top 10 website development companies in the world


one、World Top Ten Software Co., Ltd.——IBM

The world's largest information technology and business solutions companies,International Commercial Machine Company(AbbreviationIBM),Corporation is located in Ammon, New York, USA。1911year,Thomas·Watson was founded in the United States,Have a global employee 31More than 10,000 people,Business all over160Multiple countries and regions。

top 10 website development companies in the world

The company's primary business is commercial typewriter,After turning to a word processor。2013year9moon19day,IBMAcquired British business software manufacturersDaeja Image Systems,And incorporate it into software group and enterprise content management(ECM)business。2014year1moon9day,IBMAnnouncement10Billion US dollars form new sectors,Responsible for the company's latest computer systemWatson。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

2014The European Commission said,Lufthansa Airlines have been approvedITInfrastructure department for sale to the US International Commercial Machinery(IBM)Transaction。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

since1993Start from year,IBMHave been continuous20The list of the top of the United States patent registration list。arrive2002year,IBMR & D staff accumulated a total of patents22358item,This record is unprecedented,Far more than theITBefore the row11The patent sum of big American companies,This11FamilyITStrong hand:HP、Intel、Sun、Microsoft、Dell et al。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

IBMcompany2016I got in the United States.8088Item patent,continuous24Year of the year。 exist2017year6moon7Daily release2017year《wealth》America500Strong list,Rank32 。

exist《2017yearBrandZMost Value Global Brand100powerful》middle,IBMRank9Position。 IBMBe selected《Massachusetts Science and Technology Review》2017 World world50Large smart company"List。 exist2018World Brand500Strong list,IBM Rank28Position。2019yearInterbrandGlobal brand 100 strong ranking12。

top 10 website development companies in the world

IBMListed to the computer,,IBMIn many important areas, the world's leading market share,Such as a server、storage、Serve、softwareWait。

IBMGreat achievements in software,Especially atIBMSoftware platform used on the server。According to the brand and market investigation companyCoreBrandOnce1Survey conducted by 10,000 vice presidents,In the global technology industry, the most respected brand,IBMNumber one。

Although Apple is highly respected,butIBMProvide unparalleledITServe。IBMData analysis and cloud computing,Rapid growth in emerging market countries。

IBMCompany has become a company that is most respected by the world。Reason for respect for people:

The first is to lead the industrial revolution in the past few hundred years.,especially inITA number of standards have been developed in the industry,And help their customers have been successful。IBMThe company is always in the world500Strong is in a leading position。

Followed byIBMThe company always adheres to compliance"Watson Philosophy"。Laimas·Watson1914Year-roundIBMWhen the company,Formulated for the company"code of conduct,These guidelines have always been kept in mind by each person of the company.,andIBMAny action and policy are directly affected by these three guidelines.。"Watson Philosophy"Is the power and guidelines that the company can succeed,Content mainly:1)Must respect personal;2)Must give customers the best service as much as possible;3)Excellent work performance must be pursued。

two、World Top Ten Software Co., Ltd.——Oracle(Oracle)

The world's largest enterprise software company。OracleIs the world's leading information management software supplier。

top 10 website development companies in the world(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Oracle,Oracle Software System Co., Ltd.,Headquartered in California, California。1989The year officially entered the Chinese market。2013year,Oracle has transcended IBM ,Become Microsoft The second largest software company in the world。

2018year12moon,World Brand Laboratory《2018World Brand500powerful》Announce,Oracle31。

