the image is no longer black and white.,Imaging is more clear,Brought huge changes for clinical diagnosis。However,Under change,Clinically, a clinical guidance document is also needed。therefore,Philips pioneering is through deep cooperation with domestic top hospitals,In order to developIQonspectrumCTClinical standard,ApplicationsIQonspectrumCTThis innovative product,Further excavate and explore for clinicalIQonspectrumCTThe potential provides a basis。

《Chinese Journal of Radiology》Open“Yao Yao China-Color spectrumCT”Image column essay activity

(website developer ct)also,Give full playIQonspectrumCTAbdominal tumor、Important clinical value of cardiac coronary artery and peripheral circulation system,improveIQonspectrumCTPrecision of scanning and disease diagnosis in three major clinical directions,Western patient,《Chinese Journal of Radiology》United Philips,organized“Yao Yao China-Color spectrumCT”Image column essay activity。I hope to use this activity,Ability to collect a lot of innovative、Science and practical academic papers,Continuous expansion spectrumCTClinical and scientific application space,Promoting my country's clinical developers continue to make a high level of results。

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pay tribute

(website developer ct)Clinical developer

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Jin Zheng YuguAward

Director of the Chinese Medical Association Radiology Branch

IQonspectrumCTOpened a new era,It is also,It is more necessary for clinical developers to constantly try to explore、Summary feedback,ChinaIQonspectrumCTUser walks on the International Stage,Share high quality research results,In turn drive ChinaCTClinical application level reaches international forefront。

《Chinese Journal of Radiology》 Zhang Linlin Director

(website developer ct)“

《IQonspectrumCTImage diagnostic expert consensus》Will be a high level、high quality、High level of academic consensus,Confocute to heart coronary、Peripheral circulation system、Three core clinical directions of abdominal tumors,Provide clinicalIQonspectrumCTNew solution。

Washington University Professor Sahani(Dushyant Sahani)

We have always advocated energy imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University.,In this regard, we have all the models of various manufacturers.,butIQonIt has the most accurate and conventional feasible capabilities that break through various constraints.,Excellent performance,Different from the pastDECTCharacteristics。

Utrecht University, Netherlands Professor Lane(Tim Leiner)

applicationIQonspectrumCTThere are often many unexpected discovery,This is the originalCTCan't do it,One scan can reach a variety of purposes;And the multi-parameter characteristics are beneficial to the development of the frontier study。

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Wang YiProfessor Ning Professor

IQonspectrumCTIn addition to responding to various complex coronary examination,Low dose spectrum imaging can be achieved under normal scanning,Provide more clinical information such as myocardium,Can achieve40~200 kevSingle energy grade coronary analysis,Schema restenosis analysis、Patient composition analysis、Myocardial ischemia assessment, etc.,Provide high standards for cardiac physicians。

Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Professor Yang Wenjie

IQonspectrumCTLowMonoEimage、Iodite and effective atomic order images can effectively improve diagnostic efficacy,Helps find hidden lesions、Reduce missed diagnosis。also,Quantitative evaluation of tumor microplate levels by spectroscopy iodine concentration,Tumor activity can be accurately assessable,The treatment of tumors has opened an unprecedented new field.。

Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Professor Wu Lingming

Spectral imaging isCTDevelopment of the future direction,IQonspectrumCT truly“Three-same”Imaging:at the same time、Homology、In the same direction;spectrumCTOne-stop imaging in the head and neck,And in vascular stenosis、Plaque spectral analysis and post-angry review have important value;heartCTCheck can provide coronary arteryCTA、Plaque analysis、Myocardial spectroscopy one-stop heart examination,Is the best choice for cardiac energy scanning。

Shengjing Hospital, China Medical University Professor Yue Yong

spectrumCTNot only can provide different conventional pulmonary artery imaging,Spectral iodine map can also be provided at the same time、Spectroplastic atomic sequence diagram,Analysis of pulmonary perfusion defect,Heliflow pulmonary embolism and lung infarction level。

Beijing University First Hospital Professor Wang Xiaoying

Image workers should change their thoughts,Greet the progress of image technology and equipment,Application Automation Information Management Platform and with Deep Learning FunctionsAITechnology,Creating a better future。

Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University Professor Liu Yio

IQonspectrumCTA conventionalCTAScan can complete stroke check,Large reducing radiation dose,And provide multi-parameter diagnostic information;In addition, it is possible to partially replace the traditionalCTPerfusion imaging,Greatly improved the treatment process for clinical stroke。

IQonspectrumCTTrue energy imaging to clinical practice,LeadCTImage from structural direction,Drop the problem from description。Image of the dream is not ended,We have reason to look forward toIQonspectrumCTLeading imaging must go to the future of the future,OpenCTAnother clinical application“Golden ten years”!

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