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Hello everyone,Today to share20A visual learning website

01 Nathan Yau's FlowingData

Web site authorsNathan Yau,Chinese translation Qiu Nansen,It is an American statistician and data visualization expert。

(website development lancaster pa)He received undergraduate University of California, Berkeley(the University of California, Berkeley)Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and computer science,2007He received a Master of Science degree from the University of California at Los Angeles,And to2013The school was awarded a doctorate in statistics。

Qiu Nansen itsFlowingDataBlog is known,He published writing and tutorial information on the design and analysis as well as other professionals in the blog created scientific visualization and data associated with the project。

(website development lancaster pa)He also published monographs visualization of two data,They are:

《Visualize This》(Chinese version of the book entitled《Fresh data》)as well as《Data points : visualization that means something》(Chinese version of the book entitled《The US data:A book to learn visual design》)

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These two books are wonderful,I personally read through more than once,Harvest very much,recommend。

02 Data Viz Blog

This is a visualization expert blog,Stands forMichael Sandberg's Data Visualization Blog,authorMichael Sandberg:

Over the past eight years he has been writing about data visualization blog,

His blog focuses on a few thematic areas:

  • data visualization
  • information chart
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Data Ethics
  • Historical aspects of data visualization(E.g,John·Snow's cholera map)
  • Narrative data
  • data preparation
  • andBIandAnalytics(analyze)Interviews with professionals
  • Related to social issues and social welfare data garbage
  • map
  • photography
  • architecture
  • ......

The main use oftableauCreative visualization works。

03 WTFViz

(website development lancaster pa)WTF Visualizations,As the name suggestion,This site by showing meaningless、Wrong or poor visualization,Discuss specific issues that the design and production process。

For example, they recently demonstrated some WTF Visualizations:

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04 Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec’s Dear Data

This site has two authors,Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec,Two of them are hand-drawn data visualization representative。

Lupi1981Born in Italy。When she was a little girl,She will spend a lot of time to collect a variety of items and organize them into folders:Colored paper,small stone,Grandmother buttons on textiles,Sales receipts and something more。

In her collection。She said,She was glad accordance with its treasures,size,Color and size to organize and categorize treasures。She said she grew up on digital,Interest rules and systems of classification and classification,This explains the origin of her work and the desire to play data。

2011year,LupiCo-founded the research and design companyAccurat,The company will design and data are combined to create a data visualization,Interface and tools。

2014year,LupiandStefanie PosavecTogether launched“Dear data”project。Year-long weekly,LupiandPosavecThrough a mail exchange“data”,Which represents a part of their daily lives hand-drawn data visualization。

(website development lancaster pa)Before the year-long cooperation,They only met twice。The premise of the project is a direct test of how people come to know someone by reading data。

(website development lancaster pa)Exchange postcards every week,The data side is drawing,Other side is a detailed illustration of the point or。Some of these topics include:Negative thoughts of the week,Week's work space and new things week。

The project with the designerNicholas FeltonAnnual reports quantified self project has a surface similarity to quantify and represent life events,For example, the number of places to read books or visit,But the more personal nature,A more analytical,Instead of using a computer-generated graph hand-drawn illustration。

(website development lancaster pa)Dear dataproject,We made a very good response,2015He won two Grammy Awards in the Information(2015 Information is Beautiful Awards)Gold Award,And a number of other design award categories。

Their work is part of the permanent collection of the American Museum of Modern Art,And co-published a hand-drawn data visualization monograph:

《Dear data》(Chinese version of the book entitled《Dear Data》)

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This site has this project all hand-painted Data Visualization Showcase,The following example:

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05 Kaiser Fung’s Junk Charts

Web site authors Kaiser Fung Coaching and advanced scientific data analysis,Consulting and training services。

He is the lead author of the blog data visualization,Also published a best-selling book two statistical thinking and data sciences:

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website development lancaster pa

He's the data visualization blog,The main content is recommended critique of garbage chart and given Optimization。Very high quality of the blog。

06 Data Viz tips and resources on how cities work

(website development lancaster pa)

This blog is an Australian University of New South Wales established PhD,He tried to share urban planning and thinking through scientific data visualization technology rapid development progress,Topics include Transportation、Computes the geographical、Accessibility、Drawing、Modeling and production。

Here are the pieces of his visual works:

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07 Data Viz examples from The Guardian

From veteran British newspapers《Guardian》Visualization。

Guardian Daily。It is established in1821year,At that time“Manchester Security”,In1959Year rename。

(website development lancaster pa)《Guardian》Several chart:

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08 Stephen Few’s blog on data viz

I have blowing countless times this blog.,The author is a widely respected data visualization masterStephen Few。

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(website development lancaster pa)Blog homepage3Rumor,Both emphasize the primary principle of visualization——“concise”:

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

Henry David Thoreau

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

(website development lancaster pa)Anonymous

Seek simplicity and distrust it.
Alfred North Whitehead

09 Nicholas Feltron’s annual reports

Nicholas·Felton(Nicholas Felton)Is a infographic designer。

His most famous design project is“Quantitative life”ofFeltronproject——《Personal annual report》,from2005Beginning,until2014year,He recorded the details in his life.,Including the place where he has been there,The music he has heard and his daily activities and other data(From his own memory,calendar,Collection of photos and other channels),And convert it to a series of info charts。

Here is the personal report of his last quantitative life.《The Feltron Annual Report 2014》part:

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10 Tumblr inspiration blogs

Tumblr(Official Chinese:Tang Bole;The folk translation is not hot)Is a light blog social network platform,There are also a lot of quality works in visualization of the platform.。

11 David McCandless’s collection of beautiful infographics

Website founderDavid McCandless(Be born in1971year)Is the British data news reporter、Writers and information designers。

He is fascinated by using data visualization and information design to tell new stories.、Conversing interesting ideas、Make decisions, etc.,So found this visual blog:Information Is Beautiful

This blog mainly demonstrates excellent visualization in the world.,Unlimited tools and theme。

The blog has achieved extensive impact in data visualization and information design.。

David McCandlessI also2009Year2014Annual appraisal of two data visualization:

《Information is Beautiful 》(Chinese version of the title《Beauty of information》)《Knowledge is Beautiful 》(Chinese version of the title《Beauty of knowledge》)

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I haven't seen these two books.,I don't know how quality。

2012year,Website founderDavid McCandlessAt all timesKantarCreative directorAziz CamiCooperation has established the most influential information in the field of data visualization(The Information is Beautiful Awards)。

(website development lancaster pa)The award is reviewed by the expert group and the public.。It is open to the creators of all walks of life around the world.—Rising new star,student,Individual practitioner,Mature studio,Media brand,Non-governmental organizations, etc.。

Participants of all split lists will be recommended in the display area of the blog;All films will receive our interesting and luxurious award ceremony ticket at the end of the year.,The last winner will get cash、Trophy and extensive media report,To recognize them in data visualization,information chart,Excellent performance in interaction and information art。

The present award has been held8Session(2020I am suspended from the cause of the epidemic.),There are a lot of beautifully giving birth to birth.、Amazing visualize。

(website development lancaster pa)Some works of the US Bonus Award:

(website development lancaster pa)

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(website development lancaster pa)Kantar GroupIs headquartered in the UK Data Analysis and Brand Consultation Group Corporation,was founded in1992year。It has about30,000Employee,exist100Country/Regional engaged in various research fields,Social media monitoring,Ad Performance,Consumers and shoppers behave and public opinion。It knows people's ideas than any other insight,Feeling and behavior。

since2019Year,KantarBenedn Capital Private Equity Company(Bain Capital Private Equity)Acquisition and with most shares,Previously the world's largest advertising companyWPPa part of。

Global Headquarters in London, United Kingdom。Main competitors includeGfK,Nielsen,Yipos and Accenture。

12 Alberto Cairo’s The Functional Art

The main content of this website includes introduction to information graphics and visualization,It passes charts、Graphic、Map and schematic(charts, graphs, maps, and diagrams)Way to convey facts and data。

Alberto Cairo,1974Born in La Corun, Spain,Information designer and professor,Miami University(UM)Communication Academy Visual Ninethe Knight Chair(Cavalier Chairman?)。He is stillUMCalculate the director of the scientific center visualization program。He served as the information graphic supervisor in the media publication of Spain and Brazil。

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Alberto Cairo Is a well-known data visualization expert worldwide,Published as the following monograph:

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《How charts lie》This book is good in foreign countries.,Amazon comment is quite high:

website development lancaster pa(website development lancaster pa)

This book is just listed,I have written an article introduced the general content.:

How the chart is lying

13 FastCoDesign’s Infographic of the Day

This site is a world-renowned commercial media Fast Company Online version of the infographic board。

1995year11moon,Two-digit《Harvard Business Review》(Harvard Business Review) Editor Allen•Weber(Alan Webber)Bier•Taylor(Bill Taylor)Found《Fast Company》Magazine,The premise of the founding is only one:Global revolution is changing business,Business is also changing the world。

《Fast Company》Abandon old business rules,How to create and compete be started with changing companies,Highlight new business practices,Shows those who are creating the future、Reshape the team and individual。

This site article,As far as I observe,It should be a style of now emerging data news,As an important or even core components of the news,Let's let readers know what is reported?、Why、What will happen?。

14 Unexpected + intriguing infographics

unexpected+Interesting infographic

This site belongs toColossalInfographic sector。

(website development lancaster pa)ColossalIs an artistic medium,An international platform showing contemporary art and visual expressions,It explores extensive creative disciplines。

ColossalOnline gallery aimed at acting as visual spectacular art,Monthly estimation1000Wan reader。

ColossalThe founder wrote in the introduction page:

“In a full information overload,Environmental disaster,Capitalist raging and unfair world,We planColossal,Focus on the most active issues around our most concerned,The most diverse and most influential stories。”

Several examples:

A Chart Chronicles the Colors of Mister Rogers' Cardigans from 1969 to 2001

(website development lancaster pa)website development lancaster pa

A chart records from1969Year2001Mr. Rogers(American TV show host)Cardigan color,This mosaic map is often used to indicate changes in temperature.(As shown below),It is also very novel here.。

website development lancaster pa

Using Stock Market Charts, Artist Gladys Orteza Transforms Data into Bright Nighttime Landscapes

artistGladys OrtezaUse the stock market chart to convert the data to a bright night landscape。

Generally we see the stock market chart is monotonous,Such as this,Very monotonous,Unimportant,Pay money。

(website development lancaster pa)

website development lancaster pa

This is calledGladys OrtezaArtists combine stock market charts and night landscape,Created a set of amazing works:

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The nights in these pictures feel like they know,Feeling the dragon cat seems to be in a dark tree in a dark tree.。

15 Andy Kirk’s Visualising Data

Andy Kirk Is the free data visualization expert in Yorkshire, England。He is award-winning websitevisualisingdata.comData visualization consultant、Training provider、teacher、author、spokesman、Researcher and editor。

exist1999Year from Lancaster University(Lancaster University)After obtaining a bachelor's degree in operation research,His work begins inCISInsurance company、As the West Yorkshire Police Station and Leeds University and other organizations have served as various business analysis and information management positions.。

he is2007Data visualization was found in early year,At that time it lurked the edge of the network。Fortunately,This time discovered is coincidentAndyProposed his master's degree(MA)Degree research plan,This is a self-guided research plan,Provide him with the release and ensure his enthusiasm for this discipline。

He foundedvisualisingdata.comwebsite,In order to continue discovery process and determine the process of increasingly popular。As time goes by,This award-winning website has developed into the popular reference for followers in this field.,Provide contemporary discussion,Design technology and a large number of visualization examples and resources。

website development lancaster pa

visualisingdata.comThere is all of his data visualization related content on the website.,Including podcastsPODCAST,Blog,His training course,Information published, etc.,There is also an outstanding visualization of the promenade:

website development lancaster pa

And a very valuable visual production guide,Show a cross-viewed matrix table for cross-view of various graphics can be used:

(website development lancaster pa)The specific URL is

website development lancaster pa

16 University of Washington’s Interactive Data Lab

The official website of the University of Washington University。

The laboratory task is to enhance people's ability to understand and communicate data by designing new interactive systems for data visualization and analysis.。

website development lancaster pa

(website development lancaster pa)The subject of this laboratory study included:

(website development lancaster pa)How do we enable users to convert and integrate data at least programs?How do we support performance and effective visualization??Can we construct a system that queries and visualize massive data sets in an interaction rate?How do we enable domain experts to guide machine learning methods to produce better models??

Calculation and statistics provide new opportunities for data-driven discovery。but,Breakthrough in the science and industrial sector is ultimately authoring researchers inquiry,Discover models in specific areas,Identify errors and the ability to assess model output。

Lab background

UWThe former body of the interactive data lab is Stanford visualization group,Later, as a series of laboratory dominates the work changes,exist2013year,becomeUWInteractive Data Lab。

(website development lancaster pa)website development lancaster pa(website development lancaster pa)

The laboratory is designed to explore the frontier technology and theory of data visualization.,Use a variety of tools to create a variety of amazing interactive data visualizations。

(website development lancaster pa)

17 Cole Nussbaumer’s Storytelling with Data

website development lancaster pa(website development lancaster pa)

Best-selling and visual work《Storytelling with data》(Chinese book name《Tell the story》)authorCole NussbaumerPersonal website。

《Storytelling with data》Introduce the basics of data visualization through a large number of case studies,And how to use data to create attractive、Large amount of information、Convincing story,Further, the purpose of achieving effective communication。

Both worldwide data visualization。

There are all kinds of visual resources in the website,Take careful study。

18 A wikipedia for data viz

(website development lancaster pa)Wiki-dat data visualization entry。

(website development lancaster pa)The quality of this entry is very good。Chinese Wiki This entry part of the content screenshot:

website development lancaster pa

(website development lancaster pa)English version is more detailed:

website development lancaster pa

There are also many wonderful examples:

Data visualization is one of the steps to analyze data and present it to the user.:

website development lancaster pa

Collection quickly·约瑟夫·french engineer charles1861年绘制的关于拿破仑帝国入侵俄罗斯的信息图:

website development lancaster pa

Infographic about the invasion of Russia by Napoleon's empire(通货膨胀和失业)Want to learn data visualization:

website development lancaster pa


website development lancaster pa

(website development lancaster pa)

19 The Data Viz catalogue

inflation and unemployment。

网站首页没别的,Scatter plot of negative correlations over time points:

website development lancaster pa

这个网站很精彩,A classic website is enough,各位同学可以去感受下,Collection quickly。

20 McKinsey,The Economist,FT

McKinsey、The Economist、FT这3global temperature map,通过这几个站点可以看到这几家数据图表的巅峰机构的特点,Want to learn data visualization。

website development lancaster pa(website development lancaster pa)

- END -

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All Rights Reserved.


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