Oracle's main products have the following categories:

one、Server and tools(main competitor:IBM、Microsoft):Database server:2013New Year's latest versionOracle 12C;application server:Oracle Application Server;development tools:OracleJDeveloper,Oracle Designer,Oracle DeveloperWait。

two、Enterprise application software(main competitor:GermanySAPcompany):His business plan(ERP)software,have10Year of history;Customer relationship management(CRM)software。since1998This kind of software began to develop this software。2005Years I acquire the development of customer relationship management software(Siebel)。

three、OracleVocational development plan(Oracle WDP)

top 10 website development companies in the world

Almost all industries in the world are applying OracleOracleTechnology。According to the statistics,《wealth》100Strong98The company has used OracleOracleTechnology。OracleIs the first cross-all product line(database、Business application software、Decision support tool)Development and deployment100%Internet-based enterprise software companies。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Oracle acquisitionSun,Put onJavaIncome,JavaIs the most popular language,For its future,There are many worries in the industry,But Oracle clearly expressed continuing to developJDKContinue supportJava。

Oracle andIBMCooperation,Marking business customers can rely onJavaCommunity to provide more open、Flexible and innovative new technologies,And promote its business growth。

three、World Top Ten Software Co., Ltd.——Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational technology company in the United States,It is also leading sheep developed by personal computer software in the world.。Microsoft is from Bill·Gates and Paul·Allen1975Annual foundation,Focus on research and development、manufacture、Authorize and provide a wide range of computer software services。Most famous、The best-selling product is Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft office series software,it isThe world's largest computer software supplier。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

top 10 website development companies in the world(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Microsoft name:“Microsoft”The word is“Microcomputer”and“software”Two parts。in,“Micro“Source ismicrocomputer“Microcomputers”,and“soft”Besoftware “software”abbreviation of,Bill·Gates naming。

Microsoft once1999year12moon30Day is settled6616Hundreds of US dollars in the history of listed companies in the highest market value record,If you count on inflation,Equivalent2012Year9130One hundred million U.S. dollars。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Microsoft's history:1975year,19Bill·Gates dropped from Harvard University, USA,Paul and his high school alumni Paul·Allen sells togetherBASIC(Beginners'All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code),Also translation。

Base means“Periscope's full-scale instruction code”,It is a programming language that is designed to beginners.。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Microsoft Joint Founder and Leader Bill·Gates、Paul·Allen,It is considered to be the world's intelligence、Talented genius,Paul·Allen's intelligence quotes beyond220,Rank ninth in the world's genius,Bill Gates during school,His mathematics score is also very highlighted,I have solved a world problem,And received awards from Harvard, Academician Academy of Sciences,Bill Gates once made a paper with the teacher。

Stervan former president of Microsoft·Ballmer used to be the United States mathematics competition10name,American college entrance examinationSATexam,Paul·Allen and Steve·Bower is even more amazing.1600Allocation。

top 10 website development companies in the world

MicrosoftWindows,The earliest version isWindows 1.0,Always doWindows 3.0As a success。Thereafter,Microsoft continues to launchWindows95、Windows98、WindowsMe、Windows2000、WindowsXP、Windows7、Windows8、Windows8.1as well asWindows10Waiting for personal users and a series of server versions。

Windows XPSince the era is in a personal computer,Its influence is far-reaching,It is widely considered to be the most successful system。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Microsoft's Bill Gates

Bill·Gates,1955year10moon28Born in Seattle, Washington, USA,Is a famous American entrepreneur、software engineer、Charity home and the chairman of the famous Microsoft Company。

top 10 website development companies in the world

1975year,Gates and partner Paul·Allen Creates Microsoft,Become the world's largest computer software provider,31Years become the world's richest。I have been boarded for many years.《Forbes》Global rich list。2008year6moon27After the day, I'm committed to the charity after the Microsoft.。

2016year11moon,Received the President of the US President Obama issued by the Presidential Freedom。2017year11moon27day,Chinese Academy of Engineering Announced New Academic List,Bill-Gats is elected to foreign academicians。

1973year,Gats test Harvard University,GatesSAT(American University Admission Examination)Score in standardized test1590(Full points1600),Bill Gates' learning results are not good,But Gates' memory is excellent,Bill Gates often escapes during school、Don't take a shower、I only eat pizza and drinking water when programming or playing.。

During Harvard,Gates for the first microcomputerMITS AltairdevelopedBASICA version of the programming language。1977year1moon,Gates dropped out of Harvard University。

2008year6moon27day,Bill·Gates officially retired,But still the Chairman of Microsoft。Bill Gates580Billion dollar personal property donated to Bill and Melinda·Gates Foundation,And he announced in the will98%Give yourself with his and wife name named“Bill and Melinda·Gates Foundation”,This money will be used to study the vaccine of AIDS and malaria,And provide economic assistance for global poor countries。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

2017Hu Run Global Register List,Bill Gates5600100 million wealth。American Magazine《Forbes》Announcement2017Year Global Register List,Microsoft founder Bill·Gates continuous4Year of the world。

Buffett once evaluated Bill Gates: If Gats sells not software but burgers,He will also become the world of Hamburg。

Four、World Top Ten Software Co., Ltd.——Accenture

Accenture (Accenture)Is the world's largest management consultation、Multinational companies outsourcing information technology and business processes。

top 10 website development companies in the world

It is worth mentioning that,AccenturePre-predecessor is the famous accounting firm Andxin。1998year,Andersin is one of the world's largest accounting firm at the time.,Once with Pupa、Deloitte、Unhealthy、KPMG(KPMG)Completed as five major accountants。

according to《Craftsman》Frank survey,In the past,The company has split,The reason is that the Audit Department and the Contradiction Department are very large.,finally,Tribunal judged that the company was demolished into two,The Audit Department continues to use the original name of Andersen,The consulting department must147To be named within the next day。

top 10 website development companies in the world

(top 10 website development companies in the world)Accenture through corporate strategy、Business Process、Tight integration of information technology and people organization,Helping clients achieve far-reaching change,Improve customer performance levels,and outstanding leadership、Professional service and commitment to quality renowned among customers。

Accenture has been a long-standing choice for leading businesses and governments around the world,Its clients include《wealth》world500strong enterprise、Government agencies and militaries。According to the statistics,Companies working with Accenture,《wealth》worldwide100There are strong companies94Family,《wealth》worldwide500Three-quarters of strong companies are Accenture clients。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

according to2011Top Accenture in Revenue Rankings100among customers,all100home in a row5Has been an Accenture client for over 10 years,have92home in a row10Long-term Accenture client for more than 20 years。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Fives、Top 10 Software Companies in the World——SAP

SAP,is a German world-leading supplier of commercial applications for users and servers。SAPis the software name of the enterprise management solution。SAPcompany(NYSE code:SAP)was founded in1972year。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany,Owned globally6more than 10,000 employees,Worldwide130countries,and has global coverage11,500business partner network,Is the world's leading provider of enterprise management software solutions。

top 10 website development companies in the world

1972year,fromIBMThe company quit 5founded by a young engineerSAPcompany。Their common goal is to produce and sell unified business standard software。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

SAPdivided into multiple modules,Each module has a corresponding specialization,It is considered very good to be able to learn one of them。The following are its commonly used modules:

one、ABAP。YesSAPThe most important module in。is a high-level programming language,Convenience for programmers、fast、Work results without flow pressure。

two、Financial Management。For many accounting professionals,its familiar。so learnSAPalso relatively easy。such as the balance of assets and liabilities、Accounting planning、Production of accounting statements,pass throughSAPSoftware is very convenient。SAPCan help analyze a plan that suits your situation,and list the main points,can even detect errors,Greatly strengthen the accounting management ability。

top 10 website development companies in the world

three、HR type。applicationSAPSoftware can help manage human affairs systematically,And rely on manual statistics to greatly reduce the data,SAPAble to formulate a series of plans according to the specific situation,Help improve company operations。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Four、Purchase sales。YesSAPone of the important modules in,material involved、supplier、relationship between customers、data、Maintenance and Operation of Information。

six、Top 10 Software Companies in the World——HP

Hewlett-Packard Company(short nameHP),Headquartered in Palo Alto, California,is a familyGlobal Information Technology Company,Mainly focus on printers、digital image、software、Computer and information services, etc.。

HP(HP)is the world's largest information technology(IT)one of the companies,was founded in1939year,HP has three business groups:Information Products Group、Printing and Imaging Systems Group and Enterprise Computing and Professional Services Group。

top 10 website development companies in the world(top 10 website development companies in the world)

(top 10 website development companies in the world)HPby Bill·hewlett and davey·Packard1939year created。The company was built in a garage in Palo Alto,The first product was an audio oscillator,is an electronic test instrument used by sound engineers。HPThe company's first customer wasWalt Disney Studios,classic movie《Fantasia》(Fantasia)Development and testing of innovative sound systems

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

1984year,HP's technology is first applied toHP Thinkjeton the printer。Today's laser printers have been regarded by the industry as the world standard for laser printers。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

1994year,HP produces the world's brightestLED(led)。Due to the high brightness、Features of high reliability and low power consumption,therefore,Replacing incandescent lamps in many new applications。thereafter,HP launchedHP Color LaserJetcolor laser printer、OfficeJetPrint/fax/copier、with built-inPocket QuickenofHP 200LXPocket PC。

top 10 website development companies in the world

(top 10 website development companies in the world)2014year,Hewlett-Packard split into two:Hewlett Packard Enterprise(Hewlett Packard Enterprise)and Hewlett-Packard(HP Inc.)two listed companies。Hewlett Packard Enterprise focuses on developing cloud computing solutions,While Hewlett-Packard focuses on the production of printers andPCpersonal computer。

seven、Top 10 Software Companies in the World——Yahoo

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Yahoo(Yahoo!)is the world's leading Internet portal in the United States,Too20One of the creators of the Internet miracle at the end of the century。Its services include:search engine、e-mail、News etc.,Business throughout24countries and regions,for more than5billion independent users to provide diversified network services。It is also a global Internet communication、Commerce and Media Company。

Yahoo,The word was invented in《Gulliver's Travels》authorJonathan Swift。in his novel,it represents a guy who is very annoying in appearance and behavior-Lehu。

top 10 website development companies in the world

(top 10 website development companies in the world)Yahoo!Founder of Jerry Yang and co-founder of YahooDavid Filo(David·Ferro)Reason for choosing this name,just feel likeYahoo。Another way of saying,David FiloAnd Jerry Yang insisted on choosing this name because they liked the dictionaryYahooDefinition:“Rude,Unhappy,vulgar”。

Yahoo is the world's first website that provides Internet navigation services,Headquartered in Santa Clark, California, USA,In Europe and the United States、Asia-Pacific、Latin America has offices。

Yahoo is the oldest"Categories"Search database,It is also one of the most important search service sites.,The share of all Internet search applications has reached36%about。All of its included websites are organically edited according to category,The registration site in its database is very high in the form or the content is very high.。

2016year7moon25day,VerizonCompany official confirmation48Yaugui acquired Yahoo。2016year12moon14day,US Yahoo Company admitted that the user's information stolen event,May affect at least10Billion user account,And become self2016year9Moon Yahoo discloses at least5Yifan user information has been stead,The company happens to a large-scale information stolen event。2017year2moon,Weisson Telecom announces,Agree44.8Yah's cash acquisition of Yahoo core Internet assets。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

2017year6moon13day,US large communication enterprise Weisson Communication announced,Completed the acquisition of the US Internet giant Yahoo core business,Means of the dominant internet world22Yahoo officially exited the historical stage。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Yahoo Network has provided diversified online services per month for more than 100 million users worldwide.。Yahoo is the world's first website that provides Internet navigation services,Whether it is on the page、Online advertising、Family or commercial user contact,All living in the world's leadership,At the same time, it is also one of the most familiar and most valuable Internet brands.,In the global consumer brand rankings38Position。

top 10 website development companies in the world

Yahoo has a total of global24Website,Is the world's largest website,The earliest portal。later,Most portals are based on the model of Yahoo!,Even if the online advertising form of the connected network is copied.。

Yahoo has provided a stable free mailbox、Unique anti-spam technology and more neat pages。

Yahoo(Yahoo)It was seen as a model for successful network era.,Become an idol of many entrepreneurs worship。Although Yahoo entrepreneurial and stock market is not very long,But Yahoo's brilliant performance makes many people admire“Five-body cast”。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Eight、World Top Ten Software Co., Ltd.——CA Technologies

CA TechnologiesIt is the world's leadingITManage software and solutions suppliers。CAProducts and technology coverageITAll environments,From host to distributed system,From virtualization to the cloud。CAProvide enterprisesITManagement software、Safety management software、Performance optimization software、Service guarantee、Cloud computing and other products and solutions。

top 10 website development companies in the world

CA Technologieswas founded in1976year,Headquartered in New York, New York, USA。CA Technologies Solution management exceeds98%Wealth500 Strong business and vast majority of global2000 Strong business、And many government agencies and thousands of companies from different industriesIT ecosystem。

CASolutions have also become large complicatedIT Environmental management and security industry standards。Serving customers cover the most major industries around the world,These include banks、Insurance company、Other financial services providers、Government agency、manufacturer、Technology company、Retailer、Educational institutions and medical institutions。

CAThe advantagesIndependence isCA TechnologiesOne of the biggest advantages,meanCANot around hardware or middleware,Only focus on management and security enterprisesITSafety。CAPlatform advantage allows customers to start from the perspective of business,Flexible selection hardware、System and application;And help customers manage from hosts to distributed、Physical to virtual、Cloud to the local environment。

Nine、World Top Ten Software Co., Ltd.——Symantec(Symantec)

Symantec,Is the global leading solution provider in the field of information security,Suppliers for companies and individual users and service。Provide a wide range of content and network security software and hardware solutions,Can help individuals and companies ensure information security、Availability and integrity。

top 10 website development companies in the world

Symantec(Symantec)company was founded on1982year4moon,The company is headquartered in CaliforniaCupertino。

SymantecSymantec,1982Year34Year-oldDr. Gary HendrixResign,He is an expert in language processing and artificial intelligence。He gathered a lot of researchers disposed in Natural language in Stanford University.Symantec,These people have creative programming capabilities。

The company was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.。1984yearSymantecSoftware company by another thanC&ESoftware company acquisition。After two companies merged, they retain them.Symantecs brand,andC&ELeader of the companyEubanksAppointed as a new companyCEO。

EubanksIt is also a person with a legendary life.。He is a submarine officer,Learn computer engineering in Naval Graduate School in California。

C&ECompany focus on data data processing,andSymantecHigh-tech and high innovative,The two have complement each other in different fields.。SymantecThe first product isIBMA personal data processing software developed,Success with this software,It won the first bucket of gold。

top 10 website development companies in the world

Syman Tiek Technology Advantage: Symantec provides the best security solution in various network layers,For example, the gateway between the network and the outside world、Server of the Internet Important Organs、Desktop computer、Terminal equipment such as notebook and handheld equipment。

one、Integrated security solution:Symantec offers high quality comprehensive protection,Fast security response and more efficient management。

two、Safety management solution: Symantec can fully understand safety status,Provide active defense and real-time enterprise-wide security response。

three、Firewall/VPN:Provide fast and safe protection,Protect users' data and property。

Four、Intrusion detection:Strong backing of network security,Discover the intruder passing through external defense within the boundary of security protection。

Fives、Security policy management solution: Can help users develop and implement security policies,Discover network vulnerabilities from the central console and proposes measures。

six、Virus protection/Content filtering: Symantec provides comprehensive protection against cyber attacks,From personal users to large enterprise users,Desktop computer to gateway device。

It is worth mentioning that,Symantec's Norton brand personal safety products occupy a leading position in the desktop protection market。It uses seamlessly integrated products to protect personal computers from virus or hackers malicious attacks。

ten、Top 10 Software Companies in the World——Capgemini

Capgemini Management Consultants(CAP),Headquartered in Paris, France,by French entrepreneur Serge Kampf exist1967Year founded,is a global leader in information technology service management。Capgemini listed in ParisCAC40index,one of the top 40 French companies。The corporate headquarters is located at Rue Tilsit in Paris,Depend onSerge Kampfas chief executive,Currently in the world39countries with branches,Ernst & Young Consulting。

top 10 website development companies in the world

(top 10 website development companies in the world)Capgemini ranks among the top three in the world for professional services,Not only listed on the Paris Stock Exchange,And on the Dow Jones Index(Dow Jones STOXX)and Dow Jones Europe(Dow Jones Euro STOXX)Equal famous index。Capgemini is the world's foremost management consultancy、One of the providers of technology and outsourcing services。in,consultation service、Technical Services、Outsourcing services are the three core businesses of Capgemini。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Capgemini has world-renowned industry customers

Capgemini will consult、Technical Services、The three core businesses of outsourcing services run through the entire industry at the same time,Capgemini at the same time according to market and customer needs,Focus services on energy、Utilities and Chemical Industry、Engineering construction industry、Financial Services and Manufacturing and Retailing,Provide end-to-end solutions for these four key industries。worldwide500strong enterprise64%are a Capgemini customer。

top 10 website development companies in the world

(top 10 website development companies in the world)one、Capgemini in Energy、Customers in the utilities and chemical industries

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Capgemini in Europe、Consultants in North America and Asia Pacific specialize inEUCIndustry Consulting Services,Establish a leading position in this field。Capgemini's customers are many of the world's leading energy、Utilities and Chemical Giants,which includes:EDF(EDF)、GermanyE.ONelectricity company、italian power company、BP(BP)、Shell(Shell)、ExxonMobil、dolda oil co.、Statoil、China National Petroleum Corporation、China National Offshore Oil Corporation、China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group、Shenzhen Energy, etc.。

two、Capgemini clients in the financial services industry

Capgemini Financial Services consultants provide professional advisory services to clients around the world。Capgemini for Banking、Insurance、The financial industry such as securities and investment provides unique and specialized industry solutions in this field。

top in the world30of financial services institutions,have80%are a Capgemini customer,which includes: AXA Insurance、Allianz Insurance、INGfinancial group、Citibank、Ping An Group of China、China Merchants Bank、China Minsheng Bank、China Life Insurance、Industrial Bank、Huaxia Bank, etc.。

three、Capgemini is making、Retail and Logistics Customers

Capgemini Group is the world's largest15of automakers14home service,Including many large auto parts suppliers,Major customers include GM、Nissan、Daim Chrysler、Dongfeng、ford、BMW、Renault、Volvo、Mazda、Yutong etc.。

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Four、Capgemini's Clients in Consumer Goods and Retail

(top 10 website development companies in the world)

Key Clients of Capgemini,such as Carrefour,China Resources、Coca-Cola Company、nike、Vodafone、Chiburg、Dufry、O2Wait。in the manufacturing industry,Capgemini for the world150customer service,which includes:ABB、Philips、sony、Nokia、General Electric、Alcatel-Lucent、Shanghai Electric、Siemens、MCC CCID、Huaxin Cement, etc.。

Fives、Capgemini Government and Public Service Clients

in government and public service,Key Clients of Capgemini:Including HMRC、British Ministry of Defence、UK Department of Education、French Ministry of Finance and Tax Administration、Swedish Tax Agency、Australian Taxation Office、Shanghai Pudong New Area Government、Shanghai World Expo、Nanjing State-owned Assets Group、Dalian High-tech Development Zone and other customers provide services。

Worth mentioning,Most of the clients that Capgemini serves in China are large central enterprises。