google developer website speed test


Today, give you a website user experience test tool.。

Directly give the address。

This website is Google to provide the developer test website performance,And give an optimized suggested free service。For programmers or small business owners who need to carry out online business are very helpful。

This tool isPCRating end and mobile。Let's take a look at each data.。

google developer website speed test

First Contentful Paint--The first content rendering time is tagged to rendering the first text or the first picture.。

Time to Interactive--Interaction time means how long it takes to provide complete interactive features?。

Speed Index--The speed index indicates the visible fill speed of web content.。

Total Blocking Time--First content rendering (FCP) And the sum of all time periods between time between time,When the task is used 50 Milliseconds,This value is represented in milliseconds.。

Largest Contentful Paint--The maximum content rendering time is marked with time to rendering the maximum text or image.。

(google developer website speed test)Cumulative Layout Shift--Cumulative layout offset”Movement aimed at measuring visible elements in viewport。

It gives optimization suggestions。for example:

·Please shorten the initial server

(google developer website speed test)·Remove the resource of blocking rendering

·Provide pictures in a new generation format

(google developer website speed test)·Remove unused CSS

·Enable text compression

These suggestions can be targeted to optimize advice.。

google developer website speed test

(google developer website speed test)google developer website speed test(google developer website speed test)

(google developer website speed test)Mobile terminal andPCThe statistics should be separated by the side.PCNice is good,But when the mobile is open, it is a problem.。The current mobile terminal is increasingly important.,So now the basic demand for building stations is to take care of the mobile,Even the mobile terminal is prioritizedPCend。

google developer website speed test

google developer website speed test

All right。Today's content is introduced here.。If you want to know The user experience of your website,Private letter,I will help you analyze it.。

Supplementary sentence, For many small business owners, it is often handed over a pen.,Then there is no acceptance standard,Just open the page,FeelokTake it,I often don't know what the user experience is.。If you use this website to do acceptance standards,People who help you develop websites will definitely say lying troughs!Hipster,Less collection,Can't figure out。

When you spend a lot of money to promote,Maybe users come in,Your website experience is very poor,Naturally run away,Just causing you to spend money, you will be wasted.。

If you have help you,Click some attention.!


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