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recently,Chrome Developer David Bienvenu In its name《The Fast and the Curious》Series new blog post,detailed“Reveal”Google is recently Chrome Some improvements made by the browser。in,I include Google last time. 3 Annual study created Native Window Occlusion(Native window occlusion)project,Allows the browser start speed 25%。

google developer tools website speed

It is reported that,The blog post explained Google as a reduction. Chrome Work made by labels and window resource consumption。Google said,This operation makes Chrome The start speed is improved. 25.8%,The number of collapse is reduced 4.5%。

Should“Reveal”Blog post also pointed out,Google has been studying how to make better determined which Chrome Window and tab visible to users,In order to properly allocate system resources properly。

we know,Not in the focus tab(Also known as“Background tab”)Reduce CPU and GPU Resource priority,But blocked window(Open window,But completely or partially covered by other windows)What is it??

(google developer tools website speed)About this question,Bienvenu Write in the blog post,Google understands“20% of Chrome Window is completely covered by other windows,That is, it is completely blocked。If these shaded windows are treated as a background label,Then our hypothesis will see a significant performance advantage。”

then,Google company is right“Native Window Occlusion”(Native window occlusion)Project development research,The project will allow Google to understand any open Chrome Window blocking state。Of course,I want to understand this.,They must also know that Chrome Browser window location,But this is not Windows The information that the operating system can provide。

Consider multi-monitor settings and virtual desktops and other factors,The above problem becomes more difficult。

(google developer tools website speed)In order to solve this problem,Google put forward“occlusion calculation(Blocking calculation)”plan,It can UI Individual thread running,First calculate the total visible area of the user,Subtract all words from the visible area of the virtual desktop“Cover”of Chrome window,Check each open window afterwards,Finally, subtract any open window from the total number.。

google developer tools website speed

if Chrome window,It will check if its area overlaps with unbacked areas.;If not Chrome window,Meant Chrome The window is completely covered by the previous window。at this time,Software will run calculations,Until all Chrome The window is marked as obstruction,This means that the remaining part must be visible to the user。After this information,Publish a task again to the planned program,To enhance the visibility of the browser window。

Google increases through the assessment of hidden windows Chrome performance

With the above solution,Google has put forward an interesting question.,“How long can we run a calculation??”

About this question,Bienvenu Also learned in the blog post。He said,Continuous operation reduces performance,Therefore, it must be a selective operation.。

Good Windows The system allows applications to track mobile and adjustments such as open window size.,so Chrome Will connect to these notices,When the user moves or adjusts the window size,Chrome Will make an alert,And decide whether to perform new occlusion calculations。

Bienvenu Bo Wen also pointed out,This calculation is 16ms Timer running,The timer corresponds to each second 60frame(FPS)Interval。

Understand,already 2020 year 10 Moon Google is all Chrome Users launched this program。I have passed for a while now.,Google also shared the above“experiment”the result of。Including:

  • Express speed 8.5% to 25.8%
  • GPUMemory usage 3.1%
  • Overall renderer frame decrease 20.4%
  • Revenue for clients who have collapsed renderer 4.5%
  • First input delay 3.0%
  • First content drawing and maximum content drawing speed 6.7%

Can successfully do these,It is also because Google is accurately realized. Chrome When the window is blocked or completely blocked by other windows。If you are also using ChromeBrowser,I can open the speed of the window startup now.